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January 17, 2012

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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(The following article was submitted to BarterNews from ITEX Corp.)

ITEX Adopts Cross-Platform For Android & iPhone Applications

Showing the adaptability of their business and its desire to stay technologically in tune with the marketplace, ITEX in St. Louis chose iMustardSoft to fulfill all their mobile development needs. Using the most advanced programming languages and working within a reasonable budget and timeframe, iMustardSoft delivered. A cross-platform mobile app to help members find local brokers and business vendors was recently published in the Android Market store, and iPhone app is being published in the Apple App Store.

The applications in total took around 25 days each to develop. Development included graphic design, data-scaping and content management app, and the Android app itself. The client, Herb Steck, is excited about the mobile apps and emphasized that they were satisfied with how fast the applications for both Android and iOS were developed, including the APIs.

The Mobile Android app includes three options:

         ITEX in the news,

         ITEX in the market, and

         ITEX brokers � which would take you to your closest broker to the person inquiring.

This application will periodically visit all the ITEX district pages and download the content to create APIs for mobile apps.

For more information click here.

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Are You Limited By Your Cash On Hand?

There is a pervasive funky feeling now settling in over many a business owner, because sales � in the traditional sense � continue to be tough to come by. That�s why, more than ever, we must not get caught up in the traditional-thinking syndrome which overlooks alternative ways of making sales and obtaining needed financing.

In short, your company�s opportunities through barter are much greater than you initially think. What�s needed, especially these days, is some quiet time with a good cup of coffee so you can devise some creative ways to solve your business challenges by utilizing barter.

No question, your company and your personal desires are unique. But one thing we all have in common is the ability to focus on what we want, and make a list of our needs. With the help of your trade broker you can then determine which items can be acquired through barter.

Over time, and with practice, you�ll continue to see your list grow and you�ll realize the enormous potential of barter. Use it each and every day to make your life better!

Is Your Trade Exchange Missing Out On Valuable New Business?

If your barter company�s listing on isn�t current, you are definitely missing out on new business. The web site receives heavy traffic � with over 150,000 page-views every month. Entrepreneurs and corporate executives check the thousands of articles, the weekly �Tuesday Report,� and the �Contacts Section� of our site. They use the latter to find barter companies with which to do business.

Is your barter company�s listing up-to-date?

To keep your listing current is very easy. See the links below to (A) update any changes to your company�s listing, such as new location, phone number, web site or other information, and (B) if your company has not been listed.

Here�s how to get on board:

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For new listings click here.

Searching For Bad News ...

It�s difficult to admit, but you need to know your company�s bad news. Service problems, flagging sales, employee disputes � all will intensify if you don�t know about them.

Here�s how to get what you only think you don�t want:

         Ask for the bad news.

         Be sure you�re listening.

         Be accessible.

         Live up to your commitment to take action.

         Help employees take ownership of the problems they find.


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Millionaire Status Largest Among Business-Owners & Entrepreneurs

The recurring themes in Thomas J. Stanley�s book, The Millionaire Spirit, are:

1)    Before you can become a millionaire, you must learn to think like one.

2)    You must learn how to motivate yourself; to counter fear with courage.

3)    Making critical decisions about business, investments, and your career conjures up fear � fear that is part of the process of becoming a financial success.

4)    Academic achievement was not an important factor. Millionaires had a solid but hardly spectacular under-graduate point average of 2.9 on a 4.0 scale.

5)    Getting along with people is more important than graduating at the top of your class.

Stanley says if you are creative enough to select the ideal vocation, you can win big time. �The really brilliant millionaires are those who selected a vocation that they love. One that has few competitors, but generates high profits.� Not surprisingly, business owners and entrepreneurs made up the biggest group of top wealth accumulators � about 32% of the millionaires surveyed by Stanley. (Another 16% were senior corporate executives.)

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10 Ways to Accelerate Closing Your Deals

Are any of the opportunities in your pipeline stale? Do you have deals that you thought would close months ago, yet somehow they remain in your pipeline? Most sales professionals suffer from challenges related to opportunities that never seem to close, or prospects that just don�t seem to take that final step. This challenge causes salespeople and managers to be terminated. It�s so common that many a company has failed because the supposedly strong pipeline never materialized into revenue.

Good news ... the following will help you discover ten ways to accelerate a deal to close.

10) Aggressive sales management. It�s not ideal by any means (and that�s why it ranks at the bottom of the list) but many a sales manager will proclaim that deals would never have closed if it weren�t for micro-management. On a more upbeat note, sales contests and other sales rep incentives fall under this category, too.

9) Customer incentives. This too is a bit of a last resort because compressing the sales cycle by way of a fire sale typically results in reduced profitability, not to mention the accompanying sales rep frustration and customer anguish.

8) Gain a bona fide customer commitment to the timeline. Granted, the road to frustration is paved with good intentions and commitments that are not always fulfilled. But galvanizing the key decision maker(s) to a timeline really does work wonders.

7) Drive consensus of the management team. Agreement does not always equate to action but having every stakeholder nodding �yes� is an important element if your solution involves a broader decision-making-unit. Solution selling is complex; this stuff�s chess, not checkers. Not every decision maker has to agree, but just about any one of them can veto it. Getting everyone on the same page can be time consuming and costly but it does lead to agreement and action.

6) Persistent follow-up. Ah, the basics. Professional, value-based follow-up is magical. Out-of-sight is out-of-mind; so be tenacious with your best leads and you�ll reap the rewards of focused activity.

5) Align the solution to a strategic objective. Whether it�s at the departmental or corporate level, if your solution helps the company achieve their stated goals, chances are it�s closer to the fast lane. Even better, align it to an objective that is part of the decision maker�s compensation or bonus program.

4) Expose a personal gain for the key decision maker(s). It�s important to understand the difference between a professional objective (see #5 above) and a personal objective. Uncovering the personal ambitions and desires of the target people is a powerful method to get the customer to take action.

3) Tie your solution to a market opportunity of the customer. This means enabling your customer to provide an increased service level that will yield your customer (incremental) revenue, or shield your customer from losing (decremental) a current revenue stream.

2) Demonstrate a strong return on investment (ROI) supported by customer data. If the decision maker recognizes that the department or company is losing money by not implementing the solution, it begins to become a no-brainer to get moving sooner rather than later.

1) Tie your solution to a pending regulation or other impending event whenever possible. Granted this doesn�t affect most solutions. However nothing is more motivating for a company than an impending event, such as a new regulatory requirement that forces the company to act by a specific date.

Whether you�re selling a product or a service, the reality is that the customer is not buying a product or a service. The customer is buying a solution to a problem. Zig Ziglar once talked about Home Depot selling one million 1/4� drill bits per year. Yet none of the customers actually wanted a 1/4� drill bit, they all wanted 1/4� holes. The same dynamics applies to your solution.

Kevin Graham, managing director for Empowered Sales Training, authored �The Top Ten Ways to Accelerate a Deal to Closure.� EST leverages deep personal experience, gems from industry icons, classic sales methodologies and innovative practices to empower sales success. Graham has qualified for President�s Club status in three Fortune 500 companies, led teams of more than one hundred associates, and successfully achieved revenue objectives in excess of $1-billion per annum.

Visit for free sales guides, such as Book More Meetings and Get The Decision Maker On The Phone, or to take the Empowered Sales Quiz. (The Empowered Sales YouTube channel offers dozens of free sales videos.)


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