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(The following article was provided to BarterNews by IRTA President David Wallach.)

IRTA Has Banner Year Exceeding Goals In All Categories

According to IRTA executive director Ron Whitney, 2009 has proved to be a banner year for The International Reciprocal Trade Association. �We have surpassed all of the goals that were set in the categories of new IRTA members, Universal Currency membership, and transaction volume.�

During 2009 IRTA welcomed 27 new members from all over the world, representing every sector of the Modern Trade and Barter Industry including start-ups, mature commercial barter exchanges, corporate barter companies, and community based systems.

Now in its 31st year, the International Reciprocal Trade Association provides global self regulation and the highest standards of operations for the 75 companies that are members of the organization. Those members provide over $8 billion in annual revenue and capitalization to their more then 200,000 worldwide business clients. During 2009 the IRTA Universal Currency platform cleared more that $5 million in trade transactions and increased membership by 25%.

Universal Currency (UC) committee chairman Scott Whitmer, noted, �UC is entering a new and exciting phase in its history. It is in its twelfth year as a trade exchange currency clearinghouse, and has established itself as the clear leader of industry clearinghouse platforms. UC is positioned perfectly to reach new heights and truly bring the world�s traders together. We are looking forward to another excellent year in 2010.�

�This remarkable influx of new members into IRTA and the Universal Currency systems over the past two years has enhanced the organization�s ability to accomplish our mission and provide additional benefits to all industry members,� offered IRTA president David Wallach. �The IRTA Global Board of Directors looks forward to 2010 and presenting creative and exciting new approaches in serving the Modern Trade and Barter Industry, and will continue to offer the aggressive leadership role in the industry that our members expect of us.�

The mission of IRTA is to provide all industry members with an ethically based global organization dedicated to the advancement of modern trade and barter and other alternative capital systems, through the use of education, self regulation, high standards and government relations.

For more information go to, e-mail or call Ron Whitney at (757) 393-2292.

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