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Assuming The Role Of Leadership

There are basically five qualities of highly productive work groups that you need to foster throughout the stages of team development.

The first quality of highly productive groups is the existence of shared values.

You can foster this quality by asking the question, �What are our values?� or, �What do we stand for?� Examples of shared values would be: integrity, excellence, quality, caring about people, profitability, and harmony.

The second quality is shared objectives.

It is essential that everyone take the time to discuss the actual reason for forming the team, and the chief results that are expected of them. The more thorough the discussion on goals and objectives, the more effective the team will be when it begins working.

The third quality is shared activities.

Each person knows what they are supposed to contribute to the achievement of the overall goals and objectives of the team.

The fourth quality is that the head of the team leads the action.

As the leader, you become the role model for all of the others, accepting complete responsibility for the achievement of the overall goal.

The fifth quality is that individually, and as a group, team members continually evaluate their progress toward their goals and values.

They are always asking themselves, �How are we doing, and how can we do better?� Whenever there are problems, misunderstandings, or difficulties within the team, they are more concerned with what�s right than with who�s right. All members know that their ability to work together in harmony and cooperation is the key to the success of every one of them.

The wonderful thing about becoming a leader in your work and personal life is that you can practice the skills of influencing and persuading others toward a common objective. And you can improve yourself by continually evaluating your performance against your standards.

One of the marks of excellent people is that they never compare themselves with others. They only compare themselves with themselves, with their past accomplishments and their future potential.

The more proficient you become at getting results, the more opportunities you will have. And your ability to lead others to high performance will enable you to fulfill your goals faster than ever before.

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