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Are You Utilizing These Low-cost Ways To Promote Your Company?

In addition to your advertising campaigns and time-consuming promotional programs you can reinforce your company�s name and increase sales through vehicles you already have in place.

Here�s a look at some opportunities to pursue that don�t cost much, but have been proven to be very effective for many entrepreneurs.

1. Voice-mail messages: Remind callers to visit your web site, or take advantage of upcoming seasonal promotions. You can also use your company�s tag line or slogan in the message to reinforce awareness.

2. On-hold programming: Use on-hold time to communicate to a captive audience. Instead of playing elevator music, use that valuable time to remind customers about special promo�s or relay useful information.

3. Phone manner: Be sure whoever answers the phone at your place of business is upbeat and helpful to callers. This person is your vice president of first impressions! Employees fielding phone calls should be able to answer questions or know where to get answers ... especially when a customer or prospect calls.

4. Business cards: Consider printing information on both sides of your business cards. The backside of your card could include a description of your company, hours of operation, a map, your mission statement, or other important information.

5. Occasion cards: Send birthday cards, Thanksgiving Day cards, congratulatory cards � they�re great ways to let customers know that you care about them.

6. Signage: Look for other ways to use signage such as at community or business events, or even on your vehicle. When a magnetic sign is affixed to the side of your car, everywhere you go you are promoting your business.

7. In-store venues: Your windows, countertops, reception area, walls and other on-site areas should be considered when planning business points of interest. Frame your advertising campaigns, and hang them on your walls. Create mini-signs for your countertops. Adorn visible windows with appropriate displays or graphics.

8. E-mail signatures: Put your contact information, a description of your web site�s unique selling points, and a tip about what�s new at your site. This will help customers find needed information easily and will also help facilitate media interviews.

9. Charities: Teaming up for a good cause � whether by donating your products or services, or volunteering your time � on a non-profit board of trustees will foster goodwill within your community.

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