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June 28, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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1031 Real Estate Trading Sees Explosive Growth

The use of barter—non-cash trading—goes far beyond the commercial barter industry. Another example of the enormous numbers through the use of barter in one such sector is the phenomenal expansion of real estate exchanges. According to a Deloitte study the use of tax-deferred 1031 transactions in 2003 totaled $210 billion, more than double the $86 billion in 2001.

A “1031 exchange” comes about when a taxpayer takes the following actions: Within 45 days of selling a property he/she must identify the new one they intend to buy. Then within 180 days of sale they must close on the new asset.

In the meantime a middleman holds the cash. The tax break isn’t available for a person’s residence or a second, country home. But it does cover the sale of a house an owner rents out, commercial real estate, business jets, factories and more.

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West End Media Group Expands Operations Into
Houston, San Diego

T.J. Donnelly, CEO of West End Media Group in Irving (TX), has announced expansion of his operations with two new office openings—Houston and San Diego. Founded by Donnelly in 1990, West End Media Group has been serving the south and southwest with bartered media.

Ted Holcomb Named President

Ted Holcomb, a veteran of 35 years in radio, television, print and web broadcasting, has joined West End Media Group as its president. Holcomb’s background ranges from working at an ABC owned and operated radio station in Chicago to owning Muzak franchises in several cities.

He has worked at all levels of management in the media, from sales representative to Vice President of Sales for a CBS Station in Lexington (KY). In the past 3-years he’s sold $2.5 million in new business in network radio advertising. He was also instrumental in the success of a start-up construction industry web site.

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Gift Card & Scrip “Breakage” Figures Are Staggering!

In the barter industry almost everyone is aware that the use of scrip or gift certificates has many uses, not the least of which is additional profits because not all scrip is used or redeemed.

The same is true for retailers who increasingly are promoting gift card usage. Not only is it an easy way for someone to give another a gift, but the recipient appreciates the gift card because it provides them with many buying options. And the retailer likes gift cards for two reasons. First, the recipient will spend more when using the card, and second, breakage or unused gift cards mean greater profits for the retailer.

According to the TowerGroup in Massachusetts, 12% of gift card value is never spent. That breakage will amount to about $5.7 BILLION this year! TowerGroup projects that sales of retailers’ gift cards will reach $47.5 billion this year, $50.8 billion in 2006, and top $57 billion in 2008.

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Moneymen Differ In Outlook On Interest Rates

Who do you believe these days? Opinions vary widely.

Martin Weiss, Ph.D. and Editor of Safe Money Report, says we will soon be in for “The Greenspan Shock” because a series of events are coming to a head...

  • America’s worst trade balance in history—a current account deficit of $195.1 billion in the first quarter.
  • The price of crude oil has hit $60, the highest price of all time.
  • Copper prices, still driven by a housing boom, are in record-high territory.
  • Gold, silver, and other precious metals are surging.

All four events can have a major impact on inflation, and all four are pushing Greenspan toward an action he has tried to avoid—shock treatment for money and for markets. His eight interest-rate hikes, at a quarter a point, hasn’t been enough. Greenspan, Weiss says, must do more—add an element of surprise, even shock, to his next actions—with faster, steeper interest rate hikes.

World’s Most Influential Bond Investor Sees Lower Rates

Bill Gross, on the other hand, one of the world’s most influential bond investors who oversees $445 billion in fixed income securities as CEO at Newport Beach-based Pimco, says the Fed may end the interest rate cycle in August after pushing rates to 3.5%.

And Kenneth L. Fisher, a Woodside (CA)-based money manager writing in Forbes, says there is no bubble in real estate. Rather, the real bubble is the airholes in those brains that think interest rates will rise. Fisher says long term interest rates won’t rise because inflation is lower than expected worldwide.

(Fisher also says when something is commonly labeled a bubble that hasn’t burst, that means there is fear of it. And that fear, when priced into markets, reduces risk. He contends there is no bubble in real estate because it’s been widely called one for two years.)

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A Look At the Past. . .

How Being A Woman Paid Off!

One of BarterNews magazine’s past popular issues was #34, published in 1995. (The cover featured Alan Zimmelman, Duncan Banner, and Ilan Ben-Yosef...“The California Connection!” ) It was that issue that carried the following story:

Lisa-Gaye Shearing, 37, astutely traded on the fact that as a woman she could be a tremendous help to a company wanting to get in on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auction of two-way paging licenses in October of that year. Especially since the FCC was offering special payment terms for female-owned firms.

By working with the Pennsylvania-based cable firm Adelphia Communications, Ms Shearing was handed 50.1% of a new company, Page Cell. The arrangement enabled Adelphia to get the special payment terms including a 40% discount on its $53 million bid for licenses. Ms Shearing, trading on her gender, got over half of the company without having to put one cent on the table!

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“What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

Years ago, one of the most visible people in the barter industry said the #1 reason why the industry wasn’t farther along in its development was due to a “failure to communicate” by those in the business.

This realization was the genesis of The Competitive Edge newsletter, now into its 18th year of publication. Trade exchange owners who use this powerful marketing and promotional tool are never guilty of “failing to communicate.”

As the owner of a trade exchange you must stay in front of your clients. Informing, educating, and inspiring them, because your clients’ bartering is a relatively small percentage of their overall business. So if you don’t keep their interest and enthusiasm for trade at a high level, you lose.

Your primary aim, like all other businesses, is to get your clients coming back for more. Every extraordinary business (and every trade exchange owner who wants to be extraordinary) knows that the customer you have, is a lot less expensive to sell than the customer you don’t yet have!

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Here & There...

  • IRTA Europe comes together with renewed focus after two day meeting in the United Kingdom last week. (Details in next week’s issue.)

  • Bentley Commerce Corporation (OTCBB:BLYC) broke all company records when 169.7 million shares were traded June 24, 2005. On that date, BLYC was the most actively traded stock on the Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board as well as the second largest percent gainer with a 200% same-day share price increase. (The company’s average trade volume approximates 3 million shares a day.) For more information go to
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  • International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM) has raised its previously issued guidance-on-earnings for calendar 2005. With the company’s recent acquisitions they now expect this year’s gross revenue to be in the range of $6.5 million to $6.7 million, an increase of approximately 40% over 2004 gross revenue figures. For more info go to
  • Herbert Teichmann, President of COMTEX in Montreal, has announced a changing of the guard! As of July 1, 2005, he will hand over the presidential reins to Ms. Penny Roumeliotis, and Ms. Linda Briere will assume the Vice President of Marketing position. Both will become shareholders of COMTEX. Teichmann will take over as Secretary/Treasurer looking after the financial well-being of the company. For more information go to
  • Buy high, sell low! That’s what German publisher Gruner + Jahr, a division of Bertelsmann AG, is doing. In the late 1990s it purchased Fast Company, a magazine for entrepreneurs for $365 million, and small-business magazine Inc. for $200 million. The company is now selling both to Chicago-based private investor Joe Mansueto for approximately $40 million. (Mansueto is the chairman and CEO of Morningstar Inc., a financial information company in Chicago.)

    The number of visitors to the USA from overseas during the past three years is down 23%. International conventions and seminars are not taking place in the U.S. because organizers can’t be sure their delegates will be allowed entrance to the country. Why can’t the most technologically advanced nation on the globe find a way to solve this entrance and screening challenge?

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