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Beyond The Limits Of Cash or Credit

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Attention Trade Exchange Owners � It�s GROW OR GO!

The magic bullet for growth is sales, always has been and always will be. Yet the industry�s overall growth is anemic. Why? Maybe it�s because we�re not providing on-going education about our unique way of doing business. Knowledge is always a prerequisite to taking sustained action.

And for those newcomers, the lifeblood of an exchange � awareness of and understanding about the value of trading � is even more important.

If you expect prospects to come aboard and become active traders, but you are perplexed when the results are less than you anticipated, there�s a good reason. You must continually educate and motivate, each and every month. That is, month after month after month!

Such action is necessary because (let�s face it) more cash business, not trade, is of paramount importance to your members. You must break through this �cash only� focus, and redirect their thinking toward barter. Although most exchanges don�t see the importance of doing so, many industry leaders are taking action and so can you.

As the owner of your own operation, there is an easy and inexpensive solution for moving forward, look into using The Competitive Edge newsletter. It�s a 4-page, professionally written, informational marketing tool that is available in PDF format as well as print. So regardless of how you reach your prospects and clients, you will have the necessary vehicle.

As a busy trade exchange owner, this marketing tool is written exclusively for your type of business. It will certainly be one of the best investments you ever make for growing your barter company.

For more information about The Competitive Edge newsletter, and how it can benefit you, click here.  

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