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February 21, 2006

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...              2/21/06

Accreditation & Training Programs Going Strong

Back in 1989 the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) noted that people in the barter industry felt that with the growth of the industry, and the increasing sophistication of the business, there was a need for an accreditation program for barter professionals.

IRTA, under the direction of board member Steve Webster (www.alliancebarter.com), explored whether such a program should be developed and implemented. One that would identify and acknowledge those barter professionals who met the standards a quality accreditation program would establish.

Subsequently such a program was implemented. And I’m pleased to report interest in the program is still intact—as noted below in a subsequent article. Similarly, the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE) offers an accreditation program under the professionalism of Fran Crumpton.

Although these programs are for people now working within the barter industry, for newcomers entering the barter business a comprehensive training program is available from Tom McDowell (www.BarterTrainer.com).

Online Technology Available

And as reported February 7, Gary Lasater (www.evalues.net) offers online accounting and processing services for barter companies wishing to focus their energies on marketing and trade brokering.

What Are They Doing Now?

Paul Suplizio, IRTA’s first Executive Director (16 years) and a member of the IRTA Hall of Fame, is busy these days in the venture capital arena. He and his partners arrange face-to-face meetings with the senior people of reputable private equity sources. Any firm of significant size in business 5 or more years—regardless of geography—which seeks capital for expansion, private placement of stock, sale of their company or ownership interest, or for capitalizing a new branch or department can contact Paul Suplizio or Allen Lewin at (703) 820-7707 or e-mail: wotc@cox.net.


Ralf Becker Addressing IRTA Europe Conference

The coming IRTA Europe International Barter Exchange Conference, scheduled for March 24-26 in the Netherlands, will hear Ralf Becker discuss the rise of local and regional complementary currency networks. Becker, co-author of the study “Our Future Economy—Sustainable Finance for the Wealth of People,” will also share his thoughts on the important role that trade exchanges will play in the future of the world economy.

Becker will compliment the Conference’s focus, “Reaching For The Stars: Uniting People and Standards in a Cashless Trading World,” as he is the coordinator and coach in the Regio Network, an organization of approximately 50 regional complementary currency initiatives in Germany and Austria.

Other presentations scheduled will include one on the World Travel Exchange (WTEX), a vehicle trade exchange owners worldwide can use to garner travel from other exchange owners. Plus a “How to Market Your Exchange” session promises some innovations, as European exchange owners share their strategies on marketing and techniques promoting the concept of barter in Europe.

The event will be held at the Hotel Haarlem Zuid. For further information and registration contact Krista Vardabash via e-mail at krista@irta.com, or go to www.irta.com. 

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Program Developer Steve Webster Teaching Certified Trade Broker (CTB) Seminars 

IRTA Executive Director Krista Vardabash has announced that the Certified Trade Broker (CTB) seminar and exam will be offered at IRTA headquarters in Rochester (NY) on March 11, as well as in Amsterdam at the IRTA Europe International Barter Conference on March 25. 

Vardabash elaborated, “After announcing that the CTB would be offered to attendees in Amsterdam, we received numerous calls asking when the next test would be held in the United States.

“IRTA has always offered the CTB training and testing at our annual conference in September, and will continue to do so. But because we see a growing need for education of sound trade exchange practices, IRTA will begin to offer our educational programs at more convenient times and places for interested barter brokers.

“Even more special is that Steve Webster, the creator of the program and a IRTA Hall of Fame member, will be teaching both CTB programs in March. Webster not only developed this program, but maintains one of the most respected exchange and broker networks in the business.”

There is an application and approval requirement to attend each program. Exchanges with interested brokers should contact Krista Vardabash at (585) 424-2940, or go to: www.irta.com.

The Growth and Use of Secondary Capital (New Money) Creates Unprecedented Wealth In Today’s New Age Of Possibility

There are many forms of secondary capital—which can be defined as any financial instrument that measures and communicates value in a common language. Would you like to see and learn more about the many forms of secondary capital?

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Traditional Media’s Historical Dominance Threatened By Technology’s Virtual Ads

A new ad spending study by Outsell Inc., an information industry research firm in Burlingame (CA), recently surveyed 1,200 advertisers with a combined advertising budget of $2.4 billion regarding their 2006 spending appetite.

Their findings showed:

·      While print and broadcast companies will take in more ad revenue, they will lose share to the Googles and Yahoos.

·      Online advertising spending is projected to surge 19%, and search engine ad spending 26%.

·      Spending on print ads is projected to grow an estimated 2%, and spending on radio and TV ads 2.4%.

Outsell estimated the Internet is now used by 80% of advertisers, a broader adoption rate than is generally acknowledged, and projected a 90% adoption rate by 2008. (Some of this online advertising, of course, is flowing to traditional media companies. . .often through deals with search engines that place ads on their web sites.)

The bottom line is that advertisers have little interest in what type media they use, as long as it works. Therefore the real challenge for the media industry is to continue to find new business models.

Travel Can Save Your Marriage

According to Lenore Terr, medical doctor and clinical professor at the University of California-San Francisco, an important enemy of any relationship is boredom—being boring, thinking your partner is boring, and boringly plodding on.

That’s where play comes in. When you play, you cease being boring to one another claims Terr, author of Beyond Love and Work: Why Adults Need To Play.

Terr says the tremendous advantage of travel is that you can play, and you have all day long to enjoy it. Plus you just might come to recognize how much marriage and travel have in common.

Leon Kass, M.D. and co-author of a book on courting and marriage, says that travel is almost always an adventure, and married life is like a grand adventure in that you’ve chosen somebody to accompany you on the journey that is your life.

So contact your barter company for your travel needs and keep your marriage alive and exciting!

Barter Programming Utilized By Independent TV-Syndicator

J.C. Whitted is an independent television syndicator with a pair of 30-minute home-improvement TV programs, “Your New House” and “Your House and Home,” which he busily markets to stations across the country from his rustic home outside Corvallis, Oregon.

He has a high-speed Internet connection to monitor the Nielsen ratings, allowing him to see how his shows stalk up against the competition, as well as software to keep track of his conversations with station managers and program directors. Yet the most important tool of Whitted’s is his telephone, which he uses to interact personally with his contacts at the TV stations.

There are two important considerations in the syndicating of his programming: Coverage, national advertisers insist on having 70% of the country covered by the show (so it’s crucial to be on the air in major markets), and station count (of the 211 television markets in the U.S., Whitted is in 140 of them).

The stations don’t pay to carry his home-improvement shows. . .they’re handled on a barter arrangement wherein the station and Whitted each get half of a program’s seven minutes of commercial time. The stations sell their time to local advertisers, while Whitted packages the aggregate time from his 140 markets and sells it to national advertisers.

Editor’s note: Whitted also sells 10-second promo spots at the end of the program, and is always on the lookout for a host sponsor wanting its name to appear on every episode of the show.

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His Barter Currency—Chicken!

What do ambitious entrepreneurs do when they have little or no money? They use what they have to get what they need. Which is exactly what Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s restaurants, did when he was just starting out.

Fresh out of the army, the 21-year-old Thomas went to work at a struggling Ohio restaurant, Hobby Houses in Columbus. The frustrated owner felt his situation was hopeless, and made an uncommon barter offer to the hard-working young man—meet certain financial goals and I’ll trade you 40% ownership in my four money-losing stores. Where others saw problems Thomas saw opportunity, and snapped up the owners offer.

The year was 1953, and Thomas felt the major under-appreciated asset was the recent agreement the owner had made with a little known Col. Harland Sanders, who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken. He immediately pared down the 100 item menu, focusing on selling the specially prepared fried chicken. He even changed the name from Hobby Ranch House to Col. Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Because he had no money with which to advertise, the astute Thomas began making barter arrangements for needed promotion of the restaurant. He used his chicken as currency to acquire the bartered advertising.

Years later, Thomas became famous after deciding to open up a restaurant that served only fresh ground beef. Today his Wendy’s restaurant chain totals 6,700 units.

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