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January 9, 2001

Barter Plays Role In New ReebokDeal With The NFL

Reebok International has acquired an exclusive 10-year license to sell National Football League-branded uniforms, hats, and equipment as well as to have its trademark on the apparel of all NFL teams, beginning in 2002.

Part of the payment will be "an expensive billboard" in the form of barter, i.e. where Reebok will outfit every NFL team with uniforms, practice gear, and coats. Reebok is also creating a new unit dedicated to its NFL business and will grant the league the right to acquire an equity position in the subsidiary. (Reebok will also pay royalties on goods sold.)

Congress Comes Through For Small Business

The U.S. Congress has voted to repeal a law that made it more difficult and costly for some owners to sell part or all of their businesses on an installment plan.

Under the 1999 law, many businesses selling operations at a profit had to pay all capital-gains taxes in one lump sum, even if payments were scheduled to flow in over many years. That law, now repealed, will allow the seller to take back paper (an installment note) and not be taxed until paid.

Second Financing Round Concluded by iSolve

A provider of surplus inventory management solutions to businesses and exchanges including corporate barter, iSolve has secured a second round of funding totaling $11 million.

Investors include Whitney & Co., Canaan Partners, Icon Tracking Corporation, and Technology Crossover Ventures. The company also announced that several well-known companies have agreed to become corporate barter fulfillment partners. The latest funding builds on several major recent alliances iSolve has forged with Cap Gemini, AIG, IBM, PurchasePro, and GoTo either as affiliate relationships or fulfillment partners.

iSolve is assembling a network of 30 to 50 partners who can offer their clients valued fulfillment services including telecom, media, shipping, logistics, office supplies, packaging, hotels, and travel through the redemption of iSolve barter credits.

Here And There. . .

  • Russia is trading various entities within their economy to Germany to cover some $24 billion of Soviet-era debt...the list of sectors open to Germany includes machine building, light industry, food and processing industries, and service.
  • Henry Petree, President of the International Trade Group, Tulsa, will appear on the Today Show, NBC's top-rated morning show, January 9th. Petree, the owner of ITG, has been in the barter business six years. His operations have expanded into NW Arkansas recently.
  • Argent Trading, a privately owned company backed by Sterling Capital (a private investment firm based in Chicago), has acquired the international operations and U.S. client base of Atwood Richards. Former Atwood Richards executive, Bill Levitz, is the president of Argent Trading.
  • Radio reaped the benefits of heavy spending by companies in 2000, which accounted for a 17% growth rate. This year radio's growth is expected to be 5.6%, as ad budgets get slashed.
  • Hottest gift certificates this past holiday season were travel related. According to the Travel Industry Association of America, 16% of travelers, or 22.6 million adults, bought a trip or part of a trip for someone else.
  • eBay is facing the same problem trade exchange owners deals among users trying to avoid paying a commission. The company acknowledges it won't be easy to ferret out the off-line traders, even though they must consent in a user agreement that they won't trade the same items off-line that they list on eBay. (The company also admitted they don't even know exactly how much off-line trading occurs.)
  • Incredible statistic--the week after Christmas now accounts for an estimated 17% of the retailer's seasonal sales. And e-retailers report the same post-Christmas buying patterns, as more and more people take advantage of holiday sales.
  • AT&T, looking to save cash, is paying off a $3.2 billion debt owed to Cox Communications and Comcast Corp. by bartering some of their cable-TV properties.
  • Paul Ammoun of Tradebanc in Melbourne provided us with this information about a contra (barter) deal in Australia. News Limited has won the bidding war in Australia for the rights to broadcast Australian football on television. The TV rights went for $500 million, with $100 million being bartered in media time.
  • Mark Servatius, formerly of Allied Barter located in Washington (DC), has joined forces with
  • Telecom-equipment giant Nortel Networks Corp. in Brampton, Ontario, lets employees nominate colleagues for good effort and good deeds. Points are awarded which are then exchanged for electronic goods, gift certificates, and vacations.
  • Scrip and gift certificates online are now available for members of
  • Simon Kenny has been appointed Managing Director for the Walt Disney Internet Group's European operations, based in London. Kenny, an eight-year Disney veteran with Walt Disney Television International, was previously Vice President and Managing Director of Buena Vista International Television...the sales and distribution arm of Disney TV.

    In that role, Kenny was responsible for developing new international television business outside the U.S. including the Disney Channel, program distribution, and Disney's barter television business in Eastern Europe.
  • Despite the depression in the internet sector and the technology slowdown/decline in the stock market, the long-running bull has created a $13 trillion increase in household net worth since 1995!

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