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October 16, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...10/16/07

1031 Exchange Commissions

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) are working to finalize an exemption which may allow real estate brokers/agents to be compensated in the form of an advisory fee for referring clients to registered representatives who offer tenant-in-common (TIC) investments.

For additional information click here.

Karen Hoffman Recognized With International Award

Karen Hoffman, former IRTA Executive Director (1998-1999), recently received the International Business Matching Award from eWomen Network at their international conference. As the co-founder of the St. Louis-based �City of Experts� organization, Hoffman regularly speaks on the subject of making strategic business connections.

Cities Make Barter Offers To Promote Art

Many cities across the U.S. have embraced a �Percent for Art� movement. Typically, cities ask or require companies to allocate 1% of their construction budget to buying or prominently displaying art, often in exchange for tax cuts or use of public lands. (City committees approve the potential purchases, while the owners are responsible for maintaining the art.)

Frequent Flyer Miles  � Marketing Tool For Realtors

United Airlines has a marketing program for realtors called �Easy Miles.� It�s where the purchase of frequent flyer miles for 3-cents per mile can be used an incentives. The customer/purchaser account is credited with the miles after the transaction closes and the realtor has been paid.

For more information see:

Barter Industry Smart About Acquisitions

Large ambitious acquisitions done outside of one�s industry are typically labeled �story deals,� but prove to be the worst performers when talking about acquisition value. But, as the barter industry knows well, the best deals are ones directly in the acquirer�s industry and that are largely based around cutting costs.

�Barter Member� Value Versus Hot Social-Networking Organizations

The value of a member belonging to a trade exchange is around $1,000, as recent sales indicate. It is interesting to note the value of other individuals in the social-networking world...$200 per Facebook user, $70 for a YouTube individual, and $50 that eBay paid for each of the Skype users.

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Spending On Incentives Hits $46 Billion!

Spending on travel and merchandise incentives reached $46.1 billion in 2006, according to a new benchmark study by the Incentive Federation. The study, conducted earlier this year, is based on responses from 1,212 U.S. companies handled by GfK, a marketing research organization. The full report will be released next month.

Of that, about $32.7 billion was spent on merchandise, or items used as part of an incentive or recognition program targeting employees, sales people, customers, distributors, dealers or consumers, and the study found $13.4 billion was spent on travel.

Consumer promotions were the most popular type of incentives, representing about 27% or $12.6 billion of all spending in incentive travel and merchandise last year. Non-sales employee recognition with merchandise placed second, accounting for 25% or $11.35 billion. Sales incentives (using travel) made up 14% or $6.6 billion, while business gifts totaled 12% or $5.59 billion.

Other categories included: sales incentives (merchandise) 11% or $5.1 billion, non-sales employee recognition (travel) 7% or $3.3 billion, dealer incentives (travel) $800 million, and dealer incentives (merchandise) $750 million.

Overall 34% of companies used either travel or incentives last year. Of those, 10% used travel while 31% favored merchandise as motivators. Companies earning revenue of more than $100 million were more likely to use travel and merchandise incentives than smaller firms.

The primary use in the travel category was sales incentives (81%) followed by non-sales employee recognition (58%), consumer promotions (52%), dealer incentives (36%), and business gifts at 20%. In merchandise incentives the breakdown was non-sales employee recognition (80%), business gifts (66%), consumer promotions (53%) sales incentives (34%), and dealer incentives (17%).

Agency Execs Say Clients Lack Loyalty, Strategic Direction

Nearly 70% of U.S. advertising agency clients do not notify those partners before hiring other agencies, according to a survey of 400 ad firms conducted by multinational consulting company SCAN International in cooperation with several partners. Furthermore, the U.S. percentage is considerably higher than the international average, which spanned between 50% and 80%.

The most important issue for agencies, according to the findings, is receiving sufficient strategic direction and briefings from clients. Yet, agency respondents reported that more than a third of clients are weak in this exact area.

With regard to integration capabilities�another key area of concern for agencies�respondents again said more than a third of their clients are still performing weakly.

Another gripe that agencies have with clients is their penchant to ask for speculative creative work. According to SCAN's findings, agencies far prefer strategic pitches. That's because speculative creative work is compensated less than 15% of the time, and when it is, the compensation is considered insufficient more than 60% of the time.

Although chief marketing officers presently have average life expectancies of about 22 months, building stronger relationships between clients and agencies is critical for their future success. The answer seems to be developing the relationship at all levels.

Other improvement areas cited by agencies include compensation, understanding agency processes, sharing information/data, and expertise/training.

In a somewhat heartening note, agencies ranked trust near the bottom of the list at number nine, on the prioritized list of needed improvement areas for clients.

Colorado. . .Destination For Arts Lovers

From world-class museums in the cosmopolitan capital city of Denver to trendy galleries in scenic mountain resorts like Aspen and Vail, Colorado has it all.

Savvy travelers cite year-round art walk and First Friday events, annual and seasonal art festivals. In fact, Colorado is home to nine of the country's top 100 art towns, according to John Villani�s �The 100 Best Art Towns in America.�

The Denver Art Dealers Association represents Denver�s top art dealers and fine art galleries. Exhibitions provide the first glance of new works by young and establishing artists as well as present work by neglected artists and widely known masters. There's a calendar of events at

Colorado Springs has launched, a comprehensive guide to arts and culture in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. The site offers a large database of arts and cultural events, as well as listings of arts classes and workshops, organizations, venues, individual artists and performers, public art and more.

The stunning new Frederic C. Hamilton wing at the Denver Art Museum was designed by famed architect Daniel Libeskind, and hosts �Artisans & Kings: Selected Treasures from the Louvre.�

In Grand Junction, the Western Colorado Center for the Arts opened its �Masterpieces of Colorado� in August. This unique exhibit features more than 60 paintings of Colorado landscapes by artists from the late 19th century to the present, including Thomas Moran and Vance Kirkland.

The Aspen Art Museum has world-class exhibits of contemporary art housed in an historic brick building on the scenic Rio Grande Trail. The museum offers educational workshops, gallery tours by prominent artists, and art talks.

The Lab at Belmar, in Lakewood, combines elements of a museum, think tank, and public forum. Focused on contemporary art and culture, The Lab offers international art exhibitions, lectures, performances, symposia and publications. Currently on view at The Lab is �Heads,� Fang Lijun's large-scale installation consisting of 15,000 sculpted heads, cast in bronze and covered in gold leaf.

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center�s new 48,000-square-foot wing, which opens in August, will host an exhibit of nearly 50 photographic portraits of the late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo by famed photographer Nickolas Muray.

And this fall, the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver unveils its new building, designed by renowned architect David Adjaye.

Discover more at

Nielsen Introduces New Tracking System For Commercials

The Nielsen Company has launched a new web-based commercial tracking system called KeepingTrac (KT). The system enables clients, for the first time, to know whether their commercials ran the previous day according to their media plans. Prior to the launch of KT, clients typically had to wait weeks for a report on commercial airings.

Carat is the first company to sign up for this new system. This gives them the opportunity to track commercial airings on a daily/weekly basis, see if gross ratings point (GRP) commitments have been achieved, determine whether buying guidelines (including demographic targets) have been met, and modify advertising campaigns in real time as necessary.

KT provides next-day confirmation of television commercial airings for the national broadcast networks, national cable networks, and local broadcast stations in all 210 designated market areas in the United States. It also matches the ratings data against the media buy schedule.

Major Media Sources Exchange Services

TV Guide Online and Glam Media (, number one in reach for women online, announced a syndication agreement giving Glam Media the right to use TV Guide's patented interactive program listings grid on its site and within the Glam publisher network of 370+ popular lifestyle sites, which have a combined reach of more than 20 million unique users in the United States.

As part of this agreement, TV Guide will be a featured content partner for the TV section of Glam's new entertainment channel to be launched later this year on TV Guide Online is a division of Gemstar-TV Guide International, (NASDAQ:GMST).

TV Guide broadband will also provide Glam with short-form entertainment video programming ranging from celebrity interviews to TV Guide picks for the hottest shows on television. Specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Hotel General Managers

Here�s The Easiest $100,000 You�ll Ever
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Collect cash, as usual, from the guest accounts staying at your facility that require the use of professional AV services. And rather than shouldering your ongoing employee costs, or your current vendor�s cash agreement for AV services, here�s a much better alternative:

Work with a proven national vendor (a sterling 25-year track record) who will provide all of the AV services for your hotel on a 100% TRADE BASIS! (Payment to be in the form of hotel rooms and/or trade dollars.)

Your hotel�s annual AV billings must be a minimum of $200,000, and this offer is available only in the continental United States.

For a confidential introduction contact Bob Meyer via e-mail: (Please type in AV Services On Trade in the subject line of your e-mail.)

Attention Trade Exchange Owners:

If your member hotel(s) have a minimum of 10,000 sq. feet of meeting space and annual billings of at least $200,000 for AV services this is a great opportunity to earn substantial cash service fees on the hundreds of thousands of trade dollars your hotel member will be paying the vendor. Contact Bob Meyer at the above e-mail.


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