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Arbitron Finds Online Listening Up 14%

The weekly audience for online radio rose from 29 million in January 2007 to 33 million in January 2008, according to the most recent Infinite Dial report from Arbitron and Edison Media Research, which will release the survey in April.

The 2008 figure represents 13% of the American population over the age of 12, and 17.5% of the total online population (188 million) in 2007, according to separate figures from eMarketer.

In addition to metrics documenting growth in the overall audience, the latest round of research from Arbitron and Edison focused on the substantial overlap between online radio listeners and social network users.

Among the findings released by the research partners, 63% of online listeners maintain a profile on sites like MySpace, Facebook, or Linked-In, compared with 24% of all Americans 12 or older. Of online listeners, 28% have a MySpace profile and 24% a profile on Linked-In. What�s more, they�re heavy users of these sites, one-third of the overlapping cohorts visit the sites nearly every day, if not several times a day.

The Arbitron/Edison report comes amid a flurry of online radio deals. In January, TargetSpot (an online radio ad service developed by CBS Radio and venture capitalists) signed up six new partners, including, a popular audio application on Facebook.

Last week, CBS and AOL struck a deal that will make a broad array of content available to AOL users, including over 150 music, news, talk and sports stations. In addition to providing content, CBS is assuming responsibility for ad sales for all of AOL�s online stations, which number over 200, as well as the 150 stations it brings to the table

Shortly afterwards, Cox Radio said it will provide program information from all its nationwide stations to RadioTime, which allows web users to browse, search and listen to online radio from terrestrial stations with its RadioGuide interface. The station IDs and other information will appear on RadioGuide alongside the streaming audio. Cox joins about 100 other radio networks and a total of about 100,000 programs on the RadioTime site.

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