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April 27, 2010

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 04/27/2010

Bartercard�s Real Estate Site

The world�s largest trade exchange, Bartercard with headquarters in Australia, has a separate web site for real estate offers that its members can access. All real estate offered on the site must accept 20% of the sales price in Bartercard trade dollars.

For more information click here.

Lauren Pound New NATE Banc Broker

The National Association of Trade Exchanges� (NATE) Board of Directors has retained the services of Lauren Pound to provide the following duties for the organization: Banc brokering of the NATE Intercity Currency, convention planning, Sales Genie training, as well as providing assistance to the NATE Board of Directors.

Ms. Pound has a degree in Mass Communications/Public Relations from the University of Tennessee and Middle Tennessee State University.

For more information on NATE click here.

New �In-House� Corporate Barter Unit For Havas Media

Havas Media North America, the parent of MPG and Havas Digital, has established an in-house unit to handle corporate barter media deals. The new, yet-to-be-named unit was established due to client demand, i.e. clients needing to liquidate surplus inventories that can be converted into media.

Mike O�Hara, formerly senior VP of sales at Omnicom�s ICON International and executive VP of sales at Argent Trading, will be the managing director of corporate trading, according to Havas Media.

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European Barter Assembly To Make Historic Decisions

In addition to an ambitious agenda at the upcoming Paris Conference, where barter companies of Europe and Asia are meeting in May, the Assembly to decide whether to petition the European Commission to exempt trade clearinghouses from pending regulations of financial clearinghouses.

The draft regulations could be construed to cover trade companies by virtue of their use of trade credits, resulting in capital requirements that many trade companies would find difficult to meet. IRTA is also considering this matter.

The Assembly will also consider an action program to build strong relations with universities in Europe and Asia, concentrating on economics departments and business schools. It may additionally advance a cooperative program with business trade associations in each country. Thus to demonstrate the power and value of commercial exchanges for business in present economic conditions.

BarterNews will report on the outcome of these historic precedents in a future issue of the Tuesday Report.

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If your barter company�s listing on isn�t current, you are definitely missing out on new business. The web site receives heavy traffic � with over 150,000 page-views every month. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives check the thousands of articles, the weekly �Tuesday Report,� and the �Contacts Section� of our site. They use the latter to find barter companies with which to do business.

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To keep your listing current is very easy. See the links below to (A) update any changes to your company�s listing, such as new location, phone number, web site or other information, and (B) if your company has not been listed.

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For new listings click here.

The Midas Exchange Enters Corporate Barter Arena

WPP (NASDAQ:WPPGY) has announced the formation of a new corporate trading division to help clients secure media credits in exchange for underperforming assets. Named The Midas Exchange, the new company will be powered by GroupM and will initially operate in the United States. Midas will be competing in the same arena with Active International, Omnicom�s ICON, Interpublic Group�s Orion and Aegis Group�s Carat.

Midas was formed at the request of clients who asked that WPP, in cooperation with GroupM, enter the corporate trading arena to complement current services, to deliver a media plan consistent with objectives, and be fully accountable for the total media product.

The new division will be headed by Kathy Kladopoulos, who has been named president. (Most recently Kladopoulos worked as EVP and managing director of Carat Trade, which she launched nine years ago.) Kladopoulos says that many WPP clients already engage in corporate trading with independent companies, but prefer that transactions be implemented by the same media agency network that handles their traditional media responsibilities.

Midas will purchase under-performing assets from a client at up to full book value for trade credits or sometimes cash. These assets could include discontinued product lines, excess inventory, real estate, capital equipment, transportation vehicles and any other assets that the client cannot liquidate at book value. The client will then use the trade credits as a partial payment substitution to purchase media or other goods and services.

�We plan to work directly with WPP through GroupM Entertainment to produce and/or license programming to television networks in exchange for inventory access to be used by The Midas Exchange,� Kladopoulos said. �This will provide much greater access to key inventory on the most desirable TV networks, which generally are less inclined to participate in corporate trade deals.�

While the new company will work for GroupM agency clients, it will remain an autonomous operation totally separate from the agencies and their buying teams. The execution of media activity using trade credits will be managed directly by personnel at Midas, not through the GroupM/agency trading groups who place traditional paid media.

For more information click here.


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Manufacturer Used Barter For Quick Turnaround

A glass manufacturing company located in the Southwest, although producing good products, was forced into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to severe management problems. But under a new management team full of enthusiasm, and with the help of a seasoned barter consultant, the company was turned around and �back on its feet� within two years.

How did such a quick turnaround happen? Certainly having a good product helped. But sales potential always existed, so that wasn�t the answer. It was due to a series of decisions by a hardworking 3-man team, whose dedicated overtime efforts boosted the company�s sales 50% within a 9 month period � to over $3,600,000.

One of their smartest moves was realizing that barter could hasten their recovery. They committed to utilizing up to 11% of their gross for bartering, as long as they felt the trade was well spent. Lacking experience in this area, they retained the services of a well-known barter consultant who was paid in trade dollars along with a promise of stock (an equity position) in the company.

Here�s what the consultant suggested to the new management team: �Work on the obvious needs first and get as much done on trade as possible.� In analyzing the situation he was aghast to find that this company had never produced any catalog materials or brochures to showcase their excellent products, even though their method of sales was primarily through distributors.

This meant that sales were only made to distributors within driving distance of the company�s plant. Because their products could easily be shipped across the nation, the first priority was to design professional four-color brochures.

Immediately moving on this project, they produced the desired materials by using the members within the exchange, i.e. a photographer, copywriter, typographer, color separator and printer. With these selected pieces in hand they then attended conventions, as well as instituted a direct mail campaign to a select group of potential distributors.

Next, the consultant worked on improving the company�s financial statement by boosting their assets through the acquisition of real estate and trust deeds, with a mix of trade dollars and the company�s products. His 30 years of experience as a real estate exchangor provided the company with an invaluable service in this area.

Deferred maintenance problems were also addressed, including plumbing, electrical work, and a new face lift for the administrative offices. As well, the mundane everyday expenses were dealt with in an expeditious manner ... using trade dollars whenever possible.

Such things as simple catering for their marathon management meetings, the handling of company travel expenses, and the use of perks in the form of gift certificates to select restaurants in the area for the hardworking staff were all obtained through barter.

With determination, effort and an assist from barter, the company made a remarkable turnaround from bankruptcy to the possibility of going public.

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NATE Unveils Seminars For Its National Convention In New Orleans

The National Association of Trade Exchanges has announced this year�s upcoming convention will be held in New Orleans from June 3 to 6, offering early registration discounts (through April 26) for independent trade exchange owners. Registration fees include all seminars and sessions plus three night�s accommodations, three breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. (To take advantage of early registration see end of article.)

NATE�s Board of Directors has worked diligently to put together a program that will appeal to barter company owners, brokers and sales staff. The Board is comprised of Gary Oshry, Rachel Taylor, Karen Welch, Mary Nova, Ric Zampatti, Maura Lane and Kim Ames.

The following highlighted seminars are scheduled for the purpose of helping barter companies grow, motivating both sales staff and brokers, as well as increasing bottomline revenue.

IRS & Legal Issues For Barter Exchange Owners

         IRS�s TIN Matching Program

         Compensating your employees with barter dollars

         Establishing Barter Health Plans for your employees

         Handling new start-up barter exchanges in your territory

Social-Networking Site Use & Management

         How to post your business

         Obtaining free PR

         How to post your barter offerings

         How & why you need to create different sites for your potential members and your existing members

How To Get & Broker Alternative Deals

         Utilizing last minute time-sensitive offers on barter (tickets, travel, & media)

         Allowing spouses and other family members to spend barter

         Using debit cards (pre-paid barter cards) for friends, family members & employees

         Specials and discount offers on barter

         Bartering personal vacation properties and timeshares

         Offering one-time deals (boats, cars, furniture, equipment, etc.)

Pros & Cons � How Today's Economy Impacts Barter Exchanges

         Why the 80/20 rule needs to be 60/40

         Members who try to charge part cash and part trade

         Dealing with members who have spent their entire credit limit

         When to extend credit limits, when to reduce credit limits, and when to remove credit limits

         Members who try to spend when �past due� on their cash fees

         Replenishing members who are out of business

         Members with negative barter balances that are not accepting trade business

How To Deal With A Bad Month

         New methods for collections & time management

         Job tasks that should take priority when you are short staffed

         Motivating brokers without threatening their jobs

         Shifting employee duties to get your best bang for your buck

         Maintaining, updating, and expanding broadcast e-mail and fax databases

         Monitoring employee Internet usage

         Reviewing and rewriting employee duties

Referrals � The Name of the Game

         Share your referral programs

         Growing your trade exchange with referrals

         How to get referrals from networking and leads groups

         Referrals from your members

         How �Thank you� calls can generate referrals

Using PR To Get Your Business Recognized

         How to get free PR and when to pay for PR

         Writing a press release

         Promoting your press release

         Incorporating your press release into your sales literature

Implementing The Sales Genie (A great NATE benefit!)

         How to use the Sales Genie

         Searching for new businesses

         Isolating specific types of businesses

         Finding businesses in specific territories

For more information and to take advantage of early registration discounts click here.


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