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May 10, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Barter’s Role for Entrepreneur Who Built Country
Club For The Rich

Timothy Blixseth, 54, the founder of Yellowstone Club in Big Sky (MT), is the only private resort community in the U.S. with its own ski mountain and world-class golf course. Mostly wilderness, it’s a haven for the super rich who pay an initiation fee of $250,000, and are required to purchase property of $1 million to $10 million plus pay annual dues of $16,000.

The Yellowstone Club has 200 members, and exists because of two barter deals that Blixseth executed in the 1990s, when he and his timber business partner made a trade with federal officials. They provided 164,000 acres adjacent to Yellowstone National Park in exchange receiving 100,000 acres in the Bozeman/Big Sky area.

Of the 100,000 acres the partner took the timberland, leaving Blixseth and his wife with a stretch of undeveloped land they originally intended to turn into a family compound. After the newly built cabins and chalets became wildly popular with their friends, they decided to create a country club for millionaires looking for an alternative to pricey, pretentious and over-crowded destinations such as Aspen.

Thus, the development of Yellowstone Club occupying 22 square miles. With an eye toward natural beauty, only 20% of its acreage is slated for development...with the rest remaining untouched.

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From the archives of The Competitive Edge newsletter...

When In Doubt Call Your Broker Like This
Happy Entrepreneur Did

Recently we talked with a client of a trade exchange, who, admittedly, is a staunch proponent of barter credit as a way to reduce his bank borrowing.

He explained that at one time he was a veteran of the banking scene, with lines of credit as high as $250,000. No longer. Now he’s discovered barter.

Asked to compare the borrowing from a bank to that of his trade exchange, he smiled and replied, “There’s no comparison between the two in my opinion.

“With the barter company, all they wanted was a current business financial report and a commitment that we would provide $75,000 worth of our services to members of the barter network.

“To get that same $75,000 from a banker is an entirely different story! I’d be spending considerably more time completing numerous forms...not to mention the collateral that would be required.”

The client summed it up best: “Why would anyone want to go through the aggravation of dealing with a bank, when the same thing can be accomplished more easily and quickly through their trade exchange?”

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Real Estate, Viewed As Safe Haven For Investment Dollars, Sees More People Seeking Third-Home Ownership

The run-up in real-estate prices in recent years has fueled the perception that property is a relatively safe haven for investment dollars. The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight, which tracks home-price changes nationwide, reports average prices of single-family homes surged nearly 13% last year, the largest 12-month increase since 1979.

Due to second-home ownership jumping significantly in the past decade, and a desire to retire in multiple locations and an interest in being nearer to relatives, more people are picking up third homes.

Economists say no one systematically tracks the third-home market nationally, but brokers from California to Florida say more of their clients are buying a third piece of property.

The National Association of Realtors does track second home purchases and reports a surge in people purchasing second homes. About 445,000 second homes were bought last year, up 24% from the prior year.

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From the BarterNews archives...

Nation’s Largest Radio Traffic Report Provider
Was Built On Barter

Metro Networks, the nation’s largest provider of radio traffic reports, delivers them to more than 1,300 radio stations and 114 TV stations. It is the creation of 56-year-old David Saperstein, who got the idea for traffic reports while stuck in a Baltimore traffic jam in 1978.

At the time he was a Ford dealer, figuring he could get free advertising for his car lots if he assembled traffic reports and offered them to radio stations in exchange for air time. Within a month of his brainstrom he had signed up three stations and two traffic reporters.

As payment, Saperstein asked for ten seconds at the end of each broadcast. Today stations pay him a mix of cash and air time, which Saperstein resells to national or regional advertisers.

Local legend has it that when he built his $3 million home in Houston’s posh River Oaks neighborhood, he was so good at bartering radio time for goods and services that you could tell what stage of construction the house was in by the ads that ran on Metro’s traffic reports—from roofers to pool men to electrical contractors.

In October 1996, Saperstein sold half of the company to the public (IPO) and put $58 million of the $132 million raised into his pocket. He still owned the other half of Metro, a stake quoted at $180 million.

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Here & There...

  • The Indian government, in a move to entice more foreign investment, effectively scrapped a rule requiring foreign companies to seek permission from local joint-venture partners before setting up a separate enterprise in the same sector. In effect, the government wants to send a clearer message that it favors foreign direct investment, particularly to increase economic activities and generate more employment opportunities.
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  • Chicago consultant Treasury Strategies Inc. estimates that total corporate liquidity—investments in short-term, marketable securities—now tallies up to about $4.7 trillion, up from $3.6 trillion in 1999.

    What are the treasurers and financial officers doing with all this money? According to the Treasury Strategies survey, 36% is in money markets; 21% in bonds and notes; 15% in commercial paper, “repurchase agreements” and certificates of deposit; and 9% in fixed-income and bond funds.

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