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August 24, 2010

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 08/24/2010

5,202 Restaurants Are Throwing In Their Dish Towels

Thousands of restaurants are closing their doors �in Southern California alone, nearly 1,000 more restaurants closed than opened during the 12 months that ended in March.

Nearly all the closings were among independently owned restaurants: small, family businesses that just couldn�t hold on as customers held back on spending � which has dropped about 20% from what was spent during the economic boom. (And, independent restaurants are not utilizing trade exchanges as much as they did 20 to 30 years ago in Southern California.)

Nationwide, the number of restaurants dropped in 2010 for the first time in more than a decade, falling 5,202 to 579,416 according to New York research firm NPD Group.

Gift Card Rules Updated � No Expiration For Five Years

The latest update on the Credit Card Act applies to retail gift cards for individual stores as well as cards with a MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover logo that can be used wherever those brands are accepted.

Balances now, beginning 8/22/10, cannot expire for at least five years from the date of purchase, or from the last date additional money was loaded onto the card. (If the physical card expires before then, you may get the balance transferred to a replacement card at no cost.)

When money is added to a card, both the new money and existing balance will be good for another five years. However, the new rules do not apply to reloadable prepaid gift cards and cards that are issued as a reward or through a promotion.

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Local Community Interaction Key To Future Prosperity

Thomas H. Greco Jr., author of Money & Debt, A Solution To The Global Crisis, stresses that the world has changed and local community interaction is the key to future prosperity in today�s unraveling economy. Greco, who has been a keynote speaker at IRTA�s annual convention, says we�re now in the early stages of �the great unraveling.� And the means to restoring resilience to our communities is taking action.

There�s a need to share, cooperate, and organize as never before � spend locally, save locally, and invest locally. Greco proposes we need to apply our dollar resources to projects that:

         Make the local community more self-reliant.

         Provide greater local security in food, energy, housing, water and other necessities of life.

         Improve the overall quality of life.

         Protect our savings against inflation of the dollar.

Greco also articulated that we must reduce our dependence upon banks and conventional money, by organizing private exchange systems that can be networked together to provide an interest-free and inflation-free means of payment while making credit reliably available to local productive enterprises.

Editor�s note: In book, Money & Debt, he pointed out that the compound growth of debt would eventually exceed the capacity of the real economy to bear it.

For more information see Greco�s blog and his web site

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Is Your Company Filled With Hunters Or Campers?

It�s easy to like running a company when it�s profitable and growing. But it�s not a lot of fun when operating at a loss, or with insufficient profit. When you separate all the various pressures of being the owner of a larger company, you will find there are very few problems that can�t be solved through greater cash-flow.

And greater cash-flow comes from taking action on the following three key factors:

1.    Can the customer base be widened for additional sales?

2.    Can prices be increased?

3.    Can purchases or operating costs be cut?

One place to look is your trade exchange, where both points one and three are addressed: By working with your local exchange you will immediately increase your customer base, and bring in additional sales. And, when spending trade dollars for needed purchases, you�re acquiring them at your barter cost � which directly cuts your purchases to the bone!

Additional sales can be illustrated by looking back to the earliest days of civilization. Our ancestors learned it was easier to survive when they joined together in groups. In their camps there were two types of people. The hunters, who brought in the animals for food and clothing, and the campers, who used the animals caught by the hunters.

We know that this societal structure worked, and groups flourished. However, we also know that there was a tendency for the number of campers to grow out of proportion to the number of hunters. When this occurred it frequently became impossible for the hunters to bring in sufficient animals to feed the expanding number of campers � no matter how aggressively they pursued their prey.

Now the hunters were not fools. They had survived enormous dangers in the wild. They didn�t need consultants from another camp to tell them they either had to train more hunters, or force the least productive campers to leave the community. Which brings us to the point of the illustration � does your organization have the proper ratio of campers to hunters? Are there too many campers (salaries) for your existing hunters to support?

(No matter how small your business is, you must keep close track of direct and indirect labor costs, fixed and variable overhead, as well as general and administrative costs.)

Hunters looking for new business don�t jeopardize their lives these days. But they do get dumped on, ignored, and rejected � often forcing them to leave for greener pastures. To avoid that happenstance, and widen your customer base, you should consider the following questions.

What would happen if you eliminated two campers and replaced them with fierce hunters? How would your bottomline be affected? Where can you find more hunters?


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Time To Invest In Yourself Or Your Business

Social Security Administration data show that taxes have soared over the program�s 73-year history. In fact, the program usually resorts to tax hikes to stay afloat.

The original tax rate was just 2% on a maximum taxable income of $3,000. Since then the payroll tax has been increased more than 30 times, the Cato Institute found. Today the tax rate is 12.4% on a maximum income of $106,800.

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