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January 9, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...01/09/07

Look For More Of These Organizations To Form

Industry vertical networks are a natural. In Kansas City (MO), a group of contractors are forming to pool their resources, create networking opportunities, and set professional standards for their home-based contracting businesses.

The Kansas City Independent Service Contractor?s Association will be the place where tile setters, deck builders, remodelers, painters, carpet cleaners, landscapers and other owner-operators of similar businesses can come together with like-minded contractors.

The group plans to circulate a small newsletter which will be publicly distributed by members, featuring articles on topics of interest to homeowners that are written by members about their own specialized areas of expertise.

Inexpensive advertising will be offered to members and distributors with half of the proceeds being placed into a common fund for the group?s larger promotional events and ads.

After-hours monthly networking meetings will be held in a casual setting...a place for members to barter and trade resources with other members, trade referrals, and talk shop.

For more information on this grass-roots approach see:

Editor?s note: A symbiotic relationship between such an industry network and a healthy, reputable local trade exchange is a natural...everyone would benefit.

Google Expanding Pilot Program For Print Advertising

Google will soon be rolling out the next stage of its print publishing campaign. The effort will enable online advertisers to purchase surplus print ad inventory.

So far Google has fared much better auctioning off ad inventory for newspapers than magazines. (Newspaper ad sales reportedly tripling the company?s expectations.)

While the concept of ad brokerage is nothing new to traditional print advertising, Google?s focus on pure automation and acceleration of the process is. Many in the publishing business, however, see Google succeeding only in the moving of remnant space and classifieds.

Print advertising is a ?human? business...driven by passion, emotion, and gut feeling. Ads for a specific community-driven audience need to be a part of a conversation. It remains to be seen if they can be successfully concluded using only a mathematical algorithm.

Current Global Listing Information...

4 Rue Lamennais
Paris 75008, FRANCE
Ph: 331 4225 7860
Fax: 331 4225 1117

Current U.S. Listing Information...

ITEX Sacramento
3400 Cottage Way, #101A
Sacramento, CA 95864
Ph: (916) 648-7111

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TeleTrade International Trade Volume Up 10%

CEO Gary Lasater affirmed that TTi set a new record for the company?s worldwide platforms, servicing the international independent trade exchange industry, with total transactional processing for 2006 coming in at $104,166,144.

Moving into the new year TTi will be introducing new programs for combining the ability to process credit, debit, discount and barter programs...all from one terminal for merchants throughout the nation.

TTi reports they now have a secure relationship with the country?s fourth largest private merchant service provider, which will enable participating merchants the lowest credit and debit processing rates in the nation.

For further information on TeleTrade International services and plans for the future contact Gary Lasater at (303) 840-7172 ext. 1, or e-mail



Clients Wanted By The Cash Exchange In Knoxville

The Cash Exchange of Knoxville (TN) has a new concept wherein clients receive up to 50% in cash on barter transactions. Charter members receive special incentives and residual income from all referrals.

Contact Jerry Cunningham Sr. at (865) 521-7800 or


Where?s Real Estate Headed In 2007?

Funky Loans May Hold Answer

In 1998 ?liars? loans? (those with little or no documentation required) amounted to 24% of mortgage originations. Last year they accounted for 62%. And interest-only mortgages have vaulted in the same period from virtually no market share in the mainstream lending business to a 50% share.

That?s why Gary Gordon, a member of the investment committee of Annaly Mortgage Management, has build a coherent and persuasive case that a housing downturn will continue, and proceed in three phases:

?         Phase I, now under way, where home sales will drop to cure what are politely known as ?affordability issues.?

?         Phase II, starting soon, will see job growth faltering as the pace of lending and borrowing downshifts.

?         Phase III, lingering into 2008, wherein mortgage lenders will relearn the fine art of saying no. The resulting withdrawal of easy credit will add new downward pressure on both home prices and consumer spending.

Gordon says the fundamental problem is that the typical American home buyer can?t afford a home at today?s prices. (Yale economist Robert Shiller says that inflation-adjusted house prices in the past five years logged the second-fastest cumulative growth since the administration of William McKinley 110 years ago.)

And the potent stimulus of above-trend borrowing growth is about to be removed with falling house prices. Americans pulled out over $500 billion of equity in their homes in 2005 in order to buy other stuff. That number shot up from about $100 billion in 2001. When you reduce or reverse this housing appreciation you stymie the borrowing boom.

And yes, Gordon points out, the Federal Reserve can engineer a lowering in mortgage-borrowing costs by trimming the funds rate. Although such actions can invite lenders and borrowers to do business together, the Fed can only do so much. But it can hardly hold a gun to their heads.

(Part II)

Barterers. . .

Use Win-Win Negotiations In All Your Trades!

By David Wm. Tuttle, Ph.D., CPA


5) Think value for value at all times.

Bring value to every trade and negotiation you do. Be quick to suggest things that your side can do for the other side that does not detract from your position. Then ask that they make a ?like-kind? concession to you, as a ?fair play? gesture. Most, but not all, people have a sense of fair play.

6) Negotiate and trade with the right person.

If you are not talking with the right person (the person who has the authority to make the decision) then you are talking to the wind!

Also, if you have negotiated with a rigid, stubborn person in the past, then you will want to avoid making that mistake again by seeing if there is an another decision-maker that can help your cause, like his or her manager.

If you were to ask an employee if his company might accept barter as payment, the answer will invariably be ?NO.? But if you personally discuss your proposal with the owner, outlining why it would be in his best interests to trade, you might very well get a ?YES.?

7) Do not give away too much of your position at the beginning.

Let the other side state their demands first. Follow their demands with a counter offer that is in the low range of being fair.

Raise your offered amount slowly, and not in large increments, otherwise large, offered increases in concessions will be expected in the future, and will not bring the negotiations to a successful speedy close.

8) Know all your alternatives.

For example, if you need a painter for your house and you only know one person who can paint, and that person only takes cash for his services, then you are not going to be in as strong a position as someone who knows five cash painters and six barter painters. Are you prepared to walk away, and never come back?

9) Make sure your word is your bond.

You cannot accomplish anything with people if you are not taken seriously by them. Nothing will give you a black mark faster with your fellow negotiators than if you renege on a commitment.

10) Be very realistic about what you bring to the bargaining table.

Too often I find people negotiating from weakness, when their demands are either too high or too low.

A good example of this is when a person who wants to sell their house, asks a ridiculous amount for it. Then, because it never sells at that price, they make a substantial price decrease (attempting to bring it to fair market value) only to find potential buyers wanting to ?low ball? it further, because they detect weakness.

11) Think long-term.

As an accountant, I have seen many businesses fail because they were only thinking in the short-term. For example, they might be experiencing a decent amount of cash business all of a sudden, so they immediately ?pull the plug? on their barter customers, insulting them as they do it.

Then later in the year when their cash cycle dries up, they wish they had not burned their barter bridges...but it is too late.

I have found in many cases, that when a person has been treated rudely, he or she actually will go out of the way to try and help you fail. And for a business to be successful it needs an infinite amount of people wanting it to succeed; it cannot afford even one person in the community trying to help it fail.

12) Put the agreement in writing.

If the trade is large enough to involve an attorney, make sure that your attorney writes up the agreement, since he or she can craft it more to your interests.

If an attorney is not involved, the more details of the transactions that you formalize on paper, the better to avoid misunderstandings.

I?ve seen on numerous occasions a transaction that started out to be pure barter, then as the transaction wound to a close, the provider of the service or goods thought he would ?try to get a little cash out of the deal? by informing the buyer that he is ?broke,? or the terms of the deal were too onerous, or he wasn?t a member of the barter exchange anymore and demanded all cash!

In closing, and by way of analogy, think of bartering and its close cousin negotiations, as a big potluck dinner at which there are a lot of people who could be of great help to you (provide you with wonderful food, give you expert information, and offer you great networking opportunities).

But there are also people present who don?t think in the long- term. (They might bring a tiny salad, but they also bring five big kids to eat! They provide as little as they can to get by). There are others at the potluck who crowd in line to eat up all of the dessert before anyone else has a chance to begin the salad course.

For barter to be good for you, it must also be good for your trading partner. It does no good to get a great restaurant on trade this month, only to blow them out of trade next month because they were not able to spend their trade credits on a value for value basis.

You must put something into the system before you can get anything out. Sure you can attend a potluck and bring no food, and otherwise act rudely once. By doing so, you will have earned a justifiable black mark in the potluck and bartering community.

By following my twelve negotiating steps outlined in this article, thinking long-term, and treating people the way you would like to be treated, your barter and cash business should be highly supercharged for a long time into the future. Best of luck to you in all of your negotiations and bartering.

(End of Part II)

David Wm. Tuttle, Ph.D., CPA is the founding partner of Tuttle & Tuttle CPAs, located in Fresno, California. The firm specializes in tax matters, which include representing clients (who are either being audited or owe taxes they cannot currently pay) before the IRS, FTB, Board of Equalization, and Employment Development Department. They also analyze their client?s tax debts with a view toward possibly discharging them through a chapter in the US Bankruptcy Code. To set up your appointment with Mr. Tuttle, please call (559) 291-5527.

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