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March 18, 2008

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...03/18/2008

Community Barter In Montana

Have a skill, a service, some goods or some free time you'd like to turn into �community money?� If you�re in the area, contact, or P.O. Box 3423, Kalispell, Montana 59903.

China Expects E-Commerce Boom

China has surpassed the United States to become the world�s largest internet market by number of users. The U.S. web population was 216 million at the end of 2007. China�s higher percentage of growth coupled with its 210 million Internet users at the end of 2007, leads estimators into believing it has replaced the U.S. as #1 globally.

E-Commerce is expected to be the next boom sector in China, as businesses take advantage of the mass market of consumers already online.

Google Eyes Display Ad Market

Tim Armstrong, Google�s president of advertising and commerce for North America, says the company would be �disappointed� if it doesn�t attain a �very significant position� in the display ad market over the next two years. Google considers YouTube as the �brightest light� for the company�s display-advertising potential.

YouTube Soon To Be On Television...

TiVo Inc. has revealed that it would deliver videos - from Google Inc�s popular web site YouTube - directly to television screens via its digital video recorders.

TiVo disclosed the service would be available later this year for high-speed Internet subscribers who have TiVo Series3 DVRs. It said that users would be able to log onto their YouTube accounts directly from their TiVo boxes.

Per Capita Income In Vietnam Growing

Last week we reported on the average global per-capita income. While some countries are obviously much higher than others, in Vietnam the economy has been expanding an average of 7.5% yearly since 2000. Their average per-capita income (84 million people) increased to $900 last year from $600 in 2005. Where Cosmetics & Name Brand Fashions Can Be Bartered describes itself as an online fashion swap party where you can barter, sell and buy fashion, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and lots more with people from all around the world at any time, day or night. It can save its members money on the name brand fashions and cosmetics that are normally purchased at retailers at high markups.

Members can also participate in forums and discuss the latest fashion trends and sales. Members are only responsible for paying the actual shipping costs associated with the items that they have traded or sold. Membership is free and required.

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Western Sizzlin Discloses ITEX Offer Amendment

Western Sizzlin Corp. (WEST), engaged in the operations of restaurants, reported it has amended its exchange offer for ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX). The new offer is for up to 2,700,000 shares of ITEX common stock, at the same exchange ratio of one share of ITEX common stock, for .06623 shares of Western common stock. The exchange offer is scheduled to expire on Wednesday, March 26, 2008, unless extended.

Previously on January 29, 2008, Western Sizzlin offered $16.4 million to acquire Bellevue (WA)-based ITEX. Western Sizzlin said that the offer price was higher than the current market value of $14.2 million and representing a premium of 16% of ITEX stock.

Western Sizzlin also noted that the combination of both companies would increase the barter volume of ITEX through its other subsidiaries, reduce redundant public company costs, and provide financing for other acquisitions.

As a result of its amended offer, Western has eliminated some significant conditions to the offer such as 60% of ITEX�s shares being validly tendered in the exchange offer and not withdrawn, Western being satisfied in its reasonable discretion that the Nevada anti-takeover statutes will not be applicable, the expiration or termination of any waiting periods under applicable antitrust laws, the receipt of all required consents under the terms of ITEX�s debt agreements, and stockholder approval of the issuance of Western shares in the offer.

The complete terms and conditions of the amended exchange offer are set forth in the amended registration statement and the other offering documents filed by Western Sizzlin with the SEC.

WEST closed Thursday�s regular trading session at $15.01, down $1.24 or 7.63%. ITEX closed Thursday�s regular trade at $0.97, down a penny or 1.02%.

Wall Street Journal Publishes Article On Barter

The Wall Street Journal did a piece for the small-business owner titled, �Barter A Bit and Give Your Cash A Rest�, by Kelly Spors.

(To read the article click here.)

Spectrum Bridge Will Handle Radio Bandwidth Barter

Spectrum Bridge has launched a company and a web site to help those with excess or unused wireless spectrum to trade/barter it off to those who need it. The company claims to be the first such online site, and is developing tools that guide spectrum holders through the process of creating secondary spectrum offerings to what it believes is a large base of anxious users.

�There�s an ecosystem of players to make this happen,� said Rick Rotundo, chief marketing officer at Spectrum Bridge. �The FCC allows 5.5 GHz of spectrum to be tradable on a secondary market and additionally allows spectrum holders to disaggregate their spectrum on frequency, time and domains.�

That secondary market includes spectrum from about 200 MHz to 5 GHz and �at any give time and place about 80% to 96% goes unused,� Rotundo said.

While the carriers are generally viewed as the most prominent spectrum holders, others such as private non-profit institutions like the Catholic Church, universities and private equity funds, that purchased the spectrum on spec have air to barter.

On the receiving end, large enterprises like ports, airports, logging enterprises, petrochemical concerns and �even the big box stores that are having issues with Wi-Fi in their facilities� are looking for licensed bandwidth because the normal unlicensed bands don�t seem to be working.

Of course equipment manufacturers also have to be on board to make this all a reality. While an increasing number of products are built with frequency agility, getting the right equipment to run within certain licensed frequency ranges can still be a challenge, Rotundo admitted.

�The equipment manufacturers are going to have to look at that and figure it may be worthwhile to add that frequency to their WiMAX capabilities so they can sell into this mass market for licensed spectrum,� he said.

While no one really �owns� spectrum�it�s just being borrowed from the FCC for a price�those with licenses and limited needs can share it with those who have more specific needs. Bringing the two together, and then brokering the transaction is what Spectrum Bridge hopes to be all about.

�When a transaction happens, we have a software certificate that gets generated into these new WiMAX systems that automatically configures them to take advantage of the spectrum that was just transacted,� Rotundo said. �The end user doesn�t have to worry about how to set up the system.�

And the spectrum holder doesn�t have to worry about what the end user is doing with the spectrum, including going beyond the agreed-upon lease period. Spectrum Bridge will primarily earn its money as the middleman.

For more information go to

Google Unveils New Dashboard To Advertising Agencies

Google�s North American president of advertising/commerce, Tim Armstrong, gave a keynote address March 7 at the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) Media Conference in Orlando. It was noted that annual advertising in the U.S. is $198 billion, and $479 billion worldwide.

In his address, Armstrong unveiled Google�s �top secret strategy� for helping agencies transform the way they plan, buy and manage, media...not just online, but across all their media options. He showed a new �dashboard� approach developed for managing buys.

�It basically takes a mix of different media types and puts them together,� he explained, adding that the system, which is still being developed, was part of a suite of new tools Google is building to make the lives of media buyers easier.

He said the new dashboard would enable buyers to manage mixes of off-line media like TV, radio and print campaigns, with their online display and search advertising, and to harness their data streams to show how one platform influences traffic to the others.

Google has recently begun striking alliances directly with agencies, such as its much publicized hook-up with Publicis, which Armstrong said was all about building tools to help the ad agencies scale.

Giant U.S. Public Relations Firm Helps Russia With Really Smart PR

Flush with foreign reserves from oil and natural gas sales, the Kremlin is pumping tens-of-millions of dollars into various forms of public diplomacy. The Russian government has hired the U.S. public relations firm Ketchum Inc. �to help the government tell its story of economic growth and opportunity for its citizens,� said Randy DeCleene, an executive at the firm.

As part of the PR push, the official government newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta is funding monthly supplements in newspapers in India, Britain, Bulgaria and the United States, including a paid supplement in the Washington Post., a news and analysis site funded by government news agency RIA Novosti, features a range of opinions...including some quite hostile to the Kremlin. RIA Novosti also hosts an annual Valdai Discussion Club, where 30 to 40 Russia experts and prominent journalists, mostly from the United States and Western Europe, are wined and dined in the company of Russian policymakers and political analysts.

The Hoover Institute�s Michael McFaul (an adviser to Barack Obama�s campaign) called the Valdai events, which featured sessions with then-President Vladimir Putin, �really smart PR.� A previous disclosure noted Russia also has a new think tank, the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation.

(Source: Washington Post, March 6, 2008)

Hotel General Managers

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