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May 15, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...05/15/07

U.S. Economy Expected To Dampen Travel Demand

According to CEO Gary Kelly of Southwest Airlines, there is growing evidence that the U.S. economy is slowing...which will affect travel throughout the country. To head off flatter earnings Southwest is installing new navigation technology which uses satellites and onboard computers to plot more-direct flight plans, avoiding wider turns and circuitous routes that burn excessive fuel.

BBX Reports Two New Franchises

Australia�s fast-moving, publicly-traded BBX has announced that master franchises for the Republic of Guinea and the Republic of Costa Rica have been signed.

For more information see:

Ted Turner Nation�s Largest Private Landowner

The sometime eccentric businessman, and founder of CNN, has a portfolio of 15 ranches in seven western states, totaling two million acres. Acquired over a 30-year span, Turner uses the land to raise bison and has amassed a herd of 45,000. The bison herd supplies the steaks and burgers for his restaurant chain...Ted�s Montana Grill.

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XO Limited Provides Barter Services To Collect $2 Billion Debt

New Zealand based XO Limited has created a complete program based on the unique needs of LRC Credit Bureau, which pioneered the credit reporting industry in Bosnia/Herzegovina in 2000. LRC, after its recent expansion into debt collection, turned to XO for help in retrieving $2 billion in receivables.

XO�s program includes not only software but process development, training, marketing support, and assistance in turning aged receivables into assets. The plan combines elements of cash, liquidation, countertrade and barter.

To read the case study click here for MS Word doc or click here for Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf)

Barter Hall-Of-Famer Stephen Webster Joins IMS Board

Stephen Webster, an IRTA Hall Of Fame member, only past president of both IRTA and NATE, and former owner of Alliance Barter (most recently acquired by IMS) has been added to International Monetary Systems Board of Directors.

IMS additionally announced the scheduling of its annual shareholder meeting for Tuesday, June 12, at Milwaukee�s lakefront Art Museum. Shareholders will re-elect three directors, ratify its auditors, and vote on any other business presented.

CEO Don Mardak noted, �We are pleased to once again conduct our annual shareholder meeting at this beautiful setting in the wing of the Milwaukee Art Museum. All attendees will also be offered complimentary tickets to tour the museum.

�Equally important, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Steve Webster to our board of directors. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the barter industry.�

Google Knocks Microsoft From Its Perch

Google has surpassed Microsoft to become the world�s top-ranked brand, according to a recent release. The rankings, compiled by market research firm Millword Brown, put Google�s brand recognition ahead of General Electric at #2, Coca-Cola at #4, Wal-Mart at #7, and IBM at #9.

For Google, which ranked #7 a year ago, the leap to the top underscores how quickly the Internet search leader has become an everyday name. Key factors in building brand recognition ranged from corporate responsibility to serving customers in emerging markets like Brazil and India, according to the study.

Other big movers on the list included Apple, which rose 13 spots to #16, and Starbucks, which rose 13 places to #35. Those losing ground in the brand rankings included Intel, Home Depot, and Dell.

Football-Great Joe Montana Trades On Name For Entry Into Wine Business

Over the years we�ve reported on the many ways the rich and famous have used barter to substantially increase their wealth. Showing how they traded what they had�fame�to obtain what they wanted.

This story�s about former NFL quarterback Joe Montana, who entered the wine business without investing in a vineyard, winery or a distributorship.

In 2000, Montana collaborated with Beringer wines to create a small batch of Cabernet Sauvignon for a charity wine auction. The winery did the blending and oversaw production, and while Montana was involved in tastings his main contribution was in name recognition and promotion.

The name of the wine that was produced is Montagia, which is now available for retail purchase. The wine garnered positive reviews, and the case of Montagia brought $210,000 for the fund-raising auction.

Alternative-Media Spending Rapidly Expanding

New trends that are stifling the growth of traditional media are opening the door to out-of-home (OOH) media, which includes video advertising, digital billboard, and place-based advertising such as floor pads. It seeks to connect with elusive consumers in captive environments such as retail, transit, cinema and offices.

PQ Media, a provider of alternative media economics, said spending on OOH media grew 27% to $1.69 billion in 2006, and is projected to grow by 27.7% this year. Comparatively, the ad industry as a whole grew by 6.4% in 2006.Key trends driving the expansion of OOH media are:

  • It provides high engagement, targeting options, proximity to point-of-sale, measurable impact and cost effectiveness.
  • Americans are spending more and more time commuting to work, walking in urban areas, waiting in transit hubs, and shopping at retail outlets.
  • Many consumers are believed to view alternative OOH media as favorable and educational.
  • Companies are able to launch digital ad platforms that generate higher revenues than conventional formats.
Last year, spending on video ad networks grew 28% to $1.1 billion. Digital billboards-and-displays was the fastest-growing segment with spending increasing 55.4% to $233.2 million. Place-based media increased 14.1% to $446.4 million.

Universal Law-Of-Reciprocity Key To Trade Exchange Success

Every trade exchange owner in the world should not only be aware of the law-of-reciprocity, but using it, in the operation of their business.

Trade exchange owners are invited to e-mail for more information on how you can become �the exchange of choice� in your area. When e-mailing Bob Meyer, put �Law of Reciprocity� in the subject line.

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