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September 13, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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IMS Network Expands Client Base To 9,500, Expects Increased Revenue Of $350,000

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) has completed its acquisition of the assets and client base of United Trade Network (UTN) of Las Vegas. IMS disclosed that the transaction is expected to add nearly 800 new clients and $350,000 in annual revenue to the Continental Trade Exchange national barter network.

IMS President and CEO Don Mardak reports that in addition to the Nevada clients as well as those in Southern California, the firm will retain UTN’s former owner Greg Pavlov. He will be overseeing the company’s sales force in the Southwestern region and spearhead growth initiatives in that region. For further information on IMS go to

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Here’s How To Establish A Competitive Advantage In The Marketplace

Treating employees with respect and paying them fairly goes a long way to establishing an efficient and creative organization. Going that extra mile lowers staff turnover and reduces training expenses.

However the most important benefit from adopting these practices is that they produce a higher quality of customer service, which becomes a competitive advantage for your company.

Starbucks Corporation is an excellent example. For their entire existence, 18 years, they’ve made it clear they will not leave its people behind. Employees who complete a minimum of 20 hours of work or more a week can become eligible for health benefits and may receive a stock option grant.

(Starbucks’ employee turnover is toward the bottom of the industry range and its service levels are high. Since their IPO in June 1992, the shares of Starbucks have risen an astounding 3,500%.)

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ITEX/BXI Integration Successfully Moving Forward

Steven White, CEO of ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX), reported that former BXI brokers and members are “rapidly adapting to the new brand and are quickly making significant contributions to our marketplace performance.”

Business metrics for August 2005:

  • Cash deposits of $1,211,000, compared to $801,580 in August 2004.
  • Transaction volume of $16,121,000, compared to $10,543,000 in 8/04.
  • More than 22,000 member businesses, compared to 13,400 in 8/04.
  • 27,437 completed transactions, compared to 15,624 in 8/04.
  • 1,814 new online listings, compared to 1,064 in 8/04.
  • 257 new business registrations, compared to 165 in 8/04.

Every barter company in the world is listed on our web site, click through to our Global List of Barter Companies.

Our Fascinating World

Chauncey Starr, a physicist who has been pondering energy problems for seven decades (he’s 93), and is now president emeritus of the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, is excited about the future. He has a big idea which he refers to as SuperGird.

It’s the building of a network of air-cooled nuclear power plants that would be located every 100 miles along a transcontinental “spine,” and located underground for safety and security. Starr contends the project, which would take 30 years to construct, would end our country’s foreign-energy dependency.

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“BarterNews Played Major Role In Olympic Trade With Fortune 100 Corporation”

—Steven E. Webster, RTE Corporate Barter Group

In rearranging some files last week Bob Meyer came across the following letter dated July 25, 1996. As you will see BarterNews played an important role in a barter agreement in which the RTE Corporate Barter Group (now known as Alliance Barter) acquired 25 VIP Olympic corporate packages valued at $20,000 each—a $500,000 deal.

Prior to the meeting with the Fortune 100 client, Stephen Webster called us and asked for an overnight shipment of BarterNews issue # 37, which had just published a cover story on the role barter plays in the world’s most prestigious sporting event—the Olympic Games.

Here is the exact letter, word for word:

Dear Mr. Meyer,

BarterNews consistently provides valuable information on what is happening in the industry, which we at Barter Capital Corp. truly appreciate.

Last month’s cover article, “Barter Plays Major Role in the Olympic Games,” is an excellent example of useful and timely reporting. In fact, it could be stated that “BarterNews Played A Major Role in an Olympic Trade.”

On the heels of a barter agreement involving the exchange of domestic hotel accommodations for excess promotional inventory with a Worldwide Olympic Sponsor, Barter Capital* and RTE Corporate Barter Group** were invited to present a barter solution to the Corporate Sponsor’s Olympic Coordinator.

The Olympic Coordinator for this Fortune 100 corporation had been unfamiliar with barter, the advantages of trade, and the potential for recapturing revenues from pre-paid Olympic VIP trip packages.

The packages provided domestic round-trip airfare, first class hotel accommodations, private ground transportation, meals, event tickets, including highlights such as Gold Medal Events in Basketball (Dream Team), Diving, and Closing Ceremonies but they needed to be sold by a fast approaching deadline.

Your timeliness in publishing information on the variety of “in-kind” barter arrangements for products and services traded at this year’s Summer Olympics enabled Barter Capital to create a stronger interest in a barter arrangement.

BarterNews was an integral element in the success of our presentation and subsequent deal, providing credibility at just the right time.

Thanks to your generous exposition of the history of barter activities at the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984 through this summer’s Atlanta Games, another Olympic Sponsor is sold on barter.

Consequently, the Worldwide Sponsor will now realize the benefit of obtaining fine Commercial Printing in lieu of what almost became an unrecoverable expense.

On behalf of Barter Capital, RTE Corporate Barter Group, and those that seized the opportunity to “trade” for an occasion to witness a truly historical International Sporting Event hosted by the United States, we thank you and your staff for creating such a valuable marketing tool for our industry.


Debra M. Van Wert, Vice President, Barter Capital Corp.
Stephen E. Webster, President, RTE Corporate Barter Group, Inc.
President-Elect, NATE

* Barter Capital Corp., Corporate Offices in Rochester, New York, specializes in strategic and creative financing by converting idle capacity and excess inventory into valuable AR Credit throughout the North East.

** RTE Corporate Barter Group, Inc., Corporate Headquarters in Rochester, New York, services over 1,800 member companies in Upstate and western New York and is a member of the North American Barter Group (NABG) and the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE).

Editor’s Note: We agree with Stephen Webster, BarterNews is a valuable marketing tool for the commercial barter industry. TradeAmericanCard orders 1,000 copies for its client base of every BarterNews issue, which is available in bulk quantity for your promotional and sales efforts.

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Here & There...

  • Individuals can donate their frequent-flier miles to organizations helping Hurricane Katrina victims through any major airline. Aid organizations then use the miles to pay travel costs for their staff, freeing up funds for other purposes like buying supplies. The mileage donations are not tax-deductible.

    (United, Continental, Delta and Northwest allow members of their mileage programs to donate an unlimited number of miles to groups like the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, AmeriCares and others.)

  • Interlink Global Corp. (OTC:ILKG) is undertaking a major national and international media campaign to raise the awareness of its brand name and the various VOIP products and services it offers. As part of the campaign, Interlink has signed a barter contract with IGT, Media Holdings of Miami, Florida, to provide advertising in newspapers, radio and television stations.

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  • India’s growing influence can be seen in the recent announcement by General Motors, declaring they expect to source $1 billion in auto parts from India by 2008...a huge increase from today’s $120 million a year.

  • Australians accounted for 37% of the international capital that poured into U.S. real estate over the last 12 months. The flood of capital is coming out of the country’s $540 billion pension-fund pool, which has grown sharply since the 1990s. Additionally, the Australian dollar is up 10% from its recent low on June 17, 2004, against its U.S. counterpart.

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