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August 9, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Outside Turnaround Specialist Bartering Services

Consulting company Kroll Zolfo Cooper LLC is working with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on an equity-based “success fee,” for compensation. KZC will receive a warrant for 1.2 million shares for management services delivered during the period Krispy Kreme looks for a new chief executive. (The warrant will entitle the purchase of 1.2 million shares at $7.75 apiece and exercise them on the later of January 29 or 30 days after the company hires a new boss.)

Every Billionaire In The World

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Deserved Kudos To Twenty-Eight-Year BXI Veteran Jack Denny

In December 1976, Jack Denny and Phil Gill became the first two area franchise directors for BXI. Gill retired several years ago and Denny, one of the real gentlemen in the barter industry and the area director for Oklahoma City, stepped down effective December 1, 2004.

Still physically and mentally active at 72, Denny expects to remain involved and continue to trade...but it will be on his own account now. BarterNews and the barter industry salutes Jack Denny for a job well done, and for his 28 years of effort on behalf of the hundreds of businesses he helped in Oklahoma City!

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New York Dealer Trades Artworks In Substantial Real Estate Deal

Graham Arader, a New York art dealer, has purchased the Nyack mansion formerly owned for over fifty years by actress Helen Hayes, and later comedian/talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell. Arader negotiated for the $5.85 million mansion by paying cash and providing the seller with an art credit which can be used toward any purchase at Arader’s Manhattan gallery.

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A look back from
Tuesday Report October 5, 1999

Change Ahead For Barter Industry As High Tech Marries High Touch

Editors Note: Predicting the future is exceedingly difficult as the following article, written five years ago in 1999, shows. As you may recall substantial new capital came into the commercial barter industry for the first time. And most thought dramatic change would soon be at hand, led by publicly-traded barter companies.

As we now know, the venture capital money made some key acquisitions but they never made it to the IPO stage before the dot-com implosion, which began in March of 2000.

However, technology has continued to push onward and trade exchanges have taken advantage—in various degrees—of the technological advances. And consolidation is taking place within the industry, although they are far different players than what was projected five years ago.

Furthermore, independent trade exchanges within various geographical areas are moving forward in more cooperative in point, the forward thinking Barter Financial Group located on the East Coast.

Here then, is the story as written five years ago. . .

Last week we pointed out the biggest change in the 40-year history of the trade exchange industry is underway, coming in the form of a new "clicks and bricks" business model. This phrase was succinctly explained by Val Vaden (partner at Vector Capital) at the International Reciprocal Trade Association's 20th Annual Barter Congress held September 23 - 26 in Vancouver.

Vector Capital and El Dorado Ventures are funding a new company,, which is headed by Mike Edelhart (an internet guy and former VP of Softbank) who will provide the "clicks," or internet, expertise.

The "bricks," or off-line, expertise will be supplied by the three trade exchanges has acquired: Ray Bastarache's Barter Network, Sue Groenwald's BarterCorp, plus Chris Haddawy and Greg Pavlov's Barter Business Network.

Wall Street, Publicly-Traded Companies Will Fuel Change

Industry leaders anticipate that members of trade exchanges will benefit from the new business model of "clicks and bricks." Barter companies now publicly-traded (OTCBB) are:, eBIZnet, Cinnabar, Mutual Exchange International, and ITEX. Next year it's anticipated several better funded companies will be on the scene with IPOs:, Bartercard of Australia,, and TradeBanc.

Better, Faster Service

Operationally, Patti Falus, a top broker from, provided a look into the future with her comments at the IRTA convention. "Things are going to change dramatically. There will be a greater array of products and services available as the industry grows. Our industry is going to be huge, and it's happening much quicker than expected.

"For example, who can wait for samples to be shipped? It's important to have the information online to view, it's just so much easier, faster and cost effective. I even see prices dropping for some goods/services. Think of the magnitude of being able to trade at a price lower than cash! It's unbelievable what's happening and what can happen when you bring the internet into play."

More Consolidation...Greater Cooperation

The industry will change as consolidation continues. There will also be a flurry of joint ventures and strategic alliances forming. Look for independent exchanges within geographical areas becoming much tighter. A "circle the wagons" mentality will likely surface, and working cooperatively with one another will become the norm. Ultimately, the winner will be each trade exchange's client base, as service will become as well as off-line.

Every barter company in the world is listed on our web site, click through to our Global List of Barter Companies.

Another Perspective On Globalization

Martin Wolf, author of Why Globalization Works, says the future isn’t going to be as difficult for workers as some pundits suggest. Wolf points out that most jobs in developed economies are in services, and most services can still only be consumed and produced locally. McKinsey Global Institute estimates that only about 11% of the 1.46 billion service jobs worldwide could be performed in foreign locations anytime soon.

Second, capital—defined as not just physical capital but also social capital, such as laws and culture, and human capital, such as education, language skills, and experience—is not nearly as mobile across borders as is commonly thought. That means workers in advanced countries may continue to enjoy productivity and wage advantages.

Finally, there are still few truly multi-national companies, and they continue to locate more than 75% of their production, employment, and capital spending in their home countries.

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Here & There...

  • Bartercard was one of the sponsors of the Australian polo team. Although they were underdogs, much to everyone’s surprise the Australian team competing against England on England’s turf, in front of a home crowd of 25,000 and riding borrowed horses, pulled off a major upset in overtime. Needless to say, Bartercard’s CEO Wayne Sharpe and staff celebrated their sponsorship and victory with well-deserved champagne!
  • International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) has announced that the company’s gross revenue for July was $516,000, an increase of 37% over July of 2004. The increase was attributed to recent acquisitions in Connecticut, Nevada, and Tennessee.
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  • It was good to read about Kevin Turner’s new position as third executive at Microsoft, because it’s a phenomenal success story. Turner, 40, started at Wal-Mart in 1985 as a clerk in Oklahoma. He rose through the company’s ranks, becoming chief information officer in 2000 before advancing to CEO of the company’s $37 billion Sam’s Club unit.

    Now Microsoft has hired him away from Wal-Mart with a $7 million signing bonus. He also will receive 320,000 shares of Microsoft stock currently valued at $8.7 million, along with other incentives, in addition to an annual salary of $570,000.

  • Low-cost carriers are set to enter the Mexican airspace in mid-2006. The government is encouraging this as a way to spur growth. Additionally, the Mexican government plans to hold an auction next year of the country’s two flagship airlines—Mexicana and Aeromexico—to enable further competition in fares and service.

  • India is also on the brink of a new era of travel, with 10 new discount airlines planning to enter the market over the next 18 months. They are all banking on heavy volume from first-time passengers.

    India now has one low-cost carrier, Air Deccan, which was launched 19 months ago. Last year the airline’s traffic was one million, this year it’s estimated to come in at 4 million, and next year Deccan is expecting to fly 8 million passengers.

  • The hotel market is hot again, with investors pouring money into hotel-management companies and making real-estate plays. The big public companies, including Marriott International (which owns Ritz-Carlton), Starwood and Hilton Hotels, all continue to shed their real-estate assets to focus more heavily on management.

  • In Orange County (CA), a hotbed for real estate, more buyers are “piggybacking” or using two loans to buy a home. Also known as double-dipping, the bottomline is that when both loans are tabulated the buyer acquires the home with practically no money down and the loan-to-value ratio runs above 96%.

  • Thanks to the Firestone Media Group for sending along the China Media Advisory. We found the story on the development of Shanghai’s traffic growth to be startling!

    It reports that the number of passenger cars on the road presently totals almost two million. The traffic flows, which were forecast for 15 to 20 years from now, are here...and may well explain why it can take one-hour to drive 7 miles in Shanghai. But most interesting to note, was the incredible $4,600 per-year cost to register a car in Shanghai—which is twice the city’s per capita income!

  • If you've missed any of our weekly Tuesday Reports the past five years we have an archive of issues for you at the bottom of this week's letter...check it out!

We welcome your comments, questions, and observations.
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