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September 16, 2003

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

ABC & McDonald's Doing $26 Million Dollar Deal

ABC television is embracing barter to improve upon last season's fourth-place finish among the major broadcast networks. They are planning their biggest fall marketing campaign ever in a new $20 million promotion with McDonald's.

No paid advertising dollars will change hands in the barter deal, but ABC will get significant signage in the 14,000 McDonald's restaurants for two weeks starting September 15. (ABC will be promoting their TGIF programming—four television shows that air every Friday this fall.)

In exchange, McDonald's will get advertising spots on ABC to promote its new marketing campaign.

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U.S. Travel & Tourism Industry Thinking Global

A $50 million federally funded campaign will attempt to boost the U.S. tourism industry by focusing on potential travelers in Japan, Mexico, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Travel and tourism has lost billions of dollars since the 9-11 attacks, and the future of the industry depends on how well the U.S. can woo back people from around the globe.

The new effort will center around an emotional campaign that represents America, the wonder of its people, the grandeur of American attractions, and its cities.

It will incorporate all forms of media—television, print, the Internet, and direct mail. Ten million dollars have been earmarked as funds used to match private sector commitments.

Editor's Note: The Travel Industry Association is concerned about recent visa and passport rules that will deter U.S. visitors. Starting October 1, rule changes will mean that visitors from the visa-waiver countries (many Western European nations, Japan, Singapore and Australia) will be required to obtain visas or computer-readable passports, as the administration says old-fashioned passports are too easily tampered with. The high-tech passports are very new and will have far-reaching effects, because many citizens don't have them yet.

At the same time, the Travel Industry Association points out that other areas of the world are actively seeking to lure would-be travelers to their markets...namely Europe and Canada.

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Strategy Guru Looks At Today's World...

"If your business model is built on customer ignorance, you're in trouble. And if you sell anything to consumers or small businesses, you cannot escape the price-crushing influence of the most important company in America, Wal-Mart."

—Gary Hamel

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Here And There. . .

  • Gift cards (a form of scrip) are booming...last year retailers rang up more than $36 billion in sales. These plastic cards make money for the businesses issuing them in a variety of ways, such as breakage—the unredeemed/unused value on the cards—which will average 5% to 10%. A more creative way is the limited-edition collectible cards some savvy retailers are using, allowing an upfront payment with virtually no chance of redemption.

    GiftCard Technologies ( sells cards for less than $1 each, giving businesses a low-cost way to build mind share and market share.

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  • Bentley Communications (OTCBB:BTLY) has entered into a strategic alliance with the Intertrade Capital Group. Industry veteran Bruce Kamm, managing director of Intertrade Capital, will handle Bentley's corporate trade division.

  • Developers are turning commercial space (which includes office buildings, warehouses, and even shopping centers) into business condominiums, due to the still-shaky economy. Small companies like the idea, because low interest rates have made buying more affordable. The downside, however, is the burden of having to find a buyer when a business out-grows its space and needs to move into larger quarters.

  • Southern California's TradeAmericanCard is supporting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by buying a sponsorship for the upcoming "Luau at the Dunes" in Newport Beach. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital was founded by the late entertainer Danny Thomas in 1962, and has treated more than 19,000 children cancer patients. The daily operating costs of approximately $834,100 are primarily covered by public contributions.

  • There's more than $700 billion in asset-backed commercial paper outstanding that provides cheap financing for thousands of corporations. Basically, corporations buy various kinds of assets, including consumer and corporate loans. They then finance them via the issuance of commercial paper, creating a virtual banking system outside the banking system.

  • Demographics is behind the relatively sudden transformation of condominiums into the premier profit producers in real estate. New national data reveals the median price of a resale condo was up 15.5% (from the same period the year before) versus single-family housing which gained only 7.4%.

    Condominiums and townhouses have gone to the top of the list, passing detached homes, because empty nest baby boomers are looking for a no-maintenance, high-amenity way to downsize and simplify life.

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