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October 29, 2013

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 10/29/2013

New Cornell University Study Reports On Analysis Of Going Green

Going green neither boosts nor dents hotel revenues, according to a study released this week by the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research. The study monitored sales and rates at 9,000 hotels: 3,000 that had earned Sabre�s �Eco-Certified Hotel� label and 6,000 that had not. The analysis showed that, on average, the distinction made little difference in sales and rates.

�We can conclude that going green is compatible with existing quality standards of hotel service and that advertising green status doesn�t hurt a hotel�s revenues,� according to Cornell assistant professor Howard Chong. �But it may not help, either.�

BXI Trade Exchange Prepares Nationwide Offices Launch

Global Links Corp. (OTC:GLCO), announced that the company�s wholly-owned subsidiary, BXI Trade Exchange, is preparing to open 28 offices nationwide during the upcoming launch of its trade exchange platform.

All offices will open simultaneously upon the platform�s new launch, and eight additional locations are in negotiation to open in the near future.

BXI will have trade offices throughout California and Texas as well as in Oklahoma, Atlanta, New York, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Austin, South Carolina, Denver, Utah and Alabama. The company�s goal is to become the first barter exchange to have 100,000 members and generate up to $50 million in monthly trade volume.

China Plans 100 New Airports As Business Travel Explodes

The Global Business Travel Association predicts that China�s surging economy will push business travel spending to #1 in the world by 2016. (China�s Beijing Capital International Airport is expected to surpass Atlanta�s International Airport as the world�s busiest airport next year � 2014.)

The demand for air travel from China is expected to grow so fast in the next few years that several of China�s airports have had to double or triple their capacity, and the nation plans to build 100 new airports over the next decade.

Hotel Spa Spending Growing Faster Than Food & Drink Expenditures

Pampering yourself with a message, after checking in to a hotel, is growing faster than the sale of food and drinks. A study by PKF Consulting, a consultant to the hotel industry, reports that hotel spa services (massages, skin care services and personal training) jumped 5% in 2012 from the previous year. By comparison, the sale of food and drinks grew only 2.3% in the same period.

The growth could be due to an improving economy or the resurgent health trend in the USA, as Americans try to eat well and stay healthy on the road.

Millennials Will Be Working Into Their 70s Due To Debt

Millennials, people in their 20s and early 30s, will be working longer and unlikely to retire until age 73 (over 10 years later than the current average age), because of heavy student-loan debt, according to a new study. While the typical graduate has a �seemingly manageable� $23,300 in education debt nearly 3 in 10 millennials have had to move back in with their parents because they couldn�t afford to live on their own. Those are far higher percentages than the baby boom or Generation X cohorts ever experienced.

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Bartercard Wins FCA National Innovation Award For Mobile App

Bartercard International Group (B.I.G.) scooped the pool at the Franchise Council of Australia�s NAB FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards, held October 22 at Jupiter�s on the Gold Coast. They captured the prestigious National Franchise Innovation Award for 2013, for their mobile application.

Launched late in 2012 it is the first major piece of technology rolled out by B.I.G. since the owners of Bartercard Australia bought out the majority control of its international parent in early 2012, making Bartercard International an entity that�s 100% Australian controlled. 

Bartercard�s Chief Operating Officer Trevor Dietz collected the award at a glittering awards� night attended by more than 400 representatives from Australia�s leading franchising groups. �The judges picked us to win this innovation award because of our world class mobile application, which is now being used by our members globally every day,� Dietz affirmed.

�Our members love this technology as it provides a simple way for them to transact, manage their account and search for other members. They are currently transacting over $1.5 million dollars per month using the app. In the first 48 hours after launching, we achieved the third highest downloads in the business category on Australia�s Apple App store and number 19 on Google Play � and the feedback has been nothing but positive.�

�What makes our app unique,� continued Dietz, �is that we are the first trade exchange in the world to combine directory searches, as well as the ability to transact internationally. To win this award is a tremendous testament to our in-house software engineers, and proves Australia does have the talent to compete on the global stage.�

The Bartercard Group settles almost 2 million transactions per year, which equates to over $720 million for its 55,000 cardholders.  The Southport based company operates in 70 offices in 7 countries and has major plans to expand throughout North America, Asia, the United Kingdom and Europe, over the next three years.  

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Countertrade & Offset Conference Scheduled In Europe

November 20 and 21, 2013, will be the dates for the next European Club For Countertrade & Offset (ECCO) meeting in Juan-Les-Pins, France. The location is ten kilometers from the Nice International Airport.

Speakers from eight countries will share information on how their governments have chosen to implement EC Directive 81. On the second day coverage and standing for the EU-China trade will be presented, with thoughts on the future of the agreement. This will be the ECCO�s seventh offset and international Strategy Symposium.

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