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Art Goehring  Selected For IRTA's 2007 Hall-Of-Fame

Well-known commercial barter industry veteran Art Goehring, launched Columbus Trade Exchange (CTE) in the fall of 1976. The company then became Tradecard/Tradecorp, one of the most respected trade exchanges and corporate barter companies in the country. Tradecorp was purchased by IMS in 2003.

Goehring came into the industry with extensive management experience and was an early organizer of trade exchanges that eventually unified, becoming the International Reciprocal Trade Association in '78 and early '79.

He may be best recognized for his television appearance on the popular Today Show in October 1979 where he spoke to a national audience about commercial barter. It was a high profile, positive national exposure for the emerging barter industry.

Off camera, the personable Goehring headed up the IRTA Government Relations committee during the two-year Washington lobbying period. He played a major role in the tireless efforts that culminated with the TEFRA Act of 1982, which gave trade exchanges third-party record keeper status�enacted into law with 1099B reporting.

The International Reciprocal Trade Association will be recognizing Goehring's achievements and contributions to the commercial barter industry in Savannah, at the association�s Annual Awards Dinner on September 11.

For more information on this year's IRTA Convention see the top of page, �Site Sponsors.�

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