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June 8, 2010

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 06/08/2010

Private Equity Manager Warns Of Liquidation Deluge

Pete Briger of the Fortress Investment Group (he oversees Fortress�s $9 billion distressed-investment portfolio) recently gave a keynote address to his peers at the SuperReturn U.S. Confab held in Boston.

In his address Briger said the improved environment is, in effect, a charade, with everyone from central banks to large financial institutions �in cahoots� to boost lending markets and consumer confidence. He predicted the next five years will be an embarrassment of riches for high-end trash collectors like himself.

To underscore the scope of the opportunity, he posted a slide showing that financial institutions (AIG, Lehman Brothers, and others) have announced over $1.6 trillion of asset dispositions since the financial crisis. He concluded that there are $5 trillion to $10 trillion of distressed financial-asset sales to come.

Church Barter-Board Assists Congregation

Faith United Methodist Church in North Knoxville (TN) provides a barter-board for members to post goods or services they would like to receive and what they�re willing to give in exchange.

Hotel Industry Begins Recovery

The U.S. lodging industry is moving forward, according to an industry forecast from PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Hotels should be able to start increasing room rates in 2011, as hotels are starting to see an uptick in demand after two consecutive years of decline. Average daily room rates are expected to increase 3.5% in 2011.

Top Jobs In The Coming Years

The U.S. Labor Department�s 10-year forecast for demand, pay, and competition for more than 300 jobs in 45 categories has been released. Succinctly, in the coming decade engineering is expected to offer the fastest-growing area � biomedical engineering. Jobs in this field are anticipated to grow by 72%. (Health care dominates the list of the fastest-growing jobs, capturing 11 of the top 20 slots.)

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NATE & IRTA Working Together To Benefit The Barter Industry

The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) and the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) have announced their cooperative effort to modernize and update the current Certified Trade Broker (CTB) program offered by both industry associations.

In a joint statement issued by NATE President Gary Oshry and IRTA President David Wallach they agreed, that the education and certification of the trade brokers that represent the modern trade and barter industry is a top priority for both associations. �By collaborating on this vital project we usher in a welcoming spirit of cooperation and in the end we will offer a finished product that will be improved, standardized and utilized, by the entire industry.�

Members of the joint committee include; Maurya Lane � Barter Business Exchange, NATE President Gary Oshry � New England Trade, Richard Harris � National Commerce Exchange, David Wallach � President IRTA, Dr. Lee � Business Xchange Singapore, Mike Mercier � Metro Trade, Kim Strabley � International Monetary Systems, Perry Constantinides � Barter Services International, Steve Acerra � Florida Barter, and Ron Whitney � IRTA Executive Director.

�Our goal is to have this project completed by the first of October 2010,� said Committee Chairperson Kim Strabley. �We plan to offer CTB courses and testing online so that we can more efficiently educate and certify our industry�s trade brokers.�

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Dealing With The Lords Of Finance

By Hazel Henderson

Editor�s Note: Hazel Henderson has been a past contributor to BarterNews. For more information on Ms. Henderson see

We have reached the inflection point in the globalized financial casino and its mountains of odious, unrepayable debt. With outstanding derivative positions totaling some US$600 trillion � and world GDP only US$63 trillion � today�s global debt is unrepayable. Central bankers cannot print enough money to fill this gigantic hole. So who will lose, aside from taxpayers, who are stuck with the bill thus far of $23 trillion just for America�s bailouts?

The fate of Greece lies between the excesses of its previous government and its past Wall Street-friendly policies, the still-dominant ideology of market fundamentalism, their bondholders and marketmakers, and Goldman Sachs and the still-obscure US$600 trillion derivatives market. There is a massive bet on Greece�s eventual default.

The world�s citizens now see how governments allowed themselves and their taxpayers to be trapped by the lords of finance. The bankers funded their election to office, bribed their officials, and manipulated their regulators and public opinion. Through advertising and financing of mass media, financial moguls and media moguls converged with political moguls worldwide to form concentrated conglomerates.

To save sovereign governments from further co-option and corruption, these government leaders and their economic wise men must now rise to the occasion. Together, they must act to downsize and curb the rogue global casino. The G-20 Summit in Toronto, June 26-27, is their next opportunity to re-assert control on behalf of their citizens and the global public interest. Will leadership come from Europe, China, India, the USA, or Brazil? So what is the remedy?

First, the derivatives betting on defaults of countries and companies must be shut down before the players drive Greece under to win their bets. This will help curb the �bear raiders� waiting to collect their bets against other EU countries, such as Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Spain.

The USA, often still seen as a safe haven, is on equally rocky ground with its huge trade deficits and external debts to China, Japan, and OPEC countries. Most states in the U.S. are running unsustainable deficits, have huge backlogs of now risky bond debts together with falling tax revenues due to high unemployment levels (10% nationally, 17% if all jobless are counted), as well as crumbling infrastructure needing over $1 trillion in repairs.

Only concerted action by the G-20 can arrest the takeover by the lords of finance. This will require a paradigm shift beyond economics and all its theories, from left to right, towards a reintegration of knowledge and systems approaches that connect all the dots. Such a shift is required to arrest the slide.

We are now in a global, system-wide transition from the early, fossil-fueled Industrial Era to the emerging, green, information-rich economies, from Wall Street�s corrupted and debt-choked money circuits to new electronic trading platforms that use free exchange and new currencies.

Estimated world trade conducted in barter remains at approximately 25% but is ignored in GDP, which is based only on money coefficients. Electronic trading is a new multi-trillion-dollar market opportunity for IT companies, following the paths of eBay, Craigslist, Freecycle, Global Giving, Greengrants, Microplace, Kiva, Zopa, Prosper, and other micro-finance and philanthropy sites.

To foster the transition from the monopoly of fiat money circuits (now just as bad as gold-based money) to 21st century electronic and local currencies, the G-20 needs to downsize financial sectors. If governments don�t work together and face down the bankers who operate the global casino, the dominoes will start falling, one by one.

Wall Street and London�s bloated financial sectors have little social purpose and produce nothing. Proprietary trading and risk-taking must be separated from government-subsidized deposit-taking banks. The best way to accomplish this is for the G-20 to agree on a less than 1% financial transactions-tax across the board.

It is also essential to break up all too-big-to-fail banks, e.g., the six largest ones nationally: Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, which now control 63% of USA�s GDP.

Only if G-20 leaders come together in Toronto and agree on these first steps, can they avoid the next financial crisis, already looming. If they cannot summon the courage to shake off the grip of the lords of finance, they will have forfeited what little public trust still remains.


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Successful European Assembly & IRTA Meeting Settled Important Issues

The second Conference of the Euro-Asian Barter Assembly, was held on May 1 and 2, at the Napoleon Hotel in Paris, France. The two day conference, convened by assembly secretary and Barter Hall-of-Fame member Paul Suplizio, was attended by leaders of the modern trade and barter industry representing eighteen companies from across Europe, Asia and North America.

The conference featured seminars and discussions about the impact of the barter process on the global economy, barter exchange dynamics, and other financial and worldwide issues. At the general meeting attendees made important decisions regarding the future of barter in Euro-Asia.

In a motion approved unanimously, the Euro-Asian Assembly voted to form IRTA Europe as a new not-for-profit entity registered in Europe. IRTA Europe will direct European barter operations and will be part the IRTA Global system of standards, ethics, education and regulation. �I totally support the Assembly�s decision to form IRTA Europe and see this as a unifying endeavor that will further the global economic impact of the Modern Trade and Barter Industry,� declared IRTA President David Wallach.

Alina Piddubna from BartEx-Ukraine and Dorottya Szabo from GlobalXchange-Hungary were elected as project leaders. They will work with IRTA Executive Director Ron Whitney to establish the new IRTA Europe entity and have the necessary documents in place and ready for approval by the IRTA Global Board of Director during the IRTA International Convention scheduled for October 2010.

A major focus of the new non-profit IRTA European entity will be to obtain grant and other monetary assistance from the European Union to help fund IRTA European programs and initiatives. Dorottya Szabo who is experienced with the EU grant system was assigned to make inquires and report back to the group with her findings within 30 days.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Semi Simsek promptly at on May 1 2010 8:30 a.m. What followed was a full schedule of presentations, meetings, discussions and seminars that on both days lasted until 6:00 p.m. Chairman Simsek and Secretary Suplizio made their opening remarks setting the tone and presenting the agenda for the meeting. After thanking Maximilien Urso for hosting the event, IRTA President David Wallach was introduced.

Wallach made his presentation entitled �A Parallel Capital System� in which he described how the process of modern trade and barter will solve some of the world�s most devastating problems by creating millions of jobs through the capitalization of businesses, using Excess Business Capacity as a resource base � something that an up to now has been ignored and wasted. He stressed that because of current worldwide economic conditions, now is precisely the time for our industry to educate both government and business communities about our tremendous potential to create significant global employment.

An array of very valuable and informative seminars and panels were presented. Gary Field a member of IRTA Global Board of Directors and President of Nubarter (USA), provided a very well received and detailed power-point presentation regarding hiring, retaining, compensating, and managing a barter company sales force. Gary�s partner in Nubarter Linda Tillinger offered a comprehensive review of how to plan and account for revenue and barter company expenses.

David Selikowitz, President of Active International Europe, explained how retail trade exchanges and corporate barter companies can buy and sell to one another. Bob Bagga, President BizXchange (Dubai), and Sirri Simsek, President Turk Barter (Turkey), shared a lively panel that discussed the role of trade brokering and increasing trade volume.

David Wallach and David Selikowitz discussed and took questions on media trading techniques. And Ron Whitney, IRTA Executive Director, provided information about how Universal Currency (UC) operates and explained the UC Euro-Platform to the delegates.   

Members of the Assembly all agreed to utilize the UC Euro-Platform for trading among themselves, and to place selected goods and services on the pre-existing IRTA UC software. Thus allowing seamless trading within the UC system. IRTA and UC will provide administrative support in this effort.

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