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June 10, 2008

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...06/10/2008

President�s Club Winners At 2008 ITEX Convention Revealed

ITEX�s ( convention recently held in Las Vegas reported its new President�s Club winners. Here are the six brokers who had beaming smiles along with a brand new DELL laptop computer and earned plaques:

Ronnie Graham (Highest Cash Collections)
Duncan Banner (Highest New Member Enrollment)
Peter and Neita Brooks (Highest Net Growth)
John Castoro (Highest Cash CTV)
Shawn Christian (Rookie of Year)
and Jim and Carolyn Young (Brokers of Year)

In addition, Chris Christenson and Philis Santello proudly accepted their 2008 Brokers Choice Award at the convention.

Barter Articles Popping Up

Newspaper article about using barter in tough times appeared in Florida�s Sun-Sentinel on Tuesday, June 3.  Click here had an interesting article on how to slash startup costs by using barter.  Click here

Microsoft�s Ballmer Foresees No Print Media In 10 Years

In an interview with The Washington Post, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer riffs on the future of media, claiming that in ten years, all media will be delivered over the Internet.

�In the next 10 years, the whole world of media, communications, and advertising are going to be turned upside down � in my opinion,� Ballmer stated. �There will be no media consumption left in 10 years that is not delivered over an IP network. There will be no newspapers, no magazines that are delivered in paper form. Everything gets delivered in an electronic form.�

California Housing Prices Have Biggest U.S. Drop

California is the nation�s worst housing market, with housing prices falling 24.37% annual rate as of late April. (California has held this distinction since May 2007.)

Following California in April price drops are Florida at 17.11%, Nevada 16.61%, Arizona 15.78%, and Ohio 13.41%.

The best growth rate was Utah, up 4.13%, and Montana, up 4.12%.

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ITEX Posts 19% Revenue Increase For Third Quarter 2008

ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX), a leading marketplace for cashless business transactions in North America , filed its Form 10-Q with the Securities and Exchange Commission and announced the results for its 2008 third quarter ended April 30, 2008.

�We are pleased to report a 19% revenue increase for the third quarter compared to the same quarter last year,� Chairman/CEO Steven White pointed out. �EBITDA increased 14% for the third quarter and 10% for the nine month period compared to the same period last year. Due to timing differences in our operating cycles this period over the same period last year, net cash from operations was reduced by $372,000 as a result of an additional commission and payroll payment made this quarter.�

White continued, �Corporate salaries, wages, and employee benefits increased over last year in dollar terms, however, these expenses declined slightly as a percentage of revenue. SG&A increased primarily due to an increase in bad debt expense, and to a lesser extent, legal and other fees associated with the unsolicited tender offer. We also expanded our headcount and increased costs associated for revenue generating activities.

"With economic uncertainty and a weakened business climate, we believe that our cashless transaction model and trading community is becoming more attractive to budget-conscious businesses. We are pursuing initiatives, including regional and national partnerships and search engine optimization, to maximize new member registrations and are seeing positive results from our ongoing efforts.

�In addition, we are optimistic that our utilization of investor relations and financial advisory services will provide greater visibility for ITEX in the institutional financial community and will lead to new strategic alliances that are expected to continue to expand our marketplace.�

For more information go to

IMS Barter Unveils New Trading Platform

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, announced the launch of several newly developed online modules that provide unprecedented information and access to its North American barter network.

The modules, launched under the domain, include a new online barter e-commerce platform for members to buy and sell goods with IMS trade dollars, a �Try It� feature that enables non-members to view member information before joining, and a �Watch How It Works� instructional four-part web video.

In discussing the additions, CEO Don Mardak disclosed, �Our new online barter marketplace enables B2B barter e-commerce like never before. Quite simply, it is the largest online marketplace for goods that are available for 100% IMS trade dollars.

�Member businesses can post their goods for sale just as they might on other popular e-commerce sites such as e-Bay and They can also search and purchase goods from the network using their IMS trade dollars � all online, all barter, all B2B. We are confident that the new marketplace will create another invaluable link to promote how IMS saves cash and attracts new customers for our 18,000 business members.�

Simultaneous with the launch of the new marketplace is a revolutionary feature that enables non-members to view member information. Krista Vardabash, IMS� Director of Marketing, reflected, �The barter industry has typically been very guarded with the sharing of member information; yet it is that very information that measures the value of the barter network. With our �Try It� feature, people interested in joining IMS can get an idea of the member businesses with which they can trade in their immediate area, or across the continent.�

Additionally, a four-part web video that explains how IMS helps businesses save cash, attract customers and increase sales, will now be accessible online. �The direct barter concept is easy for businesses to understand, while modern-day barter through IMS is much more dynamic and offers several layers of benefits,� said John Strabley, IMS� Executive Vice President. �The �Watch How It Works� video series is another tool that explains the value of the IMS barter network in a clear, concise way.�

For more information visit

Offset Fund Established By NBK Capital

NBK Capital, one of the leading regional investment banks in Kuwait, has successfully launched the Kuwait Investment Opportunities Fund with assets under management of $125 million.

The Fund is focused on investing in private equity opportunities in Kuwait and is approved by the National Offset Company (NOC) as a vehicle for foreign contractors to fulfill their offset obligations. The investment strategy is to focus on private equity investments in high-growth sectors such as education, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology within the State of Kuwait.

While mainly investing in growth capital, the Fund will also participate in specific early-stage opportunities that offer a favorable risk/return profile. In addition, it will actively pursue opportunities that will further the NOC�s objective to cultivate social, economic, and technological developments for Kuwait.

The Fund will enable foreign contractors to transfer the burden of arranging their offset obligations to NBK Capital, relieving them of the requirement to invest resources in identifying, analyzing, operating, monitoring, and eventually exiting offset business ventures.

NBK Capital has assembled a highly professional team skilled in the structuring of complex financial transactions with in-depth knowledge of the legal, administrative, and market specifics of Kuwait.

Offset, as a form of counter-trade, resembles a compulsory commitment requiring transnational corporations that receive large government contracts to carry out an investment scheme as a prerequisite to a winning contract. Offset programs are a common and a growing feature of worldwide government procurement contracts, both military and, to a lesser extent, civilian, as about 60% of countries with military offset programs impose offset obligations on civilian contracts as well.

Offset has started and become widely applicable in the advanced countries, which accounted for a majority of the value of the global offset contracts; then it was extended to the developing countries and economies in transition. The average offset obligation reached around 100% of the value of the supply contract in Europe, and around 60% in the rest of the world. By comparison, Kuwait imposes an offset obligation of 35% of the monetary value of the supply contract.


Direct Offset projects: offset investments made by the foreign contractors in areas relating to their core competencies, or to benefit the beneficiary government entity. It has proven particularly useful in developing local suppliers, transferring to them the technical and managerial know-how on a sustained basis and in a cost-effective manner.

Indirect Offset projects: offset investments made by the foreign contractors, or third parties, in areas unrelated to their contracts. They include maintenance, training, marketing, and technology transfers. It provides an opportunity to diversify the domestic economic base.

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From The BarterNews Archives...

Barter�s Used In Various Creative Ways In Competitive Marketplace

Star Wars creator George Lucas� company Lucasfilm is quietly negotiating a huge barter deal that will see one company having the toy manufacturing rights to a new series of his upcoming films. Offers reportedly approaching $1 billion are on the table with Lucas getting a sizable equity (ownership) stake in the toy company with which he eventually barters.

Millions of �in-kind� computer equipment and other technology donations will be made by Intel Corp., to universities nationwide, over the next three years. (The donations, valued at retail prices, help popularize machines that use Intel chips.)

This type of trade is a typical win-win situation. Intel gets tax deductions as well as very positive publicity, in exchange for assisting the universities with needed equipment.

Vanity Fair is fighting the growing competition of magazine advertisers by constantly searching for ways of luring advertisers to their corner. Their latest barter twist involves a sister publication, a nationwide chain of weekly business tabloids which is going to publish a special magazine called Businesses to Watch that will feature top-line investment information on publicly traded companies.

The barter deal is this � each participating company, placing a minimum of two national ads in Vanity Fair, gets a bartered article about the company and its investment opportunities in the new business magazine.

Hopeful business startups are increasingly looking toward �angels,� rather than venture capital companies, for money. These angels are millionaires�many of them young, former technology executives.

Energetic, experienced and cash rich, they help finance and guide the next generation of Microsofts and Netscapes. In addition to supplying money, angels will often trade their expertise by consulting (for fees of $3,000 a day) and always will collect their payment in the form of company stock.

Two major auto suppliers, Eaton Corp. and Dana Corp., traded entire businesses recently. Dana got Eaton�s axle and brake business in exchange for Dana�s clutch business.

Experts say it�s a sign of how globalization is reshaping suppliers, forcing them to become more specialized to meet various automotive standards in different countries.

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