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August 1, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...       08/01/2006

Google Radio Kicked Off

In this column, on February 14, we reported on Google?s January acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting, as well as dMarc?s Smart Barter system which enables radio stations to barter their unsold time to acquire new equipment.

At the time of dMarc?s acquisition, Google noted that once it was able to integrate dMarc?s technology into its AdWords sales platform, current advertisers could purchase radio spots.

(The dMarc system automates the buying, placing, and tracking of radio ads, the challenge for Google is to make radio ads as uniquely relevant as its web-based ads.)

Google?s attempt to start exploring non-web based radio advertising has begun in Detroit. With millions listening to the radio this may signal a new age for Google as they eye continued expansion into different forms of media.

If Google?s relevancy approach revolutionizes the way radio airtime is sold for advertising purposes, more advertisers could come back to traditional radio (terrestrial-based radio) to find newly-relevant customers coming their way.

Wallach Receives Commercial Barter Industry ?Hall Of Fame? Recognition

Twenty-five year barter industry veteran, David Wallach, will receive the International Reciprocal Trade Association?s Hall of Fame Award. His leadership role in the development of the commercial barter industry will be acknowledged at the IRTA Annual Convention to be held September 14 - 17 in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

BBX Sells Master Franchise For India

Rakesh Bhatnar and Manish Dutta, owners of a trade exchange in India known as Net 4 Barter, will be major shareholders of a new company...BBX India. (Ownership: Bhatnar 40%, Dutta 40%, BBX International 20%).

Net 4 Barter, with approximately 2,500 members, will become known as BBX Corporate on September 16, 2006, holding the master franchise to operate the BBX Trade Exchange in India. Parent company BBX Holdings Limited is located in Hornsby, NSW, Australia.

A Barter First For Airline Industry In India

Jet Airways and Air Deccan have agreed to fly each other?s passengers when flights are canceled. The barter arrangement, in effect immediately, is the first of its kind for the airline industry in India. The airlines also agreed to code share, i.e. carry passengers to destinations not touched by the other.

Red Paper Clip House Trade Set For Movie

The film rights of the real-life story of Kyle MacDonald?s barter odyssey has been sold to Hollywood?s DreamWorks studio. No details on a production schedule were given, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

MBA?s Preferences Have Changed

Newly graduated holders of master?s degrees in business from the top universities in the nation now want to join Google and McKinsey & Co., a change from a decade ago when Microsoft, General Electric, and Procter & Gamble were the top choices for employment.

Our Exciting, Evolving World

For all its wonders the Internet is still in the early stages of development, and the future promises some remarkable innovations. A San Francisco company, GeoVector Corp., features ?location aware? services, such as the ability to aim smart binoculars at racing yachts and get the name of the boat and its current statistics. The company sees the world itself as a gigantic database and almost everything out there has some kind of geolocated reference.

Will it soon be second nature for you and me to pick up any kind of mobile device and point it at something and get information from the real world...just like it?s second nature to hop on your PC and pick up the mouse?

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?Art-Money? Spreading Globally

Art-money is an international movement that began in 1997 when a contemporary Danish artist, Larse Kraemmer, wanted control over his financial security. Inasmuch as he was not making a living with his paintings (he couldn?t depend upon promotion by galleries or purchases by collectors), he came up with the idea of creating his own money with his artwork!

He produced small pieces of art, signed and assigned serial numbers, then went to several shops where he found acceptance for his concept of bartered art ? recognizing the art work as a currency. He priced each work at 20 Euros; if the value of his purchase was less than 20 Euros, Larse got back change.

Initially, artists were skeptical about this mode of earning. However, Larse successfully approached galleries in New York and Vancouver to exhibit art-money, and was able to interest 20 others in it.

Since his first exhibition in 1998, he has interacted with artists from around the world. Many of them have used art-money to pay for their travel, accommodations, spa treatments and beauty salons, as well as buying art materials.

The retailers view this as an opportunity to buy original art work at affordable prices, and collectors of art-money can exchange it with others for larger works. Registered artists with the movement are required to accept up to 50% as payment for work in art-money.

Larse Kraemmer?s idea has lead to the establishment of the Bank of International Art Money, and offers artists worldwide the chance for financial freedom and global exposure. For more details see

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Complacency Deadly In Today?s ?Copycat Economy?

Wine, private jets, insurance policies, premium coffee, high-speed Internet service, even technology consulting, are just a few examples of the market niches that have been hit by lower prices in recent years because of widespread imitation and competition.

If you?ve invested your time and energy, as well as other resources, to create products and build markets, according to management consultant Owen Harari it?s imperative to embrace innovation in every area, from back-shop operations to products to distribution. 

In 2002, he was named one of the world?s 40 ?best minds? in management by the editors of Business Minds, an annual book published by the Financial Times and Prentice Hall.

Harari is the author of a new book, Break From the Pack: How to Compete in a Copycat Economy. Packed with advice for small businesses, it will be published in September 2006 by Wharton Publishing/Prentice Hall. Harari advises companies to dominate a market or leave it...adopt the discipline of innovation and learn to go beyond mere customer satisfaction to earn premium prices, high margins, and loyal buyers.

A professor at the School of Business and Management at the University of San Francisco and a member of the U.S. State Department?s Advisory Committee on Leadership and Management, Harari says today?s copycat economy is like a ?perfect storm? of forces...globalization, deregulated markets, transparency, and technological advances.

All of these things create a particularly compelling and challenging situation...whatever you are doing becomes increasingly imitated and increasingly commoditized. Which means that customers start perceiving that there is not much difference between vendors, and so prices continually drop, margins get squeezed.

It?s harder in the marketplace to say, ?I?m different. I?m unique.? But there?s real value in being able to say that.

(Editor?s note: An overlooked, under-utilized tool by the small business owner is using barter to differentiate their company from competitors by exclaiming, ?you don?t have to pay me all in cash.?)


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Million Dollar Deal

A large U.S. apparel manufacturer wishes to barter in excess of $4 million in sewing and laundry equipment...lots of fabric and accessories (e.g. zippers, buttons, thread, etc.) in addition to discontinued apparel.

The firm desires to barter with Asian apparel manufacturers under any arrangement that makes sense. Replies for this announcement should be forwarded to:

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Luxury Resort Industry Continues Ratcheting Up Offerings

What?s next? In an unprecedented move, luxury resort home ownership company LV Resort Villas, ( has ordered ten Natalia SLS 2 Sport Luxury Sedans from DiMora Motorcar.

The $2 million sedans will be provided by LV to vacationers at selected elegant luxury estates around the world, from Lake Las Vegas and Hawaii to Tuscany and Dubai. The hand-crafted automobiles are scheduled for delivery in 2008.

The $2 million luxury vehicle by DiMora Motorcar ( will be produced in Palm Springs, California. Each four-door sedan will feature the 1200-horsepower DiMora Volcano V-16 engine.

Our Web Site Has Added A Search Tool For You

Ever wondered if a certain topic, person, or organization has been written about on the web site? Now you can easily find out, as we?ve added a search tool. It will quickly give you the answer to your questions, in 3 easy steps that take about 12 seconds!

At the top right of the page, just under where you sign up for the Tuesday Report you will see a little Google box. It is where you can (1) type in the name of a subject, company or person. Then (2) click the button for to search the site, followed by (3) hitting the search button.

AD|MAX Partners With Innovative Brands International & Barter Companies

Catalyst House managing director, Lynnea Bylund, announced that her Company?s AD|MAX Media unit?s first equity seminar was a success, and that the company simultaneously consummated an exclusive strategic partnership with Innovative Brands International.

The AD|MAX equity investment seminar, which was hosted by TVA Capital on July 20 at the Shady Tree Golf Club in Irvine (CA), was well attended by angel investors, strategic partners, and AD|MAX clients. It featured presentations by both TVA and AD|MAX management, followed by refreshments and southwest-style cuisine.

?The AD|MAX unified-media solution affords local merchants a generous value-added integration of several proven marketing solutions and media products including TV, radio, direct-mail, print, the Internet, and mobile text-message promotion...priced well within reach of most small businesses,? asserted Bylund.

?The AD|MAX investment presentation generated surprising results and the consummation of a strategic partnership with Innovative Brands International is a further vote of confidence that the AD|MAX advertising program is being recognized by established media players,? she continued.

?Innovative Brands is aggregating and developing unique companies, brands, media, technologies, and events, and holds in development, unique media that AD|MAX recognizes as advantageous for its local merchant marketing plan,? adds Innovative?s CEO Ron O?Farrell.

Other notables present at the event included TVA?s managing member, Elliot Reiff; SmartSMS Corp. CEO Gordon Lee; John Tripp, president of Howland Worldwide; Donna Deutsch, Executive Director of Education Telecommunications Group; and Jason Davis, scion of the Davis Family and grandson of the late energy and media billionaire, Marvin Davis.

Strategic partners and media providers to AD|MAX include: SmartSMS

Corp., Innovative Brands International, Cox Media, Premier Guide, ITEX Payment Systems, Matchbin, XO Software, Techspeed Software Solutions, XRAYMEDIA, Springboard Capital Corporation (the Orange County-based investment and venture development firm with an exclusive portfolio of unique client companies), and TVA Capital, the Newport Beach-based investment banking group and national angel investor network.

For more information go to

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