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Attendees Agree NATE�s  26th Convention A Big Success

The 26th National Association Of Trade Exchanges Convention, held in New Orleans June 2 to 5, was rated outstanding by the attendees. NATE members enjoyed a great night at Michaul�s Live Cajun Music Restaurant where many were recognized for their work with the association. Leadership awards were given to all who did presentations at the seminars. The Ethics Committee, BANC Board of Governors, and NATE Board of Directors were acknowledged as well for their dedicated assistance to NATE.

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award for their outstanding support to NATE were:

Sharon Connelly, Exchange Enterprises
Maurya Lane, Barter Business Exchange
Rachel Taylor Hooper, Alamo Barter
Gary Oshry, New England Trade

NATE Board of Directors:

President � Gary Oshry, New England Trade
Vice President � Ric Zampatti, The Barter Company
Treasurer � Rachel Taylor Hooper, Alamo Barter
Secretary � Karen Welch, We Trade Network
Director � Maurya Lane, Barter Business Exchange
Director � Kim Ames, TradeAmericanCard
Director � Sharon Connelly, Exchange Enterprises 

BANC Board of Governors:

Fred Detwiler, TradeFirst
Gary Oshry, New England Trade
Rachel Taylor Hooper, Alamo Barter
Mary Ellen Rosinski, Tradesource
Kenn Flemmons, Southern Barter

Ethics Committee:

Joe Prince, Barter Depot
Kenn Flemmons, Southern Barter
Paul Richardson, Arizona Trade Exchange
Kim Ames, TradeAmericanCard

NATE is presently interested in finding volunteers for the following committees:  Education & Certified Trade Broker, Finance, Membership, Newsletter & Communications, Programs & Conventions, and Technology. If you are interested in helping on any of the above committees, please contact Lauren at (678)302-6772 or

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