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IRTA Europe�s Chair Eyes New Industry Possibilities

The newly-elected chairperson of IRTA/Europe, Dorottya (Dori) Szabo, provided The Tuesday Report with an outline of her goals and perspective for the European family of barter companies.

Szabo is enthusiastic and excited about the potential that is now present for current IRTA/Europe members, as well as for those barter company executives who have not yet entered the organization, because of the entity�s independent voice and focus on representing Europe�s uniqueness and best interests. She feels a collective cooperation by the members, coupled with awareness that they are financial architects, will positively affect the economy � so needed in these challenging times.

Immediate goals are four-fold:

         Solidifying the agreement with Global IRTA on the Articles as well as the Compact Of Association agreement,

         Registration of the organization (IRTA/Europe) within Europe,

         Applying for and the securing of qualified European financial grants, and

         Organizing next year�s annual IRTA/Europe Conference.

Input from everyone, Szabo stressed, is not only needed but very important at this juncture. She�s looking forward to receiving suggestions, opinions, and ideas from her colleagues. �This is a historical time for our industry and I want to work with everyone for the betterment of IRTA/Europe.�

Dori Szabo�s e-mail is

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