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October 1, 2002

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

Optimism Prevails At Commercial Barter Industry Functions

Just returned from Florida, where during the past week I observed a heightened optimism at the Crump Barter System convention, the BXI Exchange convention, and the International Reciprocal Trade Association's 23rd Barter Congress. (And I presume the same optimism was apparent in Chicago at the National Association of Trade Exchanges regional meeting.)

Most encouraging was the industry's cognizance that the key to success is in our own hands, and revolves around supplying a service to our clients.

I expect to see continued improvement in the future as the industry accepts the challenge of being able to provide a significant impact on a client's success. And, without sounding pollyanish, the day will come where we will have a positive impact on the business community worldwide--as a greater use of our phenomenal business tool is embraced and implemented by the masses. Congratulations to all the pioneers who are making it happen!

Comments Regarding TradeTracker Technology...September 10th

I found the item from Tom Langel and TradeAway interesting. Tom is a licensed real estate agent and is also an Exchangor. Exchangors are specialists who use creative methods to originate and close real estate transactions. They arrange for tax deferred exchanges as well as complex transactions with multiple legs and use, as part of the consideration, personal property and services sometimes called boot.

He is a member of NCE (National Council of Exchangors) and holds the designation of EMS (Equity Marketing Specialists), the same as [husband] Val and myself.

TradeAway is one of many web sites that are marketplaces where real estate is offered as well as personal property and services. The site also has created a currency called TradeAway TradeCredits and uses software with matching capability called TradeTracker.

In the series of transactions described by Tom it appears many of the "legs" were completed by the use of vouchers from the vendors--due bills--and not by the use of the currency. To the barter industry a "trade" usually means that the use of a currency was involved which does not seem to be the case here.

It is astounding that this was accomplished without the use of a currency and perhaps due to the effectiveness of the software. It is a testimony to a group of people who really love to trade. I congratulate Tom and his organization.

Rebecca Valentini
Reno, NV

Barter-Bay Says Cash A No-No

A recent e-mail from Barter-Bay reported, "At the urging of a couple of good traders, we did some experimenting with computers on a part-cash part-trade basis, in a way that varied from normal policy of the first $1,000 in barter with the balance negotiable...well, it didn't work out, so we've tightened things back up a bit."

An inquiry to Barter-Bay brought this answer as to why it didn't work out. "Other members complained that preference was given to hard goods, i.e. computers, and they wanted the same ability to sell on a cash blend basis. Additionally, nobody bought the computers with the cash/trade blend."

Barter-Bay concluded that "most people are not going to want to pay any part in cash, because, for the most part, they accept 100% trade."

"Ink" For Barter Industry In Entrepreneur Magazine

In the just published October issue of Entrepreneur, on page 134, five tips to help new start-ups save money by bartering are listed. The information was provided to Entrepreneur by BarterNews. In the succinct article the web sites for the two national associations--IRTA and NATE--were provided, in addition to the BarterNews URL where readers can obtain information on what exchanges are in their area.

International Offsets: US Perspective
14th & 15th October 2002
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This event will also offer you an excellent opportunity to network. Confirmed attendees already include representatives from:

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  • US Department of Treasury
  • Swiss Embassy
  • US Department of Defense
  • Polish Embassy
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  • FMV

So register now to avoid your competitors gaining the advantage.

Due to an increase in external investment SMi are please to be able to offer you a £100 saving on the usual conference pricing. Thus at only £899 for serving military and £999 for commercial organisations, this event offers you a superb opportunity to benefit from the experience provided by the outstanding panel of speakers.

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Here And There. . .
  • A Southern California non-profit organization, Olive Crest, a leader in the prevention and treatment of child abuse, began with a single home for 4 teenage girls in 1973. Since then they've provided shelter and professional treatment for thousands of abused children and their family.

    The Orange County organization gets donations of clothes and home furnishings on a regular basis. They don't have the staff to handle such donations, so they have worked out a barter arrangement with the Salvation Army, wherein the Salvation Army picks up the donated items on a regular basis and provides Olive Crest with "Army Bucks." Olive Crest then gives the "Army Bucks" to the kids to spend at the local Salvation Army store.

  • The Prime Minister of Thailand, Thaksin Shinawatra, is visiting Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin to discuss ways to increase trade through barter deals. Russia exports steel, chemical products, minerals, and fertilizers to Thailand in exchange for sugar, rice and clothes.

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  • A quick look around the globe...
    - India is opening up media to foreign investment--as much as 26% of Indian newspapers and magazines--overturning a ban that had existed for 50 years.
    - In Russia, for the first time since the end of communism in 1991, more money is now pouring into the country than flowing out.
    - Microsoft is investing $750 million in China over the next three years. It will be the largest foreign software venture ever in China. (China's per capita income is now up to $4,300 from $700 in 1960, and life expectancy rose from 46 years in 1960 to 70 in 2000.)

  • Economist Paul Krugman says the current state of the economy is being held up by the "dogged optimism of America's consumers." And if they falter a bit, "we'll need some decisive action by Washington." Now, contends Krugman, it's looking like the early 1990s all over again in that the recession was followed by a "jobless recovery"...i.e. the Gross Domestic Product grew, but employment didn't.

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This Issue's Glossary of Terms:

Fair market value. The price at which a property could be sold if a willing buyer and seller were under no compulsion, and both were aware of all relevant facts.

Designates where the buyer of the merchandise becomes responsible for the delivery costs. In many cases it indicates the location of the actual transfer of title.

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