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November 25, 2003

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Small Business Converts Large, Monthly Cash Expenditure To 100% Trade...Plus Saves 50% On The Cost!!

Here's an exciting story that reinforces the power of working through a trade exchange. BarterNews has done business with this company for twenty years, and we're reprinting their letter for all to read:

          "We have a T1 high-speed internet connection at our corporate offices. This connection permits all of our satellite offices (from New England to California) to connect to our corporate servers. We initially had this line with SBC Pacific Bell, and our service fee was over $1,100 CASH per month.

           "Today we signed with a local provider. Their T1 service is better and, get this, we will pay for this service 100% trade. We signed a 3-year contract and they wrote into the contract that they will accept trade dollars for the full term of the contract. The monthly fee is $519.99...100% trade!"

Editor's Note: What a great "value added" story! Buy a similar service on full trade and save 50% on the cost of the service. Bottomline: This company converted a 3-year $39,600 cash expense into a $18,720 100% barter arrangement!

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Clear Channel Communications Commits $120 Million For Public Service Advertising

Clear Channel Communications, headquartered in San Antonio (TX), is a leader in the out-of-home advertising industry with radio and television stations, outdoor displays and entertainment venues in 65 countries around the world.

They recently committed $120 million in donated advertising time and space for Ad Council PSA (Public Service Advertising) campaigns in the upcoming year. It's the largest upfront commitment from a media company in the Ad Council's 60-year history, and a doubling of Clear Channel's current contribution of $60 million.

The Ad Council is the largest producer of PSAs in the country, with more than 50 current campaigns addressing significant social issues ranging from AIDS awareness and energy efficiency to homeland security.

Editor's Note: The Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Act of 1984 declared that PSA programming is no longer a condition of license renewal. As a result, the amount of advertising time and space that is contributed to PSAs is left to the discretion of individual media companies.

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The Growing Reach Of Premier Retail Networks

Premier Retail Networks, which operates in-store TV networks in 5,700 retail locations including Wal-Mart, Circuit City, and Ralphs supermarkets. This new advertising medium delivers 118 million unduplicated viewers every four weeks.

That's a greater reach than any network outside the Big Three and Fox. According to Nielsen Media Research, viewers stay glued to Wal-Mart TV an average of five minutes per visit...and there's no TiVo ad-zapping option.

Ads run in a loop, three times an hour, and can be tailored to specific chains. Airtime costs vary between $50,000 and $300,000 for a four-week "flight" of ads, depending on frequency.

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Here & There...

  • The sagging stock market performance of the past three years hasn't been kind to pension plans. Companies are carrying underfunded pension liabilities in the neighborhood of $400 billion. To shore up their gaping deficits companies are using "cashless contributions," depositing their own stock or that of subsidiaries. U.S. Steel Corp. is putting in timberland it has owned for nearly 100 years.

    (Companies wanting to make contributions of assets, other than their own stock, typically need to get a prohibited-transaction exemption from the Employee Benefits Security Administration of the Department of Labor.)

  • In East Malaysia the government has allocated RM29 million to the Tawau Ports & Harbour Department for construction of a barter trade center.

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  • Our November 11th issue reported on the U.S. Government's $335 billion real estate portfolio,and its intent to sell off or lease properties to the private sector...thus reducing maintenance costs, generating more revenue, and lowering the deficit.

    States and municipalities are following the same strategy. During the past three years, states have had to close a cumulative $200 billion gap...and they're eyeing real estate as a huge potential source of revenue. Yes, they're selling off properties or giving long-term leases to developers to generate revenue, but local communities can also look for higher real estate taxes and other fees (real estate development fees) to shore up their budget shortfalls.

  • We call it barter, in Hollywood it's called "celebrity seeding!" That's what the public relations firm that represents UGG Australia says regarding the trading of Uggs (sheepskin boots originally worn by Australian surfers) to celebrities like Kate Hudson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a host of other hot actresses in exchange for wearing the product and creating a buzz!

  • An entrepreneur in Portland, Oregon, is working with homeless people, wherein the homeless hold a sign that reads, "Pizza Schmizza paid me to hold this sign instead of asking for money." In exchange for holding the sign, the homeless get slices of pizza and soda. (A sign must be held for 10 minutes up to an hour.)
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