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November 28, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...11/28/06

IMS Does It Again...Acquiring Steve Webster?s Alliance Barter

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), continues its ?PacMan-like? focus of acquiring the nation?s top trade exchanges. Their latest coup being Alliance Barter, one of the best operated exchanges in the country with an especially strong trade dollar. The Rochester NY-based Alliance serves clients in Buffalo and Syracuse, with a Canadian office in Toronto.

Don Mardak, CEO of IMS, says this merger will open the door for expansion into Canada, in addition to bringing a wealth of new products and services into the IMS Barter network.

Steve Webster, the founder and owner of Alliance Barter, is a long-time respected leader in the commercial barter industry and a member of the IRTA Barter Hall of Fame. He is the only person who has been president of both industry trade associations, IRTA and NATE.

This is Steve Webster?s 29th year in the barter business. An excellent cover story on Alliance Barter was published in BarterNews, to view the article click on

For more information on IMS:

Silicon Valley Hospitals To Barter Patient Data

If you had some health challenges and had to be hospitalized several times you know the antiquated methods for acquiring a patient?s health data, i.e. filling out numerous forms, over and over, with the same information, even when the patient?s stay is in the same hospital.

The exchange of data in Silicon Valley is going to change that scenario. Three area hospitals (L. Packard Children?s Hospital, El Camino Hospital in Mountain View; and Stanford Hospital/Clinics) along with the Smart Health initiative will undertake the creation of a unified electronic patient record that will be available to doctors and patients anywhere, anytime.

By exchanging such information, lower costs for local health care providers will be realized, and it will facilitate improving the quality of care for everyone.

IRTA Releases Universal Currency (UC) Report

Trading among IRTA-member trade exchanges, which use a trade credit called ?Universal Currency,? was brisk in October, according to a report from UC trade broker Jen Ashworth.

The top three traders for the month were Advantis International, IMS Barter, and Florida Barter. The newest member to the UC system is Greenapple Barter, located in Pittsburgh (PA).

Also noted was San Antonio-based Alamo Barter, which sold over $25,000 worth of toys, tools and showroom merchandise in October, and another $27,000 the first 15 days of November.

China?s Tourism Sector Takes Off

China?s National Tourism Administration says the industry is booming. A lot of it has to do with China?s per-capita income, which surpassed $1,700 last year and has stimulated domestic tourism.

Economists have maintained that once incomes get past $1,000, people have money to spend on things besides necessities.

Meanwhile, an influx of foreign visitors is addition to the 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai will hold the World Expo in 2010, while Guangzhou will host the 16th Asian Games that same year.

Economist Reveals How Home Values Affect Economy, GDP

Jan Hatzius, chief U.S. economist at Goldman Sachs in New York, says that modern mortgage finance has magnified the effect of home values on spending.

According to Hatzius, when people take cash out of their homes through home-equity loans and refinancings, which they were doing at an annualized rate of $558 billion in the first quarter of 2006, they tend to spend about 50-cents of every dollar outside home improvement.

If house prices merely stabilize, people?s diminished ability to use their houses like automated-teller machines would subtract about 0.75 percentage point from annualized GDP growth in 2007.

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Private Jet Business Flying High In Britain & Europe

The rapid growth in the industry in the last two years has been fueled by the middle ranks of the newly wealthy, according to David Savile, CEO of Air Partner, the world?s leading air charter broker.

According to Savile the traditional client base in the 1990s was the corporates...the Merrills, the Goldmans, the government. And while these markets have continued to grow massively, the real quantum growth in the past two years has been from the high-net-worth individuals.

Although business use is the mainstay of the private jet model, wealthy individuals are using them as a relaxed way to take a weekend away to places such as Spain or the French Alps.

Air Partner has 1,100 unique clients but Savile says they?ve just scratched the surface, as there are thousands of multimillionaires and hundreds-of-thousands of millionaires.

Airlines Now Trading Airline Miles For Eyeballs!

Look for an e-mail if you?re a customer of Continental, Delta, Northwest or US Airways. Beginning in January, some 20 million e-mails will be sent out inviting you to watch online ads in exchange for airline miles.

The e-mails will direct customers to where they can watch ads from firms such as Hilton, 1-800-Flowers, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and LendingTree. (After viewing the ads, consumers will be asked to answer questions pertaining to the featured product or service.)

Consumers can earn 10 to 20 miles for each 30-second spot viewed. The advertisers pay the Dallas-based e-Miles, which handles the program, a fee on a pay-per-viewed ad basis.

Travelocity Enters Gift Card Business

Recently Travelocity launched a loyalty program for its VIP customers. Now, through a licensing deal with Travelocity Incentives, it is offering gift cards in $25, $50, and $100 denominations...available at more than 1,000 Safeway locations and at

The cards can be redeemed with all major brands, and thousands of independent hotels, in more than 140 countries. (Up to four separate gift cards can be redeemed towards one purchase.)

Travelocity, which booked $7.4 billion in travel worldwide in 2005, is the fifth largest U.S. travel agency,.

Leadership With Integrity Equals A Competitive Edge

Dana Telford, co-author of The Integrity Advantage with Adrian Gostick, affirms that ?Ethical organizations outperform their unethical peers, it?s that simple.?

Their research shows:

  • A 2005 Watson Wyatt study showed companies with high integrity outperformed their low-integrity peers by 200% in financial returns.

  • A Johnson & Johnson study found that if you invested $30,000 in 30 ethical companies over 30 years, it would have yielded 4.7 times more than the Dow.

  • Forty percent of consumers would boycott an unethical company, and 20% have done so, according to the Conference Board.

The authors emphasize that ?trustworthiness is one of the most-fragile concepts we have. Leadership (coupled) with integrity is more trusted and admired.?

Ways To Encourage Company Trustworthiness

Telford and Gostick offer four guides to integrity in an organization:

1.      Know That Little Things Count. Draw a line in the sand. Avoid gradual slipping of standards. Everything a leader says and does matters.

2.      Keep Your Word. Do what you say you?ll do. Follow-through is a core marker of integrity. Treat promises seriously.

3.      Mess Up, ?Fess Up. Be willing to admit you are wrong. Reward honesty.

4.      Create A Culture Of Trust. Be consistent with one set of rules for everyone. Be approachable. Surround yourself with integrity.

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