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March 14, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...              3/14/06

It Would Be Interesting To Know

Australia?s Tourism Ministry plans to spend the equivalent of $135 million over the next 2-1/2 years promoting the fresh tag-line, ?So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?? It is set to start airing in commercials this week on major U.S. television networks.

The old slogan, ?See Australia in a Different Light,? wasn?t doing the trick so the Ministry spent $4.6 million to hire M&C Saatchi to conduct focus groups for six months. What the ad agency found is that people like Australia not so much for Australia but for the Australians who are friendly, genuine and unpretentious. Australia is a welcoming nation!

It would be interesting to determine how much of the considerable $135 million budget will be covered on a bartered basis. I ask that question because years ago, back in 1986, George Stergiou from Canberra had contacted me and indicated that he was interested in helping Australia?s Tourism Ministry promote travel to their country.

At the time, he wanted to trade with a large media company in the U.S. where various travel accommodations in Australia would be exchanged for advertising. After many hours of phone calls and faxes, nothing ever materialized.

Later that same year Stergiou came to Los Angeles, and we had a chance to spend some time together. While here, he subsequently made a visit to M.J. (Mac) McConnell, one of our industry?s top salesmen and the founder of Business Exchange (BX). Before Stergiou left town he was designated BX?s ?man in Australia,? as reported in issue #12 of BarterNews on page 31.

The Biggest, Best & Brightest Barter

The latest example of the ubiquitousness of barter centers on Liberty Media Corporation. They firm wants to barter a portion of its 4% stake in Time Warner (valued at about $3.1 billion) for operating assets that may include the Atlanta Braves baseball team.

The Englewood (CO)-based Liberty Media is looking both to unwind its stakes in companies such as Time Warner, Sprint Nextel, and Motorola in a tax-efficient manner and to beef-up its roster of operating assets. The exchanging stock for an asset could facilitate a tax-efficient monetization for Liberty Media.

Google Embracing Barter To Settle Ad Lawsuit

A settlement by Google in response to the class-action lawsuit on behalf of all advertisers on its site, filed by Lane?s Gifts & Collectibles, has been proposed. Google has agreed to pay up to $90 million, with much of the payment in the form of barter. Advertisers who may have been the victim of ?click? fraud will receive credits toward ads on its system.

(The $90 million translates into less than 1% of Google?s $11.2 billion revenue during the past four years.)

Traffic News Likes Barter, Too

Provider of real-time traffic information, has secured a multi-year contract renewal with Emmis Communications. Traffic will provide Emmis with content for their radio stations in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Austin markets. In exchange it will receive advertising space in the Emmis radio network.

Clever Location For One?s Message

Man?s creativity never ceases to amaze. We?ve seen ads appearing on spaces as diverse as men?s urinals, food trays in sports stadiums, and even dry-cleaner bags. Here?s the latest...

Advertising is being placed around electrical outlets in the corners of the Indianapolis International Airport. Ninety two-foot stickers are found around these outlets in the airport?s departure lounges and eating areas, emblazoned with the J.P. Morgan Chase name, logo and message.

The message reads, ?This outlet works, now you can too.? Also highlighted are either the e-mail address or a local phone number for Chase?s commercial-banking unit, which targets businesses doing between $10 million and $500 million in annual revenue.

New Global and U.S. Listings In Our Barter Contacts Section

We welcome the following companies.

Global listings:

BAFICO Barter Finance Company Group

BAFICO Currency Service Corporation
Panama City,

U.S. listings:

BAFICO Holding Corporation
Newark, DE

BCB Barter Clearing Bank
New York, NY



$2 Million BBX Trade Dollars Used To Purchase $8.3 Million Resort

Australia?s BBX Holding Ltd. (BBX) announced their successfully completed sale of The Apollo Country Resort at Wamberal, New South Wales. The hotel, restaurant, and convention center is located on five prime acres only minutes from Crown Plaza Terrigal Beach.

The contract price of $8.3 million included $2 million BBX trade dollars, with the balance paid in cash. The resulting transaction fees of $440,000 for a single transaction is an Australian record, according to their news release. The company completed $10 million in real estate sales in February.

BBX has $83 million in real estate offerings for members. Additionally, it  plans an IPO (initial public offering) of the BBX Property Investment Fund Ltd., which has $130 million in Australian and New Zealand real estate.

For further information see

The Growth and Use of Secondary Capital (New Money) Creates Unprecedented Wealth In Today?s New Age Of Possibility

There are many forms of secondary capital?which can be defined as any financial instrument that measures and communicates value in a common language. Would you like to see and learn more about the many forms of secondary capital?

We have 75 free, informative and inspiring, articles for you in our ?Secondary Capital Section.? Check it out...

IMS Eyes 200+ Monthly Enrollments

International Monetary Systems (OTCBB:INLM.OB) announced it enrolled a record 216 new clients in January and February. National Sales Manager Barbara Martin says the company?s outside sales force is now fourteen people, with plans to hire more.

The firm?s goal is to be signing up over 200 clients per month by the end of 2006. For more information go to

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ITEX Continues Posting Strong Figures

The ITEX Corporation (OTCBB:ITEX) has posted results of the second quarter of fiscal years 2006, ending January 31, 2006.

Highlights include:

  • Revenue was $4,029,000 compared to $2,656,000 for the second quarter in fiscal year 2005, a 52% increase. (Revenue for six months was $7,750,000 compared to $5,163,000, a 50% increase.)
  • Operating income was $315,000 compared to $234,000 for the same period in 2005. (Operating income for six months was $663,000 compared to $460,000, a 44% increase.)
  • Operational cash flow increased 126% to $1,350,000, up from $598,000 in the six-month period ending January 31.
  • Outstanding notes payable (acquisition debt) were reduced to $872,000, from $2,346,000 at July 31, 2005.
  • Bank line-of-credit increased to $1,000,000, from $500,000.
  • Completed transaction volume of more than $65,000,000 by processing over 90,000 transactions.

ITEX Corporation?s report on Form 10-QSB can be found at  For information on ITEX visit

Influential Fund Manager Assails U.S. Economic Report

Bill Gross, a Newport Beach fund manager of Pacific Investment Management, a.k.a. Pimco which manages $594 billion in assets, says the U.S. annual economic report fails to address the trade and budget deficits which are undermining the economy.

In his monthly newsletter the Californian is now advising investors to put their money overseas because of the deficits, exacerbated by rising U.S. health-care costs and a crumbling education system. Gross suggests, ?Investment markets in the United States will not ultimately prosper under such an increasingly onerous environment.?

He asks his readers to consider this: ?Have we borrowed from the future to pay for today?s party, and will our future creditors allow us to pay it back on our own terms with low yields and a strong dollar.

Get New Money-Making Ideas And Valuable Contacts!

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Making Money On Second Home A Fantasy?

Jeff Brown, a business columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, believes a second home is an indulgence if it?s being acquired primarily or exclusively for one?s own use.

The following quotes are from a recent article of his:

?Say you bought a place for $300,000, borrowing $240,000 at 6%. Suppose the property appreciated 6% a year ? about double the inflation rate. After five years, the property would be worth just over $400,000, for a $100,000 ?profit? on the $60,000 initially invested as the down payment. But interest would have cost about $70,000, reducing the profit to $30,000.

?A $30,000 gain on a $60,000 investment over five years is an annual return of about 8%, which is nothing special. But you might also have paid $5,000 a year in real estate taxes, and another $1,000 a year in homeowner?s insurance. That?s $30,000 over five years?erasing your profit.

?If you pay a standard 6% realtor?s commission to sell the property, you?d be $24,000 in the hole. And we haven?t considered maintenance and utilities, cost of furnishings and traveling to the property.

?Sure, some people make money on second homes, but I bet many are making less than they think.? 

Every barter company in the world is listed on our web site, click through to our Global List of Barter Companies.

Your Questions...And Answers

Every week we receive e-mails from visitors to our web site. As space allows, without redundancy, we will air your pertinent questions. All answers will be from Bob Meyer unless otherwise noted, and as space allows we?ll print letters responding to questions appearing earlier in the Tuesday Barter Report. (Minor editing of the letters will sometimes be made for the sake of brevity.)

Question: I moved to London last year, where I am doing my Ph.D. in International History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I haven?t been active on the barter scene, and I would like to get back into the swing of things.

Do you have any thoughts on who I can contact in London to join a barter group and really start to engage in bartering? I will also be going to Africa soon and I want to see if there are opportunities there for reciprocal trade.

Harcourt Fuller,

Answer: See ?Barter Contacts? on our horizontal navigational bar and click the menu drop-down titled, ?Global Barter Companies? where you will find listings of barter companies around the globe including the U.K. and African nations.

Editor?s note: Harcourt Fuller authored the article, ?Ecuadorian Exchanges: Bartering & Bargaining in the Middle of the World,? in issue #63 of BarterNews, pages 54-56. To read his story, go to:

Don?t Cancel Vacation...Barter For It!

If there?s an economic slowdown in your life (you?re just meeting the bills every month) don?t consider taking action that you might regret later on?like canceling your vacation. That practice should carry a Surgeon General?s warning: Canceling your vacation is dangerous to your health.

If you are considering canceling a vacation, and if you have a choice in the matter, don?t do it. A growing body of research links long-term vacation habits and health.

A 14-year study of 13,000 men, published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine, found annual vacations sharply reduced the risks of death among middle-aged men.

Similarly, a 20-year study of middle-aged women found a link between a lack of vacations and higher risk of hearth attack and death. Both studies conclude vacationing may be good for your health.

So if you?re questioning your own vacation plans because of the economic downturn, or money is a problem, it?s time to place a call to your trade broker.

See what?s available locally and nationally through your barter company, then make those plans that suit your desires. Whatever you do, don?t cancel that could be dangerous to your health!

Editor?s note: One place to look for accommodations from various barter companies, is the Caribbean...because of excess inventory. The pace of tourist growth last year was half that of the previous two years, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

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Here & There. . . 

  • Some private schools in Sydney, Australia, are allowing financially stretched parents to pay fees with cows, valuable art collections, and other valuables in lieu of cash payments. Among the Sydney schools to consider the alternative of offering creative payment options is The King?s School at North Parramatta.

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  • XM Satellite Radio Holdings used to brag that its music programming is commercial free. No longer. They will start carrying advertising on four of their 68 music stations, under terms of a recently negotiated settlement between Clear Channel and XM.


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