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January 4, 2005

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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Google’s Latest Trade Promises Immense Payoff!

Google pulled off a strategic trade with some of the top U.S. and foreign universities and libraries. They will scan the entire library of the University of Michigan (7 million volumes), and large parts of the libraries at Stanford and the University of Oxford, as well as books from Harvard and the New York Public Library.

It’s an exceptional deal for Google in that it doesn’t cost the company any cash, but rather they’ll be wearing their “trading” hat by providing the schools with a copy of the scanned versions of the books.

Placement of ads on the billions of pages of contents should generate enormous additional revenues for the innovative Google. The search engine company’s ambitious goal is to make all of the world’s information searchable!

Corporate Giants Pull Off Unique Trade—Use Of Patents

Yet another example of major corporations trading on their assets is that of Sony and Samsung Electronics exchanging the use of each others’ patents. The unique swap will cover all technologies the companies deem basic...roughly 90% of their vast patent holdings.

In the U.S. alone, Japan-based Sony holds about 13,000 patents while Samsung, of South Korea, holds approximately 11,000.

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ITEX Management Can Sing “It Was A Very Good Year!”

The ITEX organization (OTCBB:ITEX) has made a most impressive turnaround since the management changes of June, 2003. Led by CEO Steven White and Alan Zimmelman, head man in operations, the company’s stock price more than doubled in 2004.

In December ITEX finished with the best cycle (a 30-day period) in its entire 22-year history, with cash billings topping the $905,000 mark. And in August they posted their first full fiscal-year of profits in the company’s history!

Moving the company forward has been corporate’s position of transparency and communication with their 65 area broker offices. White says the company’s success revolves around a new positive focus and awareness—an understanding that each day is important. “You have to train every day to be a winner! Consequently,” he stressed, “negative people don’t last too long around here anymore.”

Exchange Owners: Want More Mega-Traders In Your Exchange?? Then Resolve To Do Something Different!

You’ve worked extremely hard. Most likely you’ve put everything you had on the line to start your’re to be congratulated for your persistence and tenacity. Getting a critical mass of clients together is tedious work, now it’s time to start reaping some of the reward for your efforts!

For twenty-five years I’ve heard it said by many within the trade exchange industry, “It’s only a matter of time before we get the recognition due us and the resulting rewards.”

But it requires more than time and talk. Success comes to those who go out and make things happen by providing extraordinary contributions in the form of fulfillment.

Equally important for maximum success, is to get your community to totally understand and embrace your services, by creating a vision for greater trading! And that’s accomplished through constant communication and education within your marketplace as well as your client base...reinforcing both your value and the benefits derived from your services.

Want to know how well you’ve done in inspiring your client base? One way is to take this simple test: Determine the percentage of mega-traders within your trade exchange...clients making sales of $100,000 or more a year.

If you’re not satisfied with what you find, then isn’t it time to resolve to try a new approach this year?

You can take the all-important first step by subscribing to a powerful and inexpensive marketing tool—one that’s ready for you to use right now. It’s called The Competitive Edge, and its use will enable you to be the very best communicator in your market!

It is a 4-page, professionally written and designed, monthly newsletter ready to effort is required whatsoever on your part. And the cost is the same today as 18 years ago when it was first introduced!

Make the decision to use The Competitive Edge today, and we’ll rush you the current issue with an apropos cover story for your clients, titled “Could You Become A Mega Trader? Absolutely!”

For more information call Bob Meyer, publisher of The Competitive Edge newsletter, at (949) 831-0607 or e-mail him at

BJ’s Restaurants Show Variable Cost Of Food Helps Charitable Giving

When an employee participated in a walk to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease, BJ’s Restaurants provided the food for everyone at the walk. “We have a responsibility to do good (deeds) because we have the ability to do so,” co-CEO Paul Motenko said. “It’s a multiplier effect. I’d rather give $1,000 in food that’s worth $4,000 than give $1,000 in cash.” (This is a 25% variable cost for food, and indicative of a restaurant’s “barter cost” when trading inasmuch as their fixed costs are covered by their cash business.)

Charitable giving is part of BJ’s Restaurants’ corporate culture. The company, formerly Chicago Pizza & Brewery with corporate offices in Huntington Beach (CA), has given $2.5 million to various beneficiaries such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and the local Saddleback Memorial Medical Center since 2000.

The average chief executive’s pay at local public companies is $2.2 million, even if corporate profits shrank or losses widened. However, BJ’s co-CEOs Paul Motenko and Jerry Hennessy earned $196,000 each...reflecting their commitment to charitable giving.

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Here & There...

  • The following corrections are regarding last issue’s announcement on the Ethical Marketplace TV series: The Ford Foundation has provided funding for the pilot effort, not the entire series. And although it will be carried on many PBS stations, it is not a PBS production.

    As an Ethical Marketplace production, all sponsors and featured companies go through the editorial board’s social, ethical, and environmental auditing process. The series was conceived and is co-produced by dynamic entrepreneur and worldwide syndicated columnist, Hazel Henderson.

  • In the year 2005 Active International, the largest corporate barter company in the world, will be celebrating its 20th year in the barter business. To see how much they’ve accomplished read “Active International—The Global Juggernaut!”
  • Bentley Commerce (OTCBB:BLYC) has launched an online exchange for Kidsave International (, a non-profit organization that finds American families for hundreds of orphans around the globe. Companies with products or services can list their excess inventory, customer returns, and other offerings in Kidsave’s Donation Exchange at
  • The International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) that is scheduled for January 6 - 9, will have Bill Gates as the major keynote speaker. The show has increasingly grown in stature as Americans have ratcheted their spending on consumer electronics to $130 billion annually. There are always several barter organizations at these functions looking to drum up business from the hardware and software companies.
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  • Where is the stock market headed in 2005? Michael Painchaud, director of research for Seattle-based Market Profile Theorems, sees some rough water ahead. He says that CEOs are not enthusiastic about company shares, as November’s insiders sales (executives and directors at U.S. companies) were the highest since 2000 when shares of Internet-related companies plunged.

    In November, insiders sold $46 in stock for every $1 purchased. Lon Gerber, director of insider research for Thomson Financial, notes it’s a “very bearish” sentiment which may reflect concern for slowing earnings growth in 2005 as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.

  • U.S. tourism industry slowly growing... The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis said third-quarter tourism sales rose to $973.3 billion, up from $970.7 billion in the prior quarter.
  • PayPal, which is now owned by eBay, has 32% of its transactions coming from eBay, up from 27% in 2003. (EBay’s PalPal transactions amounted to $4.5 billion.)
  • Robert Samuelson, columnist for Newsweek, says big business is running scared. (They’ve been scarred by the tech “bubble,” the recession, 9/11, and corporate scandals.) But he believes the economy may benefit from corporate caution, because a slow rise in business investment-spending sustains recovery without promoting inflation or speculation.

    According to Samuelson, although after-tax corporate profits have surged by more than 70%, business investment—in new computers, software, machinery and buildings—has increased only about 18% in the last four years.

    Since 2001, corporate cash flow (the sum of undistributed profits and depreciation) is up 42% and is now running at a record rate of $1.3 trillion annually. Plus there’s surplus capacity in many November the Federal Reserve’s capacity utilization index stood at 77.6 well below the 81.1 average from 1972 to 2003.

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