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March 25, 2003

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

Australia's BBX Continues Impressive Expansion, Client Base Exceeds 11,000

Fifth Acquisition Is Rorke's Tradebanc

It was but a decade ago that Michael Touma and his lovely wife Mireille (after becoming members of Contrabank, the first trade exchange startup in Australia) ventured into the barter business by opening the doors to their new inspiration--Business Barter Exchange--BBX.

With a sluggish economy in the early 90's, Touma seized upon the opportunity at hand, "Business people were suffering and cash was their biggest limitation. We started marketing and grew extremely fast."

Touma's expansionary thinking and ambitions to become the best, saw him thinking beyond the current marketing efforts. "I don't believe in just organic growth. To make an impact and to see worthwhile results requires aggressive growth and development."

BBX's latest acquisition is a plum--Bill Rorke's Tradebanc, known as "Australia's Premier Exchange." Rorke, a highly respected operator has been in the barter business for a decade as well, and serves on the IRTA Global Board of Directors.

In a letter to his members Rorke explained why he sold his exchange to BBX. "In the best interests of our members, management feels the exchange will move forward by being sold to an international operator. This move will enhance trading opportunities directly with over 11,000 BBX members in Australia and New Zealand."

BBX has 12 offices and is South Asia's second largest exchange with operations in New Zealand, and Australia's South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. Trade volume approximates $10 million a month. For more information:

IRTA Barter Congress Scheduled For September 4-6

The International Reciprocal Trade Association has announced that rooms at this year's convention, to be held at the Mission Inn Golf & Tennis Resort in Orlando, Florida, will be available on a 100% trade.

The convention theme is, "Keys To The Future: Unlocking Doors To Success." For more information and registration:

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More Wine Available On Trade As Grape Glut & Imports Place Wineries Under Financial Pressure

Wine consumption is growing in the U.S. but California vineyards yield more grapes than wine drinkers consume. An influx of inexpensive, quality imports also has hammered U.S. producers. As a result, in California we see wine increasingly available on barter, and in the near future we expect more wineries will join the ones already trading.

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Here And There. . .
  • China has installed a new governing cabinet heavy on technocratic expertise, which promises continuity in the policies that have created the world's most dynamic (fastest growing) economy. The new cabinet is expected to continue to wean government agencies off central planning.

  • Mediabase 24/7 is an airplay monitoring firm and a component of Premiere Radio Networks. They monitor music on over 1,100 radio stations in 140 markets, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition to providing vital airplay information to the music industry, the company provides its research to over 1,000 affiliate radio stations on a barter subscription basis.

  • Another sign of the downturn in the commercial real estate market is the inclusion of upscale carpeting, marble floors, wood paneling, etc. In good times landlords rent space raw, and tenants are responsible for installing everything from the walls and ceilings to the window blinds and office furniture. When the leasing market is sluggish, building owners are using so-called prebuilt suites as a lure for tenants.

  • The $104 billion hotel industry is observing a cultural change in business that will affect their companies increase pressure to cut costs. More employees are treating business travel as if it's on their own dime. That's a big change from the lush times of a few years ago, when many employees booked trips without thinking twice about costs.

  • ITEX's International Convention will be held May 18-23 in Florida. Over 150 attendees are expected to attend, see

  • Last year Americans paid $265 billion in interest on their houses. The bill for property taxes was $205 billion, according to a study of IRS records by So, for every dollar homeowners pay in mortgage interest, they send 77 cents to the town tax office. (In 1988 the tax was 61 cents.)

  • BXI has entered into an outsourcing agreement with the "TradeIt" platform. Transaction processing, accounting and collections will begin March 31, 2003, announced BXI President John Cooper. More information at:

  • Two homes in the Dallas area were recently moved with the 30% down payment made in barter. Both were located in exclusive neighborhoods on a gated lake subdivision.

  • Have you signed up to receive a summary via e-mail of the Tuesday Report every week? If not, go to the top of this issue (right hand corner) to sign up!

  • Behind the new pessimism in Silicon Valley is a sobering set of statistics: According to San Francisco research outfit VentureOne, of the 10,340 venture-capital-backed companies founded from 1992 to 2002, only 872 have gone public, 1,939 have been acquired, and 1,811 have gone under...which leaves a staggering 5,718 firms out there in limbo. In the start-up world they're known as "the overhang."

    According to author John Heilemann, writing in April's Business 2.0, "the Valley can't move forward until this mass of companies has been fully digested." The consensus view of how long that will take is a minimum of two years, four max.

  • Demand for Iraqi debt is high...speculators have been buying up an estimated $80 billion in business/trade loans that Iraqi companies defaulted on after the 1991 Gulf War. (Iraq defaulted on its debts immediately after its 1990 invasion of Kuwait.)

    Those loans, denominated mostly in dollars, fetched between 10% and 20% of face value in recent weeks. The bet now is that the oil-rich nation will be in a position to resume debt payments once Hussein has been ousted.

  • Our March 18th issue reported the Financial Accounting Standards Board's decision to develop new options-accounting rules within a year. But more than a dozen U.S. lawmakers are contesting proposals that would require companies to list stock options as an expense deducted from earnings.

    They contend that listing options as expenses could be harmful to many high-tech and small companies that use options to attract workers. A bill has been introduced that will require the SEC not to recognize as standard accounting practice any listing of stock options as an expense...until this particular issue is examined as to its impact on our national economy.

  • The U.S. and the European countries (EU) share $800 billion in annual trade. And their respective companies have a total of more than $14 trillion of investments in each other's economies. Hopefully, a postwar partnership will continue.
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