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October 23, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...10/23/07

IRS Reports Over $73 Billion In Like-Kind Exchanges

According to the IRS, 338,500 tax-deferred �1031 exchanges� took place in 2004, the most recent reporting period statistics. The use of these exchanges has surged as investors (primarily real estate) have searched for legitimate ways to postpone taxes on big gains.

Like-kind exchanges in 2004 deferred more than $73.6 billion, which was double the previous reporting period.

4,000 Advertising Messages Daily

According to Gordon Hotchkiss, president of the marketing firm Enquiro, the average urban dweller is exposed to between 3,000 and 5,000 advertising messages every day. Settling on a middle number, that means that each waking hour you are presented with an ad every 14.4 seconds. (The frequency of this ad barrage has doubled in the past 30 years.)

Teresa Barrett Memorial Scholarship Fund Established

Spud Barrett Jr., founder of the Barrett Exchange National Marketing Session, has established the Teresa Barrett Memorial Scholarship Fund for worthy artists. His wife Teresa was a professional artist and a member of the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild.

At his next scheduled �Marketing Session,� scheduled November 12 - 13 in Las Vegas, Barrett has announced that any donation to the newly established fund will be accepted as one�s admission fee.

For more information on this unique trading place that uses exchange auction boards, call Spud Barrett (813) 996-5411.

New Web Site For Black Professionals

The Black Socialites launched a barter (trade) exchange on October 10, 2007 for black professional women, as well as black business leaders and college students.

For more information see

Best Performing Hotel Searches On The �Net

A new survey of global users by (, found that meta-search engine delivered the best results when it came to available hotels�its service far out-performs other travel search aggregators.

New Online Advertising Auction Marketplace

An auction marketplace named has recently been established to help advertisers and publishers buy & sell online ad space both in real time and in the future.

AdBidCentral�s marketplace purports to be fully transparent. Its platform handles everything from booking to transacting and reporting in one central location.

Association Of National Advertisers Breaks Attendance Record

The ANA�s recent convention, held in Phoenix, saw attendance at the conference jump 25% this year...with 1,200 attendees at the annual meeting which focused on digital marketing to the consumer. It was sold out for the first time in the organization�s 97-year history.

California Realtors Jumping Ship

The California Association of Realtors closed their annual convention in mid-October with a sobering message: it�s time to reevaluate, given the dire condition of the real estate market.

Reinforcing the angst in the state�s real estate picture was the projection by the trade group that 40% of the 500,000 licensed real estate agents in California will probably let their licenses lapse when they come up for renewal.

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Current News From International Reciprocal Trade Association

Gary Field of NuBarter in Savannah (GA) and his energetic team did a superb job of hosting this year�s recent IRTA �U� Conference, that the Tuesday Report covered in September, which highlighted new challenges faced by exchange owners and shed new light on existing ones. The speaker line-up made it an intense two-day educational program.

There were new faces from new places as this year�s attendees were from ten countries, representing both the commercial barter industry and complimentary currency systems.

The IRTA Business Meeting covered a variety of topics. . .

Financials: IRTA Treasurer Harold Rice reported that the budget is on target and the IRTA financials are in sound shape. He attributed this largely due to the accurate forecasting and excellent financial management from Krista Vardabash, former Executive Director.

Resignation: Krista Vardabash announced her resignation as IRTA Executive Director effective 10/1/07, after seven years of meritorious service to the commercial barter industry. Krista anticipates working and remaining within the industry.

Appointments: The IRTA Global Board of Directors appointed Ron Whitney to the position of IRTA Executive Director. Ron will focus on membership growth and development, revenue generators, education, and member relations. He brings a fresh perspective and value to the association. As a former trade exchange owner, he understands the many challenges and intends to create more definable membership benefits.

Ethics: IRTA currently has one ethics complaint outstanding. The Ethics Committee reported on the current complaint.

Elections: Open Board seats were filled by Ian Jones of BarterXchange and Gary Field of NuBarter. Richard Logie and David Wallach were re-elected to the Board. The new IRTA Global Board of Directors elected David Wallach as President, Michael Mercier as Vice President, Harold Rice as Treasurer, and Ian Jones as Secretary.

New programs: IRTA Operation Outreach and the IRPAC program were identified as definable IRTA membership benefits, therefore receiving top priority for 2008.

Universal Currency: The UC trade volume, currently at 4.1 million, has already exceeded last year�s 3.8 million at this time. More importantly, attention was called to the relationships forged with other UC members, the growing membership, and the overall increased currency value.

It was also decided that UC will soon have an international currency conversion piece built into the GETS system it utilizes. The company�s financials are in good shape and are strengthening each year.

Other news and events:

The IRTA Global Board is looking for members to participate in the newly formed Statistics Committees. If you would like to be involved, please e-mail Dave Wallach at

IRTA members are allowed one full dedicated page on the IRTA web site containing company description. Membership also authorizes one to have the verifiable IRTA logo on your firm�s web site. (For full details on how to submit your one page description or to obtain information on the verifiable logo, please e-mail Jennifer Ashworth at

The IRTA web site committee has recommended many positive changes to make the site more user friendly, enhance the membership directory, and provide more news and educational materials.

Those wanting additional information or having questions are invited to e-mail Ron Whitney ( or Jennifer Ashworth ( or phone them at the IRTA office (585) 424- 2940.

IMS Acquires Trade Exchange Serving Kentucky/Tennessee Clients

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), which serves 17,000 customers in 48 U.S. markets, has procured the assets and client base of Synergy Trade Exchange, a barter network serving clients in Louisville (KY) and Nashville (TN).

The acquisition will eliminate a competitor of the New Berlin-based commercial barter services firm, which operates a Louisville office. Business for that office will nearly triple as a result of the deal, IMS reported. Terms of the transaction, the company's third in the past six weeks, were not disclosed.

�Combining the Synergy Trade Exchange members with ours will make International Monetary Systems the dominant barter system operating in northern Kentucky,� said CEO Don Mardak.

Aspen�s High Prices Overcome Via Barter

In one of the most beautiful areas of the world�Aspen, Colorado�the prices are absurd! You don�t get nickeled-and-dimed but 100-dollared and 200-dollared. Recently in The Wall Street Journal, an article noted how the entire city is becoming �too swanky� with all of the high-end, world-famous clothing and jewelry stores.

This is the place of $50 oil changes, $30 an hour for baby-sitting, and lift-tickets cost $ comparison, a day of skiing at the finest resorts in Europe is never more than $60. As a result, the locals are finding that barter is increasingly important; trading one�s services is the way to keep costs down.

Aspenites are clever about stretching their money. They know the places to go for affordable fine dining (on bar menus) at area restaurants. And they earn tickets to high-dollar events - like the Food & Wine Classic or Jazz Aspen - by bartering (volunteering) their time.

When it comes time to get their house painted, pipes fixed or baby-sitting, and they don�t want to pay the inflated prices, many offer their services in exchange through the local informal bartering system. For the informed business owner in Aspen, there is a commercial trade exchange there...International Monetary Systems.

Living in the famous resort town calls for some imagination, but most Aspenites say it�s worth it.

High-Technology Exchanged For Oil Equity

With the high price of oil, new technology from a company in India is suddenly very popular. The Indian company, Oil Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), has developed a heavy-crude recovery technology. They are bartering the use of their technology to both Petro�leos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and Syrian Petroleum Corporation (SPC) for an ownership position in various oil fields in the two countries.

The technology has been developed in-house by the ONGC team, which has been working on the project since 1978 for Baloi, Santhal and Lanwa oil fields in North Gujarat, India.

IMS Plans Nationwide Series Of Holiday Barter Expo�s

International Monetary Systems, a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, has announced the schedule for its upcoming series of 14 Barter Expositions and Holiday Gift Shows. The events will be kicked off in the Chicago area on October 20 at Harper College in Palatine. More than 1,000 IMS clients will be exhibiting at each event, with thousands of other members attending.

In the past, these holiday expo�s have generated considerable revenue and trade volume, giving a substantial boost to the company's fourth-quarter income.

Dates and cities for the events are as follows:

Saturday, October 20 - Chicago, IL.
Saturday, November 3 - Milwaukee, WI.
Tuesday, November 13 - Hartford, CT.
Tuesday, November 13 - Columbus, OH.
Wednesday, November 14 - Denver, CO.
Thursday, November 15 - Rochester, NY.
Saturday, November 17 - Reno, NV.
Saturday, November 17 - Las Vegas, NV.
Sunday, November 18 - Santa Clara, CA.
Wednesday, November 28 - Toronto, Canada.
Thursday, November 29 - Chattanooga, TN.
Sunday, December 2 - Santa Rosa, CA.
Saturday, December 8 - Wichita, KS.
(To be announced) - New York, NY.

The shows are open to the public. Please contact the office nearest you for directions and other information.

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