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November 13, 2012

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 11/13/2012

Americans Concerned That Nest Egg Not Enough

According to the fall 2012 Merrill Edge Report (compiled by Bank of America/Merrill Lynch), Americans with $50,000 to $250,000 in investable assets don�t feel they�ve saved enough for retirement. And, they�re planning on retiring later than they thought 12 months ago. The report also noted that Generation Y (18 to 34 years old) is the generation most concerned about meeting their financial goals.

Generation Y�s Organization Plans To Fight Back

A new group called the Can Kicks Back ( aims to give Americans age 19-to-34 years old a voice in the debate over tax hikes and budget cuts, looming next year if the U.S. Congress and the president cannot agree on a deficit reduction plan. As motivation for Generation Y to support this effort, the group is using the seriousness of the $71 trillion national debt � which includes not only the official national debt of $16 trillion, but the unfunded liabilities such as Social Security, Medicare, government pensions and military obligations.

The Can Kicks Back goal is to pressure Congress and the White House to a �bold, balanced and bipartisan �grand bargain� on fiscal issues� by the Fourth of July. To accomplish that, the group wants young people to commit to making a 30-second phone call each week to a member of Congress, pushing for a deficit reduction deal.

Restaurants Changing Strategy To Lure Diners

During the recession, offering deals on meals was the key to getting patrons into restaurants. With the economy improving, that�s no longer the attraction it once was. Now there�s an increased focus on healthful eating and premium options on more upscale foods. Young patrons are also more interested in ethnic foods and alcoholic drinks.

A Wise Man�s Insights Regarding Wealth �

"The art of getting rich consists not in industry, much less in saving, but in a better order, in timeliness, in being at the right spot."

�Ralph Waldo Emerson (1830-1882)

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IMS Unveils Third-Quarter Report

International Monetary Systems (ITNM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, has recently filed its third quarter report on Form 10-Q ( The following highlights are from that report.

Revenue & operations:

  • Revenue increased 4.2% in the first three quarters of 2012, compared to the same period in 2011.
  • Income from operations increased to $334,730 in the first three quarters of 2012, compared to an operating income of $149,378 in the first three quarters of 2011.
  • IMS has completed the sale of two franchise-territories during the year, with a third sale to be completed in the fourth quarter. (These transactions are not expected to materially affect the results of operations for the next twelve months.)

Shareholder returns:

  • During the nine months ended September 30, 2012, the company repurchased 815,668 shares of its stock under the stock buyback plan and stock buyback guarantees.
  • The company retired 624,385 shares of treasury stock, during the nine months ended September 30, 2012.

Current quarter:

  • During the third quarter of 2012, IMS generated revenues of $3,256,392, an increase of $51,606 or 1.6%, compared to the third quarter of 2011.
  • Operating expenses for the quarter were $3,134,982, an increase of $119,498 or 3.9%, compared to the previous year�s third quarter. This increase is primarily due to higher employee costs (including staff costs in offices acquired in 2011), higher variable compensation tied to higher revenue, and expansion of the company�s tele-selling staff.
  • IMS generated operating income of $121,410 for the third quarter, compared to $189,302 in 2011. After adjusting for interest and income taxes, the net income for the quarter was $25,256, compared to net income of $105,490 in the third quarter of 2011. (Interest expense has increased as the company services the increased debt load, taken on strategically to fund the stock buyback program expanded in 2011.)
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Economic Boom Foreseen For U.S.

There are three areas that could ignite a coming economic boom in the U.S. over the next few years. Here�s a look at those possibilities.

Rebound in housing:

In much of the nation, housing construction has been well below average for five years running. Replacement needs have yet to be met, let alone the needs of an ever-expanding population. Since the �needs� are there, housing could (and should) be a strong economic driver and job creator in the years ahead.

Rise in domestic energy production:

Due to new fracking technologies, the growth of American energy output since 2008 has surpassed any other country in the world, according to energy expert Daniel Yergin. Plus, the International Energy Agency says that the U.S. is expected to become the world�s largest oil-producer by 2017, and energy sufficient by 2030.

End of consumer debt de-leveraging:

Household debt payments are now at the lowest level in twenty years (since 1993). Thus, consumers are beginning to spend again.

Add it all up and better economic times are expected in the days ahead.

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The Business World Has Two Distinct Financial Tiers

The aware entrepreneurial business owner realizes the corporate world is divided into distinct financial tiers � the �have�s� and the �have not�s.�

In short, large corporations with abundant assets will continue to be able to tap the conventional banking avenues and equity markets. But for the vast majority of businesses in our country, we�re on our own!

Banks don�t embrace the small business owner like decades ago, when one was given the benefit of the doubt and the bankers often trusted their instincts to provide loans. In order to survive and prosper requires a certain amount of maturity on the business owner�s part, and an expanded outlook on what constitutes their wealth. Hence, it�s much more than just the cash in one's bank account ... it�s resourcefulness and the ability to perform.

One of the ways to create additional wealth is to use alternative methods of financing. Working through your trade exchange expands your ability to create income and wealth. Thus making it a very practical and beneficial way to increase the use of your resources.

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