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An Open Letter From IRTA

Dear IRTA & UC Members:

Many of you have already received telephone calls from "currency officers" of American Open Currency Standard (AOCS). This is a �Liberty Dollar� type group that claims they are a barter exchange that is trying to establish their silver coins as a common medium of exchange.

The problem is the group is unlawfully posting many legitimate barter exchange�s membership lists on their web site and claiming such members are �trading partners� who are willing to accept AOCS dollars in exchange for their goods or services.

We would recommend you check-out the site and do a zip code search on the �marketplace� section. If you do find your exchange�s members listed as AOCS participants we would recommend you have your attorney contact AOCS to request they immediately cease and desist and remove your membership list from their site. 

IRTA�s legal counsel is drafting a similar letter to be sent this week to AOCS, a copy of which will be forwarded to you when it is completed.

Thank you for your time and attention. 

David Wallach
President, International Reciprocal Trade Association

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