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January 18, 2011

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer... 01/18/2011

City-Run Barter Site Proposed For Bringing Citizens Together

The co-owner of one of Vancouver�s (Canada) internationally acclaimed restaurants wants to create a special network with a social conscience. Meeru Dhalwala�s idea is a city-run web site that connects people and enables them to barter services and favors. People using the site would be clustered together by their postal codes.

Small Business In The USA

More than three quarters of U.S. businesses have no employees, generating only 3.2% of sales nationwide, according to the Census Bureau. Firms without employees average $45,000 in sales.

The average business posts sales of $1.1 million a year and has about four employees.

Thoughts Worthy Of Your Time

�Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.�  

�William Jennings Bryan, American politician.

�Don�t be afraid that your life will end; be afraid that it will never begin.�

�Grace Hansen, American dance director.

�One of the striking differences between a cat and a lie is that the cat has only nine lives.�

�Mark Twain, American author and humorist.

Mackay Says Success This Year Depends Upon Your Goals

Small business columnist Harvey Mackay stresses that a person needs a specific and clear direction, and understanding of what is wanted, before achievement is attainable. In other words, know what you really want � be very specific. What is your motivation for this accomplishment? Focus on one or two areas, and be willing to take risks.

Make 2011 different by setting reasonable, measurable goals, then take charge and move forward with determination.

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Pricing Mistakes That Many New Entrepreneurs Make

Trying to be the lowest price provider �

One of the most damaging beliefs in business is the idea that the lower price gets the highest volume. However the whole lower price equals higher volume idea, a fundamental law of economics, is for undifferentiated commodities, not your business.

Successful lowest-price strategies are unusual, and they usually take a lot of capital, resources and visibility. What works for Costco and Walmart doesn�t work for the corner store, independent restaurants, various service-oriented businesses and others.

Mixing your pricing message ...

Price is the most powerful marketing message you have. Do you think people don�t buy your work because it�s too expensive? But isn�t it worth it? Don�t you believe in it? It�s about positioning. How are you different from the others? Is what you sell better than the one across the street? Does your price say so?

Would you get a root canal from the cheapest dentist in town? Would you save money by buying two-day-old sushi? And why isn�t the cheapest-made car the most popular?

What would you rather have for dinner: a $1 hamburger or a $30 steak? A restaurant that has really good food and surprisingly low prices no longer exists. (Their profit margins were too thin; by refusing to change their low price policy they went out of business.) Do you think pricing had something to do with that?

Underestimating real costs ...

Businesses go under when they run out of money. The research on how they run out of money is confusing and ambiguous, and there are rarely single identifiable causes. They frequently run out of money because they underestimated real costs.

We talk a lot about gross margin in business analysis. That�s your selling price minus your direct costs. So when you buy that widget for $2 and sell it for $6, then the gross margin is $4, and your gross margin percent is 67-percent.

Unfortunately, focusing just on gross margin isn�t enough. Aside from the $2 you paid for that widget, there are all those other expenditures � including your rent, your payroll, your insurance, your electric and water bill, all of your marketing costs, and lots of hidden costs, plus the computers and software you�ll likely need in the future. We tend to forget this additional overhead �all the way to the business grave. You simply run out of money. So give your pricing considerations the time and study they deserve.

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Test Your Marketing Know-How


1) Having the lowest price is a great marketing tool.

            True                False

2) It�s a bad sign when you constantly change your sales strategies and incentive programs.

            True                False

3) Most sales leads should be coming from your sales staff.

            True                False

4) It�s bad news when your customers say, �I didn�t know you carried that.�

            True                False


1) False. You have a serious problem if having the lowest price is your best marketing tool. The lowest price can often make you seem hard pressed. It may also suggest that your product isn�t valuable.

2) True. Having different strategies each month only creates the impression of desperation.

3) False. Yes, salespeople should develop leads. But something is wrong if your marketing program isn�t yielding a constant flow of new customers. Throwing more salespeople into the field is an expensive way to get business.

4) True. Your message isn�t getting out if your customers don�t know everything that is available to them. What�s worse, if they don�t know, you can be sure your targets for new business haven�t heard of it either.

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