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June 26, 2012

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 06/26/2012

Secure Communications Technologies Aiding Remote Work

The number of full-time, non-self employed workers who work remotely (out of the office) has nearly doubled over the last decade, according to a recent study by the research group Conference Board. A rapid rise of cheap and secure communications technologies has sparked a quiet revolution. Despite the rise, only about 2% of the nation�s full-time employees work primarily from home.  

Are You Ready For Driverless Cars?

Google�s driverless cars have clocked more than 250,000 miles in America, and self-driving vehicles are being tested around the world.

And The World�s Busiest Airport Is ...

The world�s busiest airport is in Atlanta. Last year 92.4 million passengers traveled through Hartsfield-Jackson, nearly 15 million more than passed through Beijing, the world�s second-busiest airport.

Dwindling Estates

Just 55% of baby boomers said it was important to leave money to their children, according to a U.S. Trust survey of investors with at least $3 million in investable assets.

Immigrants Increasingly Becoming Entrepreneurs

Immigrants accounted for 18% of the country�s small business owners in 2010, a six-percent increase from two decades earlier. The study, from the nonpartisan Fiscal Policy Institute, confirms that business ownership remains a favored way to earn a living among immigrants.

What�s Better Than Muzak?

Scent marketing, which is the practice of enhancing an environment and boosting a brand with evocative scents, has become almost as ubiquitous as piped-in music from Muzak.

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Increased Bartering Can Have Big Pay-Off

Could you increase your trading efforts to bring another $100 or more in every single month? Doesn�t sound too hard does it? In fact it�s such a puny goal that it probably doesn�t even inspire you. But when you look at what an extra $100 will do for the building of security and your peace of mind, it may suddenly get you moving.

Here�s the plan: Take the $100 and make an extra payment on your home mortgage every month to reduce your loan. In most states you may prepay up to 20% of the original loan during the first five years without penalty, and after five years lenders cannot impose any prepayment penalties.

By making just one extra monthly payment a year, you can cut seven years off the life of a 30-year loan. (That equals $92,700 in saved mortgage payments � based on a $200,000, 30-year fixed-rate loan at 8%.) But before you start making prepayments, it�s a good idea to call the lender or loan-servicing company and ask it they have a preferred method.

If you write a single check, be sure to include a note explaining that you want the extra amount to be applied directly to your principal. Otherwise, the money may be applied to your next month�s payment, which won�t reap the interest savings. Also, keep a copy of the check and your note just in case there is confusion down the road.

Is Your Trade Exchange Missing Out On Valuable New Business?

If your barter company�s listing on isn�t current, you are definitely missing out on new business. The web site receives heavy traffic � with over 150,000 page-views every month. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives check the thousands of articles, the weekly �Tuesday Report,� and the �Contacts Section� of our site. They use the latter to find barter companies with which to do business.

Is your barter company�s listing up-to-date?

To keep your listing current is very easy. See the links below to (A) update any changes to your company�s listing, such as new location, phone number, web site or other information, and (B) if your company has not been listed.

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Housing Bubble Created Nation�s Major Problem

Prior to the recession the housing bubble had been driving the economy through several channels, including the near record pace of housing construction. The housing wealth created by the bubble, led to a huge surge in consumption. (People borrowed against their equity or decided they didn�t need to save for retirement with price increases of 15% to 20% a year.)

When the bubble burst the downturn troubles began. The problem now is how to get back to the days of consumption (demand). It�s a totally different situation today as millions of people have less wealth (home equity) and the baby boomers are approaching retirement with almost nothing but Social Security to support them.

We are now into a long-term unwind of household deleveraging, and until we�re through that we�re not going to see a rapid expansion of consumption. In other words, the rate of consumption growth, which accounts for two-thirds of the economy, is going to be slow.

Since the consumer cannot supply the needed growth, the two remaining alternatives to boost our economy are foreign sales (which require the dollar falling in value relative to other currencies) and government spending in order to fill the gap in consumption demand created by the housing bubble.

According to Dean Baker, an economist and co-director for Economic & Policy Research, that is the simple reality that neither political party is willing to tell the people.


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