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November 15, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Corporate Executives Facing Increased Job Pressures

A survey released November, 2005, by Robert Half Management Resources showed that company leaders say they face greater job demands than five years ago. An overwhelming majority (89%) of the senior executives polled said they believe it?s more challenging to be a company leader in today?s business environment than five years ago.

Companies today must deal with levels of government, shareholder, and public scrutiny that didn?t exist a few years ago. And senior management is held more directly accountable for ensuring the integrity and financial stability of the company, and for spearheading growth in a competitive global market.

The most successful executives develop and implement long-term strategies for their organizations, manage business risk to enhance performance, and motivate employees to achieve their best.

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9th Annual Holiday Trade Show Staged By The Barter Company

CEO Ric Zampatti of The Barter Company (TBC) in Kennesaw, announced their 9th Annual Holiday Trade Show will be held November 19 at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Marietta (GA), from 12 p.m to 5 p.m.

Exhibitors will primarily be clients of TBC who are based in Metro Atlanta and the Southeast. TBC will mark its 10th anniversary in March of 2006. For further information call (770) 591-4343.

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Gift-Card Trend Flying High As Airlines Jump Into Market

Many airlines offer gift certificates, but American Airlines and Southwest Airlines are the first carriers to jump into the popular gift-card market.

Consumers like giving gift cards. Deloitte & Touche?s annual survey of 17,440 consumers confirms that gift cards of all sorts will be shoppers? top purchases this year. Some 67% of consumers surveyed are planning to buy an average of 4.9 cards. That?s up from 64% who planned to purchase 4.7 cards last year.

Whereas most gift certificates expire within a year, the airline gift cards will never expire. They are also transferable, but non-refundable. Up to four gift cards can be used toward one Southwest trip; American Airlines will allow up to eight cards for one trip. Cards come in denominations from $10 to $1,000, depending on the airline.

It?s Healthful To Be Grateful All Year, Not Just On Thanksgiving

Focus On The Good And You?ll Get More Of It!

JoAnna Brandi, author of the book 54 Ways to Stay Positive in a Changing, Challenging and Sometimes Negative World, says you can create positive changes in your life by developing an attitude of gratitude and happiness year ?round. Brandi asserts one way to develop and expand your awareness on the subject is to create a Gratitude Journal...and then write in it nightly.

She also suggests keeping a ?departmental? journal in an easily accessible spot at work, and encourage everyone on your team to write at least one line daily about something for which they?re grateful. It?s a simple exercise which will help people focus on something that makes them happy and appreciative.

It also gets your team on the lookout for more of the same. And being focused on what?s positive, contends Brandi, will have a powerful impact on the way co-workers interact as well as how they treat customers.

Feeling grateful and happy can reduce stress, boost your immune system, open your mind to new possibilities, and make it easier to be kind and creative.

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Active International Expands Real Estate Division

Active International, the world's largest corporate trading firm, has announced two important changes to its real estate division. Mark Ordover has been named senior vice president, director of worldwide real estate and Josh Siegel has joined the group as acquisitions associate.

Ordover has been with Active for twelve years and previously was senior vice president of sales. His achievements include executing the largest corporate trade in history. Prior to joining the firm in 1992, Ordover was in the Investment Banking Division of Bankers Trust. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School.

In this new role, he is responsible for all real estate strategy, acquisition, sales, property management, training and broker-relationship management, including international real estate initiatives.

Joshua Siegel joins Active's real estate division with more than seven years experience in analyzing, financing and negotiating highly-structured real estate transactions for public and private real estate companies throughout the United States, Europe and Australia.

Before joining Active, he was a vice president in Citigroup's Real Estate Investment Banking division, where he completed transactions involving a variety of asset classes totaling over $4.3 billion, including a $1 billion reorganization of a manufactured housing company and sale-leasebacks for two international retailers totaling $216 million.

Siegel received an MBA from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration and a B.A. in history from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Ordover and Siegel join an established team that has successfully identified new commercial real estate acquisition opportunities and helped clients recover full value on undervalued or unwanted real estate assets.

The senior vice president of real estate, Andreas Kissal, joined Active in 1993 and is responsible for creating a global infrastructure to value, complete due diligence, acquire, and sell or lease commercial real estate. Kissal's previous experience includes senior level positions with top tier financial services firms inclusive of Citibank and CS First Boston.

Last year Jonathan Sorkenn joined Active as vice president and director of real estate, to spearhead Active's real estate acquisition efforts. Prior to joining Active, Sorkenn worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers Securites and Landauer Associates, and has since helped Fortune 500 companies recover full original value on their surplus real estate.

?The expansion of Active's real estate division underscores our commitment to this category,? said Fredrick Fuest, chief operating officer of Active International. ?The combined corporate trade and real estate experience in this department will help us grow our real estate business and provide exceptional benefits to our clients who are looking for solutions for their financially impaired real estate assets.?

As a principal, Active's Real Estate Group acquires financially impaired fee and leasehold properties from corporate owners and lessees in exchange for cash or trade credits at up to full value, regardless of market conditions.

Active has acquired commercial properties encompassing retail, office, manufacturing, and industrial space in countries around the world and has strategic partnerships with the industry's leading commercial real estate brokerage firms. 

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Here & There...

  • Canadian and U.S. ITEX brokers Michael Muzzin and Leon Garrett recently completed an inspiring $128,000 cross border transaction involving a furniture company for Feed The Children, a non-profit ITEX member, to help in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. The Canadian manufacturer provided residential and kitchen furniture for the victims of Katrina. Barb Ryan-Galpin, Marketing Manager for ITEX Corporate, reported that the Feed The Children organization has received donations in excess of $250,000 trade dollars from the ITEX members? community.

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  • The integration of China, India and the former Soviet bloc, into the world trading system is helping to hold down inflation but at some point that effect will fade, according to comments made by Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan in his remarks to the Joint Economic Committee of Congress on November 3.

    Greenspan explained that the addition of more than 100 million educated workers from former Soviet countries, large segments of China?s 750-million strong work force, and workers from India ?would approximately double the overall supply of labor once all these workers become fully engaged in competitive world markets,? a development that will continue to restrain the rise of unit labor costs in much of the world and help to contain inflation.

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