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May 16, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...       05/16/06

Algorithms Will Be Positive Assist For Barter World

The first time I heard of?and learned about?algorithms was back in 1992, when interviewing the bright mathematician and founder of a complex and revolutionary trading program called UltraTrade.

Algorithms are a procedure or formula for solving a problem. They are essential to the way computers process information, because a computer program is essentially an algorithm. It tells the computer what steps to perform and in what sequence, in order to carry out a specified task.

Issue #25 of BarterNews reported on the brilliant team of 41 visionaries at UltraTrade who were working on a ground-breaking way of thinking mathematically. One that would enable them to process huge volumes of information on a 20-dimensional level. (UltraTrade?s ambitious efforts were comparable to that of a little leaguer trying to hit one out of Yankee Stadium against a major-league pitcher like the Big Unit.)

Their goal was to have the world?s largest corporations utilize their revolutionary technology?to streamline their operations and increase profitability through barter?by searching for and finding ways to facilitate tens-of-thousands of simultaneous profitable trades.

The 53-year-old founder had a sudden heart attack and died in 1993, as did the UltraTrade dream...without ever having completed a trade.

New Person-To-Person Barter Sites Underway

Today, on a much more modest but realistic level, the use of algorithms (for conducting trades) is again being implemented in the marketplace. And, assuredly, we will see advancements in this direction. Someday we may even see a workable UltraTrade model.

An online barter startup called is presently getting attention, because of their ability to put together direct trades between two to 4 parties. To facilitate the trades, which are limited to books, CDs, DVDs and video games, Swaptree requires the use of UPC bar codes of the titles.

Most noteworthy is the attainment of a cooperative effort with Amazon, eBay, and nine other sites...whose users are notified when the book or CD they?re seeking is available on Swaptree. The company says no commissions will be charged for the arranged trades, as they anticipate obtaining revenue by selling ads.

Other Efforts. . .

Another online barter site,, offers greater trading versatility than Swaptree in that users can use a combination of goods and services in their bartering efforts. Plus and when an imbalance occurs, cash can be used to even out the trade.

Several years ago we reported on Tom Langel?s TradeTracker, a matching tool for three and four way exchanges. It?s used to track real estate presentations and identify transactions for brokers (exchangors) specializing in 1031 exchanges.

TradeTracker was also used as a high-tech barter/auction system?matching product to product with different items or services on a multi-level platform. See

New U.S. Listings. . .
Business Network Inc.
800 Veterans Memorial Hwy, #LL4
Hauppauge, NY 11788
Ph: (631) 361-6000
Fax: (631) 265-7302

Business Network Inc.
95 High Street
Milford, CT 06460
Ph: (203) 647-0251
Fax: (203) 647-0086

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Mardak Enthused With Hedge Fund Equity Investment

Don Mardak, International Monetary Systems? CEO, is smiling these days as he?s received an additional $3 million in working capital from Praetorian Offshore Ltd. It is the hedge company?s second investment in IMS...bringing the total to $4 million.

Under terms of the agreement, Praetorian acquired 7.5 million shares of IMS common stock at $0.4285 per share and received warrants to purchase an additional 3.5 million shares at $0.55.

Mardak says the money will allow the firm to execute current expansion plans and streamline its operations. For more information on IMS go to

Editor?s note: On Thursday May 11, the BarterNews cover story (in issue #61) on International Monetary Systems was downloaded from our web site 45 times. The PDF file is in our Trade Exchange Section, found under Barter Categories on the navigational bar.

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IRTA Announces New Verifiable Logo Program

An industry goal of creating greater credibility and transparency has led the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) to create a verifiable logo. Members in good standing can easily place IRTA?s interactive logo on their web-site.

When a visitor to the site moves their mouse/cursor over the IRTA logo, a 5-second glimpse will appear of the certificate that verifies the exchange is an IRTA member in good standing. The visitor also has the option of clicking on the logo, which links to IRTA?s web-site, to find out why it?s important for a barter company to be an IRTA member.

For an example of how it will look and function, visit:

The Growth and Use of Secondary Capital (New Money) Creates Unprecedented Wealth In Today?s New Age Of Possibility

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?Kyle MacDonald Is Out-Trumping Donald Trump!?

?Alice Cooper, rock singer

In our February 14 and April 25 issue Tuesday Report, we related Kyle MacDonald?s amazing on his imagination and ingenuity (along with an eight-foot red paperclip) to acquire a free house. In the nine month period since he began, he?s had a series of seven trades resulting in a year-free-rental of a home in Phoenix.

Since our last reporting, the 26-year-old Canadian has bartered the free rental to a young woman who works at Cooper?sTown Sports Bar & Grill in downtown Phoenix. Her boss, rock icon Alice Cooper, agreed to the trade so she could get a year?s free rent.

?Kyle MacDonald is out-trumping Donald Trump,? exclaimed the legendary shock rocker. ?I can?t believe (I?m doing this so he can) get a house, but it?s just crazy enough that I couldn?t resist,? disclosed Cooper. ?Whoever gets to spend a day with me better get ready for a wild ride!?

So MacDonald, with several Good Morning America appearances and a book and movie deal already signed, will embark on a new adventure when he meets Cooper face-to-face to promote the trade. He will appear on the ?Nights With Alice Cooper? radio show, which is broadcast on over 90 stations across the country to millions of fans.

MacDonald will appeal to the show?s rabid following, urging them to bid on the afternoon with Alice Cooper, so he can continue his quest to trade his way up to a house.

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Sony?s TV Barter Advertising Agreement Extends To Station Web Sites

Sony Pictures Television is the first production company to give stations the rights to air a syndicated TV show on their local web sites after it runs no cost to stations.

As part of the barter advertising deals, national ad units sold by Sony will run intact as part of the streaming video (presumably at a higher rate due to Sony?s extended reach in the digital space). Sony?s stations are free to make their own extended TV/online deals with local advertisers.

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Soft Landing For Real Estate With Job Market Strength

According to Scott Simon, head of Newport Beach-based Pimco?s mortgage team, the U.S. housing market is slowing like a supertanker. All across America prices are going up more slowly, sales are dropping, and the number of homes for sale is rising.

In short, the housing market is slowing under its own weight. But according to Simon, home prices won?t crash. After examining 200 years of housing cycles, the bond firm?s research shows that ?housing bubbles only burst when there is a lot of unemployment.? And jobs are rising, not dropping, so a crash is unlikely.

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