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Are You Selling Value? . . . You Definitely Should Be!

Everybody seems to be focusing on price these days. But just because big-box stores and other discounters compete feverishly in the marketplace on price, doesn�t mean you have to do the same.

In fact small-sized businesses can�t expect to go �heads up� with the huge, well-funded giants at their own game. The easiest way to contend with these price merchants is not to compete on price. Instead, stress value when a customer asks about price.

Customers judge value by what they get in return for the money they pay. Value is subjective. It is the golden key to success in the battle with big discounters.

Underscore your value the following ways:

  • Emphasize your responsiveness.

  • Emphasize your delivery.

  • Emphasize your time.

  • Emphasize your quality.

  • Emphasize your variety.

  • Emphasize your specialized services.

  • Emphasize your uniqueness.

  • Emphasize your convenience.

  • Emphasize your value-added services.

  • Emphasize your knowledgeable staff.

  • Emphasize your expertise.

  • Emphasize your consistency.

No matter what product you sell or service you offer, use the above pointers to beat the price merchants. Do it by changing your perspective and emphasizing value over price.

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