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8 Proven Ways To Becoming A Chosen Supplier

When seeking to do business with owners of small, growing businesses realize they are deeply involved in their company�s day-to-day operations. Because every problem becomes the owner�s problem.

And because they�re such busy people they may resent a supplier�s sales attempts. Yet no one depends more on their suppliers to help them succeed than small businesses. You can get your foot in the door by overcoming the objections that a small business prospect is likely to have simply by answering the following questions proactively.

#1) Who are you? If you�re a newcomer or a little-known entity, address this concern head-on by presenting your qualifications. They need to know they can trust you.

#2) How will you save me time? Convincing them you can save them time often is the greatest benefit you can offer.

#3) How will you help me save or make more money? Small business owners are in it for the money, as well as for the freedom to call their own shots. Demonstrate savings and profit increases. (Do you see where barter can play an important part in your sales presentation?)

#4) Is this for a business like mine? Your message needs to be targeted. Speak to specific industries and address their individual needs.

#5) Can you prove it? Be sure your promises are believable, and back them with supporting evidence.

#6) What�s the catch? Small businesses are always concerned about trust.

#7) Why should I buy now? Because small companies have limited resources, a strong incentive can overcome the objection that you�re a new supplier asking them to change the way they do business.

#8) No cash involved, how does that work? Introduce them to barter and use the competitive close by offering to work with them on a barter basis. Telling them, �You don�t have to pay me in cash,� is the most powerful closing there is!

Astute marketers understand that behind a small business owner�s gruff or skeptical exterior is a hard-working person looking for reliable products and services that not only will help make a company profitable, but fulfill a dream!

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