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July 17, 2012

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 07/17/2012

Speakers At IRTA Annual Convention Announced

Following welcome remarks by IRTA President Michael Mercier and Ron Whitney, IRTA�s Executive Director, the opening keynote address, titled �Barter 3.0 � 21st Century Credit Clearing and Beyond,� is scheduled at 9AM. on September 14 (Friday). The speaker, Chris Cook, is the former Director of the International Petroleum Exchange. He will be contrasting the various architectures of prior barter business models with today�s models, and present his vision of the industry in the 21st century and beyond. Cook is now Senior Research Fellow at University College London and a principal of Nordic Enterprise Trust.

On Saturday, September 15, the second keynote speaker will be Jason Richards, former Director of Marketing at BizX and the current owner of social media firm Project Bionic. Richards will talk about �Navigating In The Social Media Sphere In The Barter Industry � And Maximizing Linkedin.�

For more information and registration click here.

Financial Services Professionals Report Alarming Slide In Ethics

According to a survey from The Ethics Research Center, some 45% of Americans working in financial services think they may need to engage in unethical and illegal activities to get ahead in their careers. And 26% of the 500 survey respondents have observed or know first-hand of wrongdoing in the workplace.

Angel Investors Still Actively Prominent In Innovation Economy

Angels (investors putting money into young, growing companies) invested $22.5 billion in 2011, the Center for Venture Research reports. Angel investors, even in groups, make their own decisions about where to put their money, and most like to contribute expertise to their portfolio companies as well. (Seventy-five percent of angel groups co-invested with angels in other groups,)

The median angel investment was $700,000, and angel-funded firms have a median valuation of $2.5 million before receiving angel money. More than a third of the deals (35%) were in internet companies, 21% in software, and 11% in mobile/telecommunications. California accounted for 18.8% of the investments, followed by the New England states at 14.5% and the five-state Great Lakes region at 13.8%.

Looking Into The Future � It�s Amazing!

Someday Boeing will be making airplane wings without cutting or bending any metal. The wing would be formed, one razor thin layer at a time, by fusing powered metal or other materials with a device resembling a giant office printer.

Such technology, known as 3-D printing or additive manufacturing, has been around for 25 years. (It�s been used for making models, prototypes and smaller items from hearing aids to hip implants and jewelry. But now bigger manufacturers like Boeing, General Electric and Honeywell, are exploring ways to use it for making bigger pieces in higher volumes. (Boeing already makes about 300 different smaller aircraft parts using 3-D printing, including ducts that carry cool air to electronic equipment.)

Some makers of 3-D printing equipment believe that car-part stores eventually will keep their inventories in digital form � as software containing the instructions for making each item � and �print out� items on demand.

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Trade Exchange Members Demonstrate Creativity

Moving beyond the obvious is considered being creative. The following are two examples of such thinking.

#1) Collection from a firm facing bankruptcy.

The president of a distribution company turned to a trade exchange to collect a bad debt from a client, who not only owed him $35,000 but also was facing bankruptcy.

Instead of writing off the receivable, the president accepted as payment $35,000 worth of baseball cards. He then offered the cards to a trade exchange member owning a baseball card shop, in exchange for trade dollars.

With $20,000 trade dollars received, he turned around and bought concert tickets from another member, which he consequently sold for cash to his employees and some close friends.

#2) Second retail outlet opened.

The owner of a leather sportswear store turned to his trade exchange, instead of his banker, when deciding to open a second retail outlet.

To finance the $30,000 expansion costs in his credit-tight market, he bartered $25,000 in leather goods through the exchange and its members.

The store owner then used those trade dollars to pay for the electricians, carpenters, and installers of a security system needed in his new store. Plus, he obtained 30 radio spots for the promotion of the new outlet�s grand opening!

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How To Deal With Meeting Killers

When it�s time for a meeting, most companies have them: co-workers that hijack discussions, wander off topic, send texts, disrupt decision-making or behave in other dysfunctional ways.

The five most common disrupters come under these categories:

The Dominator

Crime: greatly overestimates value of his/her personal views

Modus operandi: disrupts discussion and induces information overkill

Level: first degree nuisance

The Quiet Plotter

Crime: practices passive-aggressive insubordination

Modus operandi: remains quiet at meetings, later undermines bosses and decisions

Level: first degree nuisance

The Naysayer

Crime: premeditated negativity

Modus operandi: waits until consensus is almost reached and retails meeting with major objections

Level: first degree nuisance

The Rambler

Crime: inflicts death by boredom

Modus operandi: takes discussions to far-away places so people forget why they�re there

Level: second degree nuisance

The Jokester

Crime: assault with a deadly punchline

Modus operandi: cracks jokes (appropriate or not) and awaits response from others

Lever: misdemeanor nuisance

Meetings are supposed to be a time of creative problem-solving, where the best ideas emerge. Yet even some of the best managers have a difficult time running them.

The following advice from executives, meeting planners and trainers, for accomplishing productive meetings that�ll get more done include:

  • Limit the number of meetings scheduled.

  • Set a clear agenda.

  •  Impose a �no device� rule or schedule periodic tech breaks for e-mail, texts and phone calls.

  • Redirect people back to the agenda when they ramble or digress.

  • Draw out quiet people by asking them in advance for a specific contribution.

  • Do a �round robin� when appropriate, to allow everyone to contribute.

  • Ask early for objections to keep them from derailing discussions later.

  •  Limit the length of slide presentations.

  • Interrupt people who talk too long or talk to each other.

  • Set an ending time for the meeting and stick to it.


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One manager found a unique exercise for driving home the importance of time management. She hands all department employees a check (fake, of course) made out to them for $86,400, giving them 24-hours to �spend� the money.

In a meeting the next day, members share how they plan to spend the money. When the exercise is over, the leader notes that most people spent every penny of the check.

She then informs them that each day has the same number of seconds as the check has dollars � 86,400 � and asks, �Why are we so much more likely to prioritize how we spend our money than our time?�

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