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May 29, 2012

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 05/29/2012

NATE Convention Details Announced

The National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) has announced the dates and location for their 2012 convention. This year�s venue will be at the beautiful Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place, August 16-18. Special pricing is available for early registration, plus big discounts offered to brokers who attend.

For further details on this year�s convention, see or e-mail

Fraud Costs Comprise 5% Of Companies� Revenue

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, fraud costs companies 5% of annual revenues, regardless of the firm�s size. Most fraud � 43% � was exposed because of an informer�s tip. Internal audits caught 14.4% , management reviews uncovered 14.6%, 7% are caught by accident, 1.5% by the thief�s confession and 1.9% through surveillance.

Most Americans Don�t Trust Real Estate Market

Where do you put your money these days? Home-price tracker Zillow Inc. reports that 31% of borrowers remain �underwater� on their mortgages, thus are unable to sell. At the same time, there is a backlog of foreclosure homes that the banks have yet to put on the market. Additionally household income will have to rise when mortgage rates increase, from today�s artificially low levels, to keep affordability constant. So it is premature to predict a boom.

Meanwhile just 15% of Americans trust the stock market, according to a quarterly survey by the Chicago Booth/Kellogg School Financial Trust Index.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Tired of meetings where no one contributes? Schedule a mandatory meeting and tell everyone their �admission ticket� will be an index card with an original idea written on it. Then, collect the tickets at the door and start the meeting by reading every person�s idea.

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IRTA�s UC Announces New Stimulus Program For Members

The International Reciprocal Trade Association reports that the Universal Currency (UC) program has been setting new trading records virtually every month this year, and UC/IRTA wants to keep the positive momentum going!

UC has a trade dollar surplus, because it operates as a zero-balanced based inter-exchange system and maintains a healthy loan-loss reserve fund. As a result, the UC Committee and the IRTA Global Board of Directors has announced the rebate of 1,000-UC trade dollars for every UC member in �good standing,� effective immediately. (Good standing is defined as a regular UC account that is neither past due with its UC cash fees, nor over its trade credit line.)

According to IRTA executive director Ron Whitney, this stimulus will further increase UC trading and allow more members the ability to attend IRTA�s 33rd International Convention this year in Jamaica, from September 13 through 15.

For more information e-mail or click here for the web site.

Is Your Trade Exchange Missing Out On Valuable New Business?

If your barter company�s listing on isn�t current, you are definitely missing out on new business. The web site receives heavy traffic � with over 150,000 page-views every month. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives check the thousands of articles, the weekly �Tuesday Report,� and the �Contacts Section� of our site. They use the latter to find barter companies with which to do business.

Is your barter company�s listing up-to-date?

To keep your listing current is very easy. See the links below to (A) update any changes to your company�s listing, such as new location, phone number, web site or other information, and (B) if your company has not been listed.

Here�s how to get on board:

To make changes to your listing click here.

For new listings click here.

Keep Crooks Away While You�re Away

We all know that officials suggest letting someone, like a trusted neighbor or relative, know that the home will be empty and asking them to check in every once in a while. But with the advent of social media � Twitter, Facebook, YouTube � how we operate in certain situations needs to be reconsidered.

The following are modernized ideas for keeping your home safe:

      Do not update social media with vacation plans.

      Wait to post pictures until you return.

      Talk to family about postponing social media updates.

      Check security settings of your social media.

      Ask a trusted neighbor to clear away mail and newspapers.

      Place indoor and outdoor lights on a timer that resembles your regular use.

      Leave talk radio on to give the appearance that someone is at home.

      Take your garage door opener out of your car.

       Lock garage door from inside, and unplug the door opener.

      Keep up with front lawn maintenance.

      Check to see if your local law enforcement agency offers vacation checks.


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