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February 13, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...02/13/07

Nordic Walking Manufacturer Barters With Instructors

Greg Woser, the U.S. head of Leki, a Germany-based maker of walking sticks and other outdoor equipment, is going after a huge, overlooked market. People for whom regular exercise has always been a challenge.

The company trains interested people in exchange for future services, i.e. once trained they become class instructors to groups or individuals. There is a fee to participate in the class, and the company sells their students equipment.

(Nordic walkers use poles?priced from $35 to $200?similar to those used by cross-country skiers, to propel themselves forward on streets or sidewalks.)

NBC's Bob Wright Used Barter To Retain Superstar Jerry Seinfeld

NBC Universal, owned by General Electric, is replacing its 63-year-old CEO Bob Wright with a younger more creative executive, Jeff Zucker. (In 1989, Zucker was 26 and became the executive producer of 'Today', the company?s most profitable program and TV's most-watched morning show for 11 years.)

But Wright showed his creativity in the mid-1990s when he masterminded an unconventional barter package to keep a then restless Jerry Seinfeld on the air (and away from other networks) by arranging for the comedian to receive valuable GE stock.

Seinfeld, in effect, became the network?s business partner, and NBC secured both its image and billions of dollars in profits over the years, by catering to the young, urban, upscale adults whom advertisers most covet.

Philanthropy Pays Off

The public?s opinion of Microsoft has reached new heights replacing Johnson & Johnson as the best rated company in the U.S., according to the Reputation Quotient survey conducted by market-research firm Harris Interactive. 

Respondents gave Microsoft very high marks for leadership and financial results. But it was Bill Gates? personal philanthropy that boosted the public?s opinion of Microsoft, showing how social responsibility is becoming an even more critical component of corporate reputation.

Media Laws  Down-Under To Change

Australia?s 20-year-old media laws are set to change later this year. The new rules will relax cross-ownership restrictions and scrap foreign-ownership limits. Consequently, international buyout groups and industry chiefs are already jostling for pieces of the action.

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Barrett Exchange's National Marketing Session Scheduled For Las Vegas,
March 19 - 21

Spud Barrett, founder of the National Marketing Session, will be holding his next 3-day marketing session at the Boulder Station Hotel & Casino on Monday March 19 through Wednesday March 21. Admission for the 3-day event is $125. (Special group hotel room rates are available if reservations are made prior to February 24.)

The National Marketing Session is a professionally conducted session where an exchange auction board is used to record offers and bids on prominently displayed sheets of paper, referred to as boards.

Participants may offer for trade or exchange anything of value, i.e. real estate, vehicles, art, trade exchange credits, gem stones, jewelry, restaurant and hotel scrip, etc.

Special Offer For First-Time Attendees

Those attending the National Marketing Session will be given an 87-page ?Barter, Trade And Exchange Manual? that goes into great detail about the program, along with other beneficial information. This instructional manual plus a $125 attendance certificate is available to first-time attendees for $75.

For complete details on the upcoming session see:


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Primedia Inc.'s (NYSE:PRM) consumer guides segment Consumer Source announced its acquisition of, America's second largest online marketplace for small-unit rental properties, on February 6, 2007. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Effective immediately, the apartment listings on Consumer Source's, (acquired June 2006),, and are accessible via the company's web site, which now carries an estimated 62% of all paid small-unit rental listings on the Internet.

Small-unit rental properties, which represent approximately 85% of the U.S. apartment rental market, range from rental homes to complexes with up to 50 units. Large-unit rental properties, which are served by Consumer Source's market-leading Apartment Guide and, are complexes with greater than 50 rental units.,,,, and provide landlords, investors, and property managers with efficient, easy-to-use tools to advertise rental properties online. The company expects to roll out significant improvements to its site throughout the coming months.

Robert C. Metz, Consumer Source's CEO, noted, ?Even with our strong leadership position, with just 2% market penetration, our small unit business provides another extraordinary growth opportunity.?

Primedia?s properties comprise over 100 brands that connect buyers and sellers through print publications, the Internet, events, merchandise and video programs in two market segments:

--Enthusiast Media is a special interest media company, with more than 75 magazines, 100 web sites, 70 events, two television programs, 400 branded products. Well-known brands include Motor Trend, Automobile, Hot Rod, Snowboarder, Surfer, and

--Consumer Source publishes and distributes free consumer guides (Apartment Guide, Auto Guide, New Home Guide) in the U.S. through its proprietary distribution network, DistribuTech, in more than 60,000 locations. It owns and operates,,, and

Google's First Year With DMarc Educational

As we reported a year ago, Google purchased dMarc for $102 million with the possibility of a payout totaling up to $1.13 billion...if certain revenue targets were met.

The founders of dMarc, Chad and Ryan Steelberg, have now left the company over reports of growing tension between the company they founded and Google's approaches to radio ad sales. One approach was

acquiring unsold inventory from their 700 affiliated radio stations in exchange for new equipment for. (Radio stations could also depreciate equipment for additional tax savings.)

Google has struggled to ramp up the quantity and quality (mostly ?remaindered? low-value unsold air time) of inventory available through dMarc. It?s rumored that Google is in talks with CBS Radio to acquire over $1 billion in premium ad inventory.

Despite the tension filled year with dMarc, Google remains intent on penetrating the traditional media ad business. Most significant is the fact that dMarc?s digital ad placement system can also be used in TV.

 "What we have here is a failure to communicate!"

Years ago, one of the most visible people in the barter industry said the #1 reason why the industry wasn't farther along in its development was due to a "failure to communicate" by those in the business.

This realization was the genesis of The Competitive Edge newsletter, now into its 18th year of publication. Trade exchange owners who use this powerful marketing and promotional tool are never guilty of "failing to communicate."

As the owner of a trade exchange you must stay in front of your clients. Informing, educating, and inspiring them, because your clients' bartering is a relatively small percentage of their overall business. So if you don?t keep their interest and enthusiasm for trade at a high level, you lose.

Your primary aim, like all other businesses, is to get your clients coming back for more. Every extraordinary business (and every trade exchange owner who wants to be extraordinary) knows that the customer you have, is a lot less expensive to sell than the customer you don?t yet have!

Want to take your exchange to a higher level? Use The Competitive Edge newsletter in your operation?it ?sells? the many benefits of working through your trade exchange like nothing else!

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