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July 23, 2002

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Credibility, Accountability & Measurable Results Are The New Focus

Joanne Killeen, president of the Public Relations Society of America, says the present environment has changed things dramatically in the business community.

The first order of business today, when she secures a new client, is to talk to them about a plan. Do they have a crisis plan in place? She also puts the client through a false crisis, so executives know how they're going to respond under pressure.

And the bottom line is you've got to tell the truth. Not telling the truth for short-term gain is not going to work. Once credibility is destroyed, you can't get it back.

Killeen says a lot of myths about PR professionals exist. "People think we are spin doctors or massagers of truth, that we spin the story for our client or a company's personal objectives. But that's not true.

"We research the truth to understand how to objectively communicate on behalf of clients. Companies realize, especially now, that they have a responsibility to their employees and shareholders."

Killeen contends that people today are more focused on business. Who would have thought 15 years ago we would have a 24-hour business channel?


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LOOKING BACK...Tuesday Report, September 19, 2000

John Madden's fantastic $500,000 barter deal. . . U.S. postage stamp becomes a currency for low-cost, non-postal goods and services. . . Commissions for internet domain-names differ when bartering versus selling for cash. . . David Johnstone of Australia named President of IRTA Global.

Follow-up to Don Loughnane's comments last week:

"I think the only reason some products are priced much higher than retail (in the barter marketplace) is because the mark up on these products (like PCs) is so small. And the only way that barter works for the seller is to mark the selling price up.

"That said, any consumer should use good judgment, with respect to price, before making any purchase, barter or not. If they don't like the price, then (duh) DON'T BUY IT.

"I also think the market sets the price for the buying and selling of trade dollars. If they were worth face value then no one would sell them for less. Based on current market conditions they are obviously not worth their face value. No amount of high-handed edicts is going to prevent the buying and selling of trade dollars."

Ray Antonelli
Focused Resources Inc.
Highland Heights, Ohio

(Editor's Note: Antonelli is a member of ATX, ITEX and Intagio. He says he loves trading, "I do as much trade as I can.")

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Follow-up to Chris Sweis' comments in June 4 Tuesday Report:

"Liked (the letter from) Chris Sweis of Ibart on why there isn't more barter occurring in the marketplace.

"As I see it barter is not in its infancy stage. This is a developed industry that hasn't acquired the tools or management to capture a greater share of the marketplace...that does indeed exist.

"Customer service is generally weak. The larger companies do not offer good consumer service. The attitude is the customer owes us. Smaller exchanges have better service but fewer tools and goods to offer and are buried in administrative work.

"An evangelist (as noted by Sweis) is not needed at this moment, but it was a good statement to make. Barter needs to have many more successful offices, centers, more to offer, before using an evangelist. (So we're) back to where we need the ability to bring in more in shorter time frames--the answer is networking.

"The dot-coms did everyone a favor. I know I saved a million by letting them do, on a larger scale, what I couldn't. They made mistakes but advanced the concept. The next round of finance into our industry will be more prepared, and probably still won't have the support of the current exchange owners."

Ted DeLong
Trade Exchange Developer
Sacramento, California

What makes my business work?

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Here And There. . .

  • One man does make a difference. On the question of treating stock options as an expense, Warren Buffet has been an outspoken advocate of such treatment. The Berkshire Hathaway chairman sits on the board of two prominent companies--Coca-Cola and the Washington Post.

    Both companies have succumbed to the argument Buffett has been delivering nearly annually in his Berkshire letter to shareholders, that stock options should be accounted for in the same manner as any other form of compensation--as an expense.

  • China's economy is booming along at a 7.8% growth rate for the first six months of the year. The country is investing heavily in road construction, airport, and other infrastructure projects to fuel production and spur consumption across a continental economy of vastly uneven wealth.

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  • Inventories of unsold goods at U.S. companies increased in May for the first time in 18 months, as spending by retailers and wholesalers declined.

  • Trade Exchange owners, check out the hottest marketing tool in the here!

  • The executive search firm Christian & Timbers reports that a recent poll of 225 executives at major companies show that about 59% believe their company boards don't have the financial smarts to determine if their books are cooked.

    Replacing board members in today's environment won't be easy. CEO Jeffrey Christian says about 60% of qualified candidates are saying no to offers of sitting on company boards.

  • Rapid changes in technology can produce more booms and busts, according to economic historian J. Bradford DeLong of the University of California at Berkeley. Technological change increases uncertainty about the future.

    And with more uncertainty come NASDAQ-like bubbles and busts. The promise of technology creates tidal waves of euphoria that are followed by tidal waves of despondency when profits prove disappointing. So as long as the revolution continues in information technology, in biotech and in finance, big swings in the stock market are likely.

This Issue's Glossary of Terms:

Cash out:
Transferring equities to more liquid assets which can, if necessary, be converted to cash.

Cash payment requirement/cash blend:
That portion of a barter company's invoice which is remitted in cash--as opposed to that portion which will be satisfied by some (or all) trade credits.

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