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May 26,  2009

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...05/26/2009

Karen Hoffman Authoring Barter Book

Karen Hoffman, a former trade exchange owner who has served two years as the executive director of the International Reciprocal Trade Association, has signed a contract for a new barter book. It is expected to be published in the spring of 2010.

Hedge Funds Post Better Record Than S&P?s 500 Index

While the hedge fund industry experienced a 19% drop in 2008, according to the Chicago-based Hedge Fund Research, it was only the second year since 1990 that the industry lost money as a whole. (The Standard & Poor?s 500-stock index dropped 39%.)

Facts About Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Of 2007

Owners of a personal residence will benefit from a short sale, in that the short fall will not be taxable under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007. However, the act excludes second homes, rental properties, business property, credit cards and car loans.

For more information visit and read Form 982, ?Reduction of Tax Attributes Due to Discharge of Indebtedness.?

Businesses Will Be More Accountable In Days Ahead

According to Ram Charan, a consultant to CEOs of many Fortune 500 companies, the executives he works with are very sensitive to the societal pressure, and change will occur. Charan foresees a shift in the compensation of executive pay. And, he believes corporate boards will try to ease the grip of Wall Street by adopting pay structures that consider all stakeholders...including employees and customers.

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IMS Quarterly Report Reveals Cash Flow, Operating Profits Increase


International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM), a worldwide leader in business-to-business barter services, filed its first-quarter report on Form 10-Q. The three-month period ending March 31, 2009, showed much improvement in the firm?s financial performance.


During the past nine months, IMS made a great effort to achieve profitability by reducing payroll and other elements of overhead. As a result, net income from operations totaled $56,314 for the first quarter of 2009, and net cash provided by operating activities was $557,464, a substantial increase over all previous quarters. Operating profits (EBITDA) totaled $469,261, an improvement over past performances.

IMS reports that primarily due to the global recession, first quarter revenue of $3,351,224 declined 4.8% from the $3,518,839 generated in the first quarter of 2008, despite an increase in trade transactions of 2.1%, from $24,847,894 in the first quarter of 2008 to $25,369,715 in the first quarter of 2009. (U.S. gross domestic product declined 7.1% in 2008.) As in the general economy IMS members are experiencing declines in their businesses, with resulting reductions in discretionary and luxury spending.

Total expenses decreased from $3,828,108 in the first quarter of 2008 to $3,294,910 for the same period in 2009, a reduction in expenses of 13.9% This substantial decrease was achieved through payroll cuts and other overhead reductions. Over the past twelve months, IMS has trimmed its work force by 40 people, without substantial revenue reduction.

The resulting net profit from operations was $56,314 for the first three months of 2009, compared to a loss of $309,269 for the same period last year. After deducting non-cash expenses such as depreciation, amortization, bad-debt expense and stock issued for services rendered, the loss before income taxes was just $1,369, compared to a loss of $371,407 for the same period of 2008.

After deducting current and deferred income taxes, the net loss in the first three months of 2009 was $54,369, compared to $230,907 last year, which was net of a deferred tax benefit. The deferred tax represents the adjustment to the deferred tax liability, which arises primarily from the differences in basis of acquired membership lists for financial reporting versus tax reporting.

For this year?s quarter, net cash provided by operating activities totaled $557,464, compared to $43,457 for the first quarter of 2008. A portion of this substantial increase was the result of one-time occurrences. Management, however, expects improvements in cash flow throughout the year, as effects of cost reductions are fully realized. Furthermore, third and fourth quarter revenues are typically significantly higher than the first quarter.

Operating profit or EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) this quarter totaled $469,261, an increase of 406% from the $92,674 reported for the first quarter of 2008.

Liquidity, Sources of Capital and Lines of Credit

On March 31, 2009, current assets were $2,151,542, and total assets were $15,978,055. Current liabilities were $2,994,553 and total liabilities were $8,004,458, resulting in total shareholder equity of $7,973,597.

At the end of the first quarter of 2009, the company?s unrestricted cash balance was $519,648 compared to $279,227 on December 31, 2008.

CEO Don Mardak, commented, ?We are very pleased with International Monetary Systems? first-quarter results. The numbers demonstrate the progress that we have made in our quest for profitability. We believe that our lower overhead and ongoing strong sales should enable us to continue showing similar improvements in the months ahead, in spite of the current economic environment.?

For more information visit

Attention Trade Exchange Owners. . .It?s GROW OR GO!

The magic bullet for growth is sales, always has been and always will be...yet the industry?s overall growth is anemic. Why? Maybe it?s because we?re not providing on-going education about our unique way of doing business. Knowledge is always a pre-requisite to taking sustained action.

And for those newcomers, the lifeblood of an exchange, awareness of and understanding about the value of trading is even more important.

If you expect prospects to come aboard and your members to be more active traders, but you are perplexed when the results are less than you desire...there?s a good reason. You must continually educate and motivate every month--month after month after month!

Such action is necessary because, let?s face it, more cash business, not trade, is of paramount importance to your members. You must break through this ?cash only? focus and redirect their thinking toward barter. Although most exchanges don?t see the importance of doing so, many industry leaders are taking action and so can you.

As the owner of your own operation, there is an easy and inexpensive solution for moving forward...look into using The Competitive Edge newsletter. It?s a camera-ready, 4-page, professionally written, informational marketing tool...available in PDF format as well as print. So regardless of how you reach your prospects and clients, you will have the necessary vehicle.

Written especially for you, the busy trade exchange owner, I am certain it will be the best investment you ever make.

For more information about The Competitive Edge, and how it can benefit you click here.

NATE Election Results

The National Association of Trade Exchanges has announced the results of its recent election. NATE received 30 votes from its member trade exchange owners for the recent election of Board of Directors, as reported by Gary Oshry.

Vote to accept the resignations: 25 yes, 2 no, 3 abstain
Vote to remove Jerry Howell: 21 yes, 8 no, 1 abstain
Vote to remove Fran Crumpton: 18 yes, 9 no, 3 abstain
Vote to remove Patti Falus: 21 yes, 9 no 

Vote for replacement directors: (* = new directors)

* Rachel Taylor 23
* Gary Oshry 22
* Karen Welch 20
* Ric Zampatti 16
* Mary Nove 14


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Radio Mogul Returning To Media Industry

Larry Wilson, the founder of one of the nation?s largest radio businesses ? Citadel Communications Corp. ? is preparing to build his next media empire in Portland.

He sold his last startup, Citadel, for $2 billion in 2001. He owned more than 5% of Citadel at the time of its sale. Wilson then left the industry to care for his ailing wife who passed away in February, 2008, following a 13-year battle with cancer.

Recently, on May 12, he agreed to spend $11 million to buy two Paul Allen-owned Portland radio stations. Now 64, Wilson has raised $60 million to buy his way back into radio. Portland-based Endeavour Capital put up 80% of the money; Wilson provided the balance for his new Alpha Broadcasting company in Portland.

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Bid4Spots Launches Cable TV Advertising Marketplace

Bid4Spots has unveiled a new online marketplace for cable television advertising ? becoming the first to organize cable advertising nationwide down to the neighborhood, bringing advertisers and cable systems together in a way that makes the process of buying and selling cable TV ads more convenient and cost-effective for both parties.

Offering premium local cable TV airtime at discounted rates for the following broadcast week, Bid4Spots gives both sides relief in this sluggish economy ? great rates for advertisers, a much-needed new revenue stream for local cable operators, and a flexible approach to buying and selling with no hassles or long-term commitments. Bid4Spots created this new marketplace in response to advertiser demand, adapting the reverse auction model that has successfully transformed the way last-minute radio airtime is bought and sold.

Bid4Spots will host an online reverse auction every Thursday, in which advertisers will make known their intention to buy airtime within certain parameters for the following week, and the relevant cable systems compete for that business ? bidding against each other to drive the rates down. The first auction will be June 11; advertisers and cable systems can sign up for the marketplace now at

?The Bid4Spots marketplace offers a much-needed revenue source for cable systems, and has the potential to change the buying habits of advertisers,? said Neal Schnog, former vice chairman of the American Cable Association and current CEO of New Day Broadband. ?It gives advertisers a great opportunity to test something different, and to find out almost instantly what works and how to get the best rates.?  

?Buying and selling advertising, no matter the medium, is all about reaching the right audience,? said Dave Newmark, Bid4Spots founder and CEO. The company?s online marketplace for radio airtime, launched in 2005, roughly doubled in size last year ? even as both the radio and the advertising industries struggled.

?With this launch, we?re the first to organize cable TV advertising nationwide down to the neighborhood and by audience demographic, so we can help advertisers target their audiences on a national or local scale,? said Newmark. ?A marketplace will only thrive if it offers value to all parties, so we?ve designed this one to empower each side with control over the elements that are most important to them.?

Bid4Spots has organized the most comprehensive registry of the nation?s local cable TV systems ? creating a database that will match an advertiser?s stated target audience with all the local cable systems that provide that particular audience reach.

For cable operators, Bid4Spots offers an efficient, risk-free way to sell available airtime. Industry sources estimate that roughly 10 percent to 25 percent of local cable TV airtime typically remains unsold. Local cable accounts for 10 percent of all cable advertising. Based on 2007 numbers, local cable ads totaled about $2.63 billion. If 10 percent to 25 percent remained unsold, that?s an aggregate total of $263 million to $657 million in lost revenue due to unsold inventory.


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