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July 26, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Another Cashless Currency Program Introduced

The ITEX organization stresses that it provides 21,000 clients with a marketplace for cashless business transactions. In a recent interview on, IMS’ Don Mardak shared his thoughts about the increasing popularity and benefits of the cashless monetary system for business. And the International Reciprocal Trade Association’s (IRTA) upcoming annual convention in September will focus on “Uniting People and Standards in a Cashless Trading World.”

Countless companies and industries outside the commercial barter industry are also realizing the value of providing valued customers with a non-cash currency.

TripRewards, the points program shared by Cendant Corp’s hotels and car-rental companies, has announced such a program. It lets members earn travel points (a non-cash currency) for buying and selling real estate through one of its realty brokerage firms.

Cendant, owner of several real estate companies including Century 21, will provide people buying or selling their homes 7,000 points for every $10,000 spent through December 31. (After that, the offer will provide 5,000 points per $10,000.)

For example, a member of TripRewards who sells a $300,000 home and buys a $400,000 home would earn 500,000 points...enough for a trip to Hawaii.

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Billion Dollar TV Shopping Network Embraced Barter

The home shopping channels on TV are a $9 billion-dollar business these days. But did you know the roots of home shopping are actually in radio? In 1977, radio entrepreneur Bud Paxson accepted 112 electronic can openers from an appliance-store owner who couldn’t pay his advertising bill. ( Bob Meyer’s barter tenant #8: “When you can’t get the blood out of a turnip, take the turnip!”)

Paxson, figuring they were better than nothing, went on the air. the next morning and started an auction. It took 15 minutes to sell them all. Next, Paxson tried hairdryers and jewelry. The only market research Paxson ever did was to offer something on the air...if it didn’t sell, he never offered it again.

The success led Paxson and partner Roy Speer to launch Home Shopping Network, or HSN, in 1981 as a local cable channel, which they took national in 1985. It was an immediate success. One year later, rival channel QVC arrived on the scene. Both used a simple formula that proved to be extremely profitable: Host displays a product; a phone number appears at the bottom of the screen; people dial in and buy the product.

Paxon’s HSN did a plenty of barter—acquired large inventories which they resold—through their good friend Robert Murley. Known to many within the barter industry, Murley was a media trader as well as the publisher of Barter Communiqué in the early 1980s...when BarterNews was just getting off the ground.

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Do Americans Want It Both Ways?

In 2004 U.S. multinationals invested $15 billion in China; conversely, Chinese firms invested one-thirtieth or $490 million directly in U.S. companies and assets. Are American fears of a Chinese takeover irrational, in light of the facts?

The Chinese National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) is competing with Chevron for ownership of El Segundo (CA)-based Unocal. And many are fearful of this possible acquisition, seeing the Chinese suitors as predators.

Yet, consider this: CNOOC, a publicly-traded company, is not very menacing. It did $6.7 billion in revenues, compared to Chevron’s $151 billion. Unocal did $8.2 billion. More importantly, in terms of U.S. production, Unocal’s output of 57,000 barrels a day is a pittance (less than 1%) of the entire U.S. oil production which totals 7.3 million barrels a day.

Furthermore, 70% of Unocal’s reserves lie close to the Asian markets they currently serve, particularly Indonesia. Whether CNOOC or Chevron acquires Unocal, the fact is that the market for oil is a global one. And even though Chevron has their operating headquarters in California, it’s doubtful that American consumers would receive preferred access to this will be sold to the highest bidder. Is the hysteria surrounding the potential acquisition of Unocal by CNOOC warranted?

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Here & There...

  • Bentley Commerce Corporation (OTCBB:BLYC) will provide $3 million in corporate trade credits to to become a limited partner with the principal of MSM-Net, in this Chicago based Urban Entertainment Broadcast Portal. The trade credit will help finance Blackfunnel’s national media campaign that includes commercials to be aired on BET, MTV2, and FOX.

    In exchange for the trade credit, based on a Letter of Intent, Bentley will receive 20% of the net profit of a limited partnership to be formed with MSM-Net founder, Mark Marsh.

  • Geoffrey Colvin, 26-year veteran and senior editor at large at FORTUNE magazine, says the U.S. remains the world’s most powerful economy. But if it wants to stay that way in the face of global competition, its people need to get very serious, very quickly. Colvin’s worry is mainly cultural, “We don’t value education or sacrifice for the future nearly as much as we used to—or as our new global competitors do.”

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  • A UCLA study says Californians’ eggs are resting in one basket, and inflated home prices may be a time bomb. UCLA economists say the state has become overly exposed to one industry and vulnerable to a regional recession—a reprise of the downturns that rattled the state twice in the past 15 years. In the 1990s it was defense. In 2001 it was information technology. Today, it’s real estate. The researchers also predicted a slower U.S. economy growth in 2006 and 2007.

  • Writing in the spring issue of The National Interest, the venerable Peter F. Drucker asserted: “The U.S. government fast becoming the sinkhole of the world financial economy. The ongoing national deficit creates a persistent deficit in the U.S. balance of payments, which make both the economy and the government increasingly dependent on massive injections of short-term and panic-prone money from abroad.”

  • If you can’t beat them, join them...that’s the strategy Microsoft is using as they help China build a local software industry. (Microsoft has lost more sales in China to illegal copying than any other company.)

    Their thinking is that intellectual-property protection in China, now very weak, will only be solved when China has its own IP to protect. When that happens, domestic enterprises will have their own reasons for stronger enforcement. One such example will be the move toward trademarks like the rings for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, because that’s where the money is for them.

  • The U.S. median income for married couples is $62,400.

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