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Artfest Launches Television Show And Partnership With AMGTV

Artfest International (OTCBB: ARTI) announced the launch of their new television show, �Artfest Presents,� which premiered January 26, 2008. The show will initially be broadcast to approximately 20 million viewers, within 218 TV markets nationally, including the top 10 major independent TV markets.

The 2-hour block of programming introduces the world of art and the opportunity to be a part-time or full-time art dealer with Artfest. The show presents a montage of footage from the company�s historical files, including member testimonials. In addition, viewers can enjoy series featuring Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Jack Ingram, Reckless Kelly along with interviews with artists such as Aubree Anna, live painting segments and art collections.

Edward Vakser, Artfest CEO and Chairman, stated, �The collaboration with AMGTV provides Artfest with an outlet to communicate its story and direct-sales opportunity to art enthusiasts nationally through educational and enriching artist documentaries, interviews, live art showcases, and concert series.�

Terry Elaqua, CEO of AMGTV, foresees a huge response from viewers. �I look forward to having the Artfest Network affiliate on board. Their vision fits in with our lifestyle programming, but also further diversifies our current offerings. I anticipate that this will be a mutually beneficial relationship for both companies.�

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