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January 2, 2007

Written by Bob Meyer, Editor of BarterNews

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From the desk of Bob Meyer...01/02/07

United Kingdom?s Countertrade Deal With Saudi Arabia Is Astounding!

A series of massive arms sales by the United Kingdom to Saudi Arabia has been paid for by the delivery of up to 600,000 barrels of oil per day to the UK government.

Al Yamamah (The Dove) is the name given to the huge deal, which has never been fully clarified, but has been described as ?the biggest United Kingdom sale of anything to anyone.?

Al Yamamah prime contractor BAE systems revealed in 2005 that they, along with predecessor British Aerospace, had earned ?43 billion in twenty years from the contracts. 

BBX Thinking Outside The Box

BBX, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, announced a record net profit after taxes of over $1 million in September 2006. The company is one of the world?s largest trade exchanges and completed $146 million in trade transactions for the 2006 financial (fiscal) year.

In the past three months BBX launched a ?Win a Franchise? competition, valued at $65,000. Entrants answered in 1,500 words answers to four questions. (The winner could establish the new franchise anywhere in Australia that didn?t compromise an existing one.)

Additionally the company expanded into two new ventures, BBX Financial Advisors and BBX Money. Tim Creasy, CFO of BBX, noted, ?Offering financial planing advice is just one more step in becoming a one-stop financial shop for our members.?

Creasy elaborated, ?With BBX Money, first-time home buyers and property investors will have the opportunity to purchase real estate with up to a 30% deposit, interest free. This provides immediate equity, avoids high mortgage insurance, and can be repaid in either cash or by the sale of inventory on the BBX auction site.?

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The Cash Exchange of Knoxville (TN) has a new concept wherein clients receive up to 50% in cash on barter transactions. Charter members receive special incentives and residual income from all referrals.

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ITEX?s White Expects More Vibrant B-2-B Trading Community

In a recent ?Message From The Chairman of ITEX,? CEO Steven White told shareholders that the company will take calculated risks to generate even stronger revenue growth and greater profits than those the company accomplished over the last three years, since taking the helm.

White asserted, ?I envision a greater and more vibrant business-to-business trading community as we move forward with our planned initiatives.?

When White became Chairman and CEO, ITEX had a contracting member base, mounting legal issues, declining revenues, a negative net worth, and a market capitalization of $2 million.

In a short three years revenues went up 38% (compared to fiscal 2003) and the company completed three consecutive years of positive net income, while market capitalization grew 500%.

The company is moving corporate headquarters into a larger facility this month, expanding from 4,500 square feet to 7,000 square feet. (The move is a few miles from their previous headquarters.)

For more information on the 22,000 member organization visit:

Editor?s Note: ITEX San Diego is holding a Power Dinner Mixer on Tuesday January 9. For more information call Art Kaliel at (760) 613-6412.

(Part I)

Barterers. . .

Use Win-Win Negotiations In All Your Trades!

By David Wm. Tuttle, Ph.D., CPA

The words bartering, persuasion, horse-trading, negotiations, people handling skills, charisma, are all related to each other because they all connote getting people to do something that they were not doing before you came on the scene!

In our modern world, everything is controlled by someone else. And human nature the way it is, people will not act unless they feel it is in their best interests.

Successful ?people-handlers? are at the top of every organizational ladder because they know how to get people to act in a unified manner, giving either the buyers or the sellers what they need so that all parties to the transaction can feel like winners.

Since this is the case, it behooves us all to improve our persuasion and negotiating skills if we want to improve our lives here on earth.

A good percentage of the work we do at Tuttle & Tuttle involves negotiating tax audits, payment plans, and offers in compromise settlements for our clients with the Internal Revenue Service, EDD, Board of Equalization, and other governmental agencies. But our negotiating is not limited to working on our client?s behalf.

We are always negotiating with our employees, settling differences among them; we negotiate with our suppliers, trying to get them to accept barter from us and to get the best delivery and payment terms; we negotiate with everyone in the course of ordinary business and pleasure pursuits whose interests are not necessarily aligned with ours.

While this article suggests general principles in win-win negotiations (which is a close cousin to bartering), you as a barterer can become better at your craft, and become richer to boot, if you attach these simple principles to all of your trades in the future. And let?s not forget everything in life involves a trade!

The term ?negotiation? conjures up to many people an image of high-level, peace-making between countries involved in a dispute, where war or the end of war might be the fruit of the negotiating endeavor.

However, I view the term as much more of an everyday common type of activity, which includes a discussion between at least two interested people on how to settle a difference.

Under my usage of the term negotiating, everyone negotiates many times, every day, to get what they need from other people for their personal and job life.

The noted lecturer and author Zig Ziglar is fond of saying, he knows he can get anything he wants in life, if he helps enough other people get what they want.

This type of outlook by Mr. Ziglar demonstrates what is referred to as the ?Win-Win? style of negotiating. It is characterized by much listening, observing, and reflecting by both parties as to what the ?other side? truly wants and needs.

No two people are the same. That is why opposing sides do not necessarily want the same things from the negotiation, which explains why the best negotiators know that only when both sides come out winners is the negotiation a long-term success.

My father, who was a very fine attorney with many years of experience in drafting contracts between parties having opposing interests, once told me that all contracts would eventually fail if they do not bring benefits to both parties.

Some of my readers at this point might ask, how could that be the case? How can something good for my ?opponent? be good for me? The answer lies in what best selling author Robert Ringer states... ?friends come and go, but enemies accumulate!?

In other words, if you plan to live and work on this earth for a long time, it would only be in your best interests to think long-term. And treating all people that you come into contact with in a long-term manner is not only the ?kind and human? thing to do, but it is the only ?smart and self-serving? thing to do.

By avoiding a ?my way or the highway, take it or leave it approach,? by showing respect and courtesy, and true interest in the objectives of the ?other side,? you will gain a personal and/or business relationship that can produce infinitely larger results over your lifetime than a one-time ?slam and run? approach.

By being concerned with long-term success, you avoid the very unpleasant, but real possibility that a person who was unfairly taken advantage of in a negotiation is ?out there waiting!?

To achieve a win-win negotiation you must:

1) Avoid in most cases, people who will not consider barter, but only want to deal in cash.

What they are saying, in effect is, ?we want your cash, but nothing else from you!? Like a labor union or fraternity, we trade exchange members must show solidarity in dealing with our ?own kind? first, and by not rewarding ?bad behavior? in dealing with cash sellers where barter sellers are available.

2) Research the facts, be ready and organized.

Preparation is one of the important keys to successful negotiating. You must have a clear idea of what your side must have to be a winner, and what tactics the other side will probably use. If you can?t answer these questions with substantial accuracy, the timing is not right for you to negotiate.

3) Show respect and courtesy to all parties at all times.

People are like elephants, they have long memories...and many will go out of their way to return abuse! Brian Tracy, a noted author, advises, ?a person convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.? This will eventually translate into a scuttled mission or undertaking.

I am constantly amazed how owners and employees will make a barter customer feel like a third rate customer in relation to a cash customer. If you don?t like barter, get out of barter. But don?t make a person look bad in front of his family when he comes to your restaurant or other place of business.

4) Be a good listener and observer.

Find out the reason for the disagreement between you and the other side. Remember, there are generally two reasons given for everything in life, the good or noble-sounding reason, and the real reason!

Put yourself in the ?other side?s shoes.? Be empathetic. Try to determine what the true objectives of the other side are, and why they came to that conclusion.

For example, the ?why? is important because they may state they are basing values on a Kelley Blue Book, but after looking into the matter further, they may have been using an out of date appraisal guide. And because of this, you can probably get them to move away from their entrenched position.

Use your eyes and ears to be aware of new barter services that you could provide your vendors. For example, if you are a furniture refinisher, and you notice that your attorney loves restored antiques, make sure you suggest a trade.

Every business needs a printer, florist, carpet cleaner, window cleaner, accountant, etc., etc. If you are not providing services to all of your venders, you can be sure someone else is...and reaping the benefits that you are not receiving. Make sure that you are a good ?barter plumber? in that you stop all cash leaks where barter services are available!

(End of Part I)

David Wm. Tuttle, Ph.D., CPA is the founding partner of Tuttle & Tuttle CPAs, located in Fresno, California. The firm specializes in tax matters, which include representing clients (who are either being audited or owe taxes they cannot currently pay) before the IRS, FTB, Board of Equalization, and Employment Development Department. They also analyze their client?s tax debts with a view toward possibly discharging them through a chapter in the US Bankruptcy Code. To set up your appointment with Mr. Tuttle, please call (559) 291-5527.

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