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5 Important Reasons For Repeating Your Company Message

Possibly you have become tired of seeing or hearing your company�s advertising messages, and you feel they should be changed more often, or perish the thought, discontinued.

Here are seven reasons why you should develop a visibility and continuity in the marketplace:

1) Your audience forgets 99% of what they see and hear within two weeks.

Why is this? Because in the USA we�re exposed to more than 3,700 advertising and marketing messages daily. And of those, we pay attention to about 85. At best we recall and take action on only 12 of those messages.

2) Your market changes constantly.

The marketplace is not stagnant. Because we move, because of better communication, because we get bored, because we want new challenges, because we want to dive into new opportunities, the market changes.

When that happens you have to chase it, thus you need to repeat your message.

3) Test new ideas on a continuing basis...and retest old ideas.

Your marketplace is like an octopus�never staying in one place for long. You need to find out how to reach it best, and do it in an ongoing manner.

4) Talk to your customers on a regular basis.

There is no reason for you to think that your audience remembers what your offer is. Or why they should respond to it. Reach them through multimedia, a combination of mail, phone, broadcast, and hand-outs to keep your message in their minds.

5) You are more likely to be remembered, when it�s time to buy, if your messages are seen frequently.    

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